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2022 Ford Bronco To Boast Standard Capable Bumper On Two Trims

While it seems like only yesterday that the 2021 Ford Bronco finally launched after decades of waiting, the 2022 Ford Bronco will enter production in late December. And as it turns out, most folks that reserved or ordered a Ford Bronco will seemingly be getting a 2022 model after Ford’s recent announcement that it will replace every molded-in color hardtop-equipped model it has sold thus far, at the same time delaying all unscheduled hardtop orders to next year (except the First Edition). Regardless, those forced to wait will have a few new options and features to choose from, including the new Capable front bumper, according to Bronco Nation, which was first seen on the Bronco Riptide concept.

Ford Bronco With Capable Front Bumper

The Capable bumper joins the existing Standard and Heavy-Duty Modular bumpers in the 2022 Ford Bronco lineup, though availability is a bit of a mixed bag. Base, Big Bend, Outer Banks, and Wildtrak trims will get the Standard bumper as standard equipment, while the Capable bumper will be standard on Black Diamond and Badlands – replacing the existing Heavy-Duty Modular bumper, which will be an optional upgrade for all trims moving forward.

Ford Bronco Standard Front Bumper

Each of these bumpers is a bit unique in terms of appearance and functionality. The Standard bumper is made out of plastic and comes fitted with fog lamps on Big Bend, Outer Banks, and Wildtrak trims, as well as recovery points on all trims. The Capable bumper is made from powder-coated steel and features recovery points and fog lights, while the Heavy-Duty Modular bumper is made of steel and features recovery points. It’s also modular (as the name implies) and supports the optional brush guard, factory winch, and front steel bash plates.

Ford Bronco Heavy-Duty Modular Front Bumper

In addition to these changes, the 2022 Bronco will come with new color options, including some sort of green hue, as Ford Authority reported earlier this year, as well as new special editions, a manual transmission option with the Sasquatch package, and a roof rack option for four-door Broncos equipped with the Sasquatch package.

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