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2015 Ford Mustang Most Likely To Have Paint Issues, Says Consumer Reports

Paint problems are one of the last things vehicle owners expect to endure after just a few years of ownership, and yet, some modern vehicles are plagued by them. Consumer Reports recently highlighted the ten vehicles most likely to have paint problems in its latest survey, and unfortunately for owners of 2015 Ford Mustang models, that particular pony car was among the ten known to exhibit paint issues ranging from peeling and flaking to bubbling after just a few years of ownership.

Several owners of 2015 Ford Mustang models that are also CR members reported having paint issues, particularly on the car’s hood. “Paint along the front edge of the hood is blistering in places,” one owner said. “The blistering started when the car was only 2-3 years old.”

This problem was addressed with a technical service bulletin issued by the automaker which also applies to a variety of other Ford and Lincoln vehicles produced in the last two decades. And as CR points out, such issues are common with a first-year vehicle like the 2015 Mustang, which debuted the S550 generation, while repairs can be quite costly.

“Paint problems are sometimes associated with the first year for a new or redesigned car,” said Steven Elek, senior automotive data analyst at Consumer Reports. “This underscores our standing advice to approach a vehicle’s first model year with caution.” “Unfortunately, when it comes to paint-related items, repairs need to be done by a professional, and the work is often expensive if not covered under warranty,” added John Ibbotson, CR‘s chief mechanic.

This proverbial black eye for the 2015 Mustang comes on the heels of Consumer Reports failing to recommend the 2021 Ford Explorer in the two- and three-row crossover segment. However, the organization has bestowed a lot of love on the Ford Edge, naming it one of the most reliable mid-size crossovers, one of the best and most affordable used vehicles for teenagersone of the best SUVs available for less than $40,000one of the best mid-size crossovers with standard safety features for under $35k, and a top 10 best SUV on sale today.

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  1. Richard

    Ford discontinues the best vehicles, Edge and Fusion. You could also through in the Flex and Taurus.

  2. Jeremy B

    2017 Ford escape too, dozens of us in the Ford escape group with the exact same color vehicle with the exact same year all have paint peeling at the windshield


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