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2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E Ocean To Ocean Reimagined Trip Completed

Back in May, Ford Authority reported that the Ford Mustang Mach-E was set to recreate a historic trip by two Ford Model Ts in the first-ever Ocean to Ocean transcontinental race in the U.S. back in 1909. That trip started in New York City and ended in Seattle at the World’s Fair, spanning 4,106 miles and 23 days. Now, what Ford calls the Mach-E Ocean to Ocean Reimagined tour is complete, as the all-electric crossover covered 6,500 miles in its slightly different trip from New York to Seattle.

The Mach-E Ocean to Ocean Reimagined tour visited a number of cities including Amelia Island, Florida, Charlotte, North Carolina, Atlanta, Georgia, Washington D.C., and Las Vegas, Nevada, along with a total of 20 different states in just 50 days. Along the way, the 2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E, which was joined by a Model T being towed in a trailer by a Ford Super Duty, stopped at various locations so the public could check them out up close.

“More than a century after the Model T brought mobility to the masses, Mustang Mach-E is injecting thrill and passion to fully electric vehicles,” said Jason Castriota, Ford’s global brand director, Battery Electric Vehicles. “Ocean to Ocean Reimagined is helping to amplify awareness around Mustang Mach-E and what it can do. We hope this coast-to-coast journey – much like the original Ocean to Ocean race commissioned by Henry Ford in 1909 – becomes a truly unique, exhilarating, and entertaining chapter in the Ford and Mustang story.”

Ford also wanted to demonstrate that it is possible to traverse the entire country in an all-electric vehicle, which was made possible by the ample number of charging stations spread throughout the U.S. and the Mach-E’s impressive, better-than-advertised range. In fact, the Mach-E recently set a new record in the UK for using just 6.5 miles per kilowatt-hour on its own, separate 840-mile journey.

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  1. Tim Papirnik

    How about a drive across America at legal speeds comparing time with a ICE Mustang to see who gets from point A to point B the fastest. I’m sure it would show a large time difference.

  2. Lee

    Well, I’ll be danged. I would have bet y’all a Benjamin that the battery operated, polluting, unsafe piece of junk couldn’t make it.

  3. Lyric

    I wanted to know how many charges did it take and what were some of the problems along the way.

  4. Capt Tom

    I love my Mach e, but I’m not sure I’d want to take it on a trip across country, just because of the time involved in charging even using fast DC Chargers. But I have no doubt of its dependability, is comfort, and it’s a safety. We’ve put 2800 miles on it in the less than two months that we’ve owned it and our other vehicle, an F150, it’s been sitting in the garage.

  5. Steve

    So a battery operated AMC Pacer look a like took 50 days to drive cross country while my F 150 would complete this task in 3 days. There are people that bought a Pacer and liked it. These are the people that buy this thing. So lets give a little clap for the Pacer that could. yeah…..


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