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MegaRexx MegaRaptor Debuts As Steroid Infused Super Duty


Those that want a massive, modified, bad-to-the-bone Ford Super Duty have a plethora of choices these days. That includes offerings from big names like Roush and Shelby, along with a few other smaller shops scattered around the country. One of those companies is called MegaRexx, and its latest MegaRaptor is essentially what one might think – a Raptor clone, built using a Ford F-250, F-350, or F-450 with Ford’s uber-powerful 6.7L Power Stroke diesel under the hood.

MegaRexx started out with the goal of fitting massive 46-inch Michelin XZL rubber on the MegaRaptor, which is wrapped around aluminum military MRAP wheels that are rated to carry a ridiculous 10,000 pounds each. That requires a pretty extensive exterior overhaul, which begins with the removal of the front clip and bed. Those parts are then fitted with massive fiberglass flares that add nine inches of width to the pickup, a tilting Raptor-like front end, and Raptor taillights.

While the body is being reworked, another team is hard at work fortifying the suspension of the MegaRaptor. Upgrades there include a 2.5-inch Icon lift, Bilstein shocks, beefier radius arms, moving the front axle forward by 1.5 inches, and 4.88 gears to help turn those massive new tires. Customers that want more can also opt for long travel suspensions, a number of different shock options, limiting straps, hydro bump stops, and bigger brakes, too.

Those that want even more can get pretty much anything their heart desires, from full repaints and custom paint jobs to all sorts of bumpers, brush guards, power side steps, winches, spare tire carriers or racks, off-road lighting, custom exhaust, power inverters, etc. MegaRexx claims that it can transform these wicked Super Duty pickups into whatever the customer wants them to be, for a price, of course.

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