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2022 Ford Maverick Development Sped Up By Ditching Formality

As Ford Authority exclusively reported last week, significant time was cut from 2022 Ford Maverick development thanks to the existence of the Ford C2 platform and what the automaker had already learned from its presence in the Ford Escape and Ford Bronco Sport. But FoMoCo also did quite a few things differently during the Ford Maverick development process that helped shave 20 full months from that process as well, according to a recent report from Automotive News.

It took roughly three years to bring the Maverick to market after it was nothing more than a blank sheet of paper, which is incredibly quick for a brand new vehicle. Aside from using an existing platform, the Maverick team had to change the way it operated as well. “We just did everything very differently than we traditionally would, Jim Baumbick, Ford’s vice president of enterprise product line management, strategy, and planning, explained to Automotive News. “You couldn’t increment your way there.”

That process began by condensing the entire Maverick team into one room, then instructing them to develop and try out new ideas in shorter, 6-8 week sessions with no formal senior management reviews, which led to less hesitation in regards to coming up with innovative ideas. Instead, Ford replaced those presentations with an informal walk-around, which took place each Friday for two hours.

Senior management could simply walk in, head to the wall, and view all of the critical data, then act more as servant leaders instead of micromanagers. “We were standing around the boards and just talking,” said Hau Thai-Tang, Ford’s chief product platform and operations officer. “The program teams are the experts. Management’s there to help serve the team, be a coach, adviser, or help remove roadblocks.”

Ultimately, Ford wanted to shave 25 months from the Maverick’s development process, so it fell a bit short of that goal. But the experience it gained from this approach will be applied toward other future vehicles, which should enable the automaker to move even faster bringing them to market,

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  1. Ford Owner

    If that method works with the larger electric platforms, we may see the new replacements for the Explorer and Expedition gasoline models by 2025.

  2. Tim Papirnik

    Too bad they did not take this approach to the bronco.

  3. Pat

    You could have saved a lot of time on the Maverick by bringing back the sport Trac that most everyone who has or had one has said to me they want a newer version of it! Personally, the sport Trac with modern features is what I’ve been wanting and can’t find anything close enough. I’m driving a Nissan but have continuously asked you to bring back the Sport Trac.

    1. Joe

      Sport Trac is a very old platform, there was nothing there besides 4 doors that would be useful. They need to keep weight and costs down and it made more sense to use the C2 platform. Early sales show it is a hit. Which Nissan is like the Sport Trac?

    2. John

      I have a sport trac 20 years old I just ordered a maverick its the closest thing to replace my sport trac that I have had since it was new . One thing I glad the box is 6 inches longer 🙂

    3. Janet Coltin

      Me too. I had my 2002 for 14 years. I needed the upgraded features so I moved on.

  4. Brad Barefoot

    OK Maverick team ….. if anyone else has built an on-line model we’ve seen that on the XLT an the Premium model that you can’t get a factory installed Nav-System like I have on my 2013 C-Max Hybrid, and on the XLT (model I might want to buy w/the Lux-Package) you can’t get the Sat radio feature nor the Nav-System. And by the way, anyone on the fence about Maverick being a hybrid … the drive system is time proven. I won’t be trading my C-Max, no … “Herbie” as he’s named routinely delivers 51 to 57 mpg in town, and 39 to 43 on the interstate. If one drives a hybrid like they are suppose to will see the above numbers. You can’t “drive it like you stole it” and get the above numbers, one masters the slow start/stop, turn on “ALL” your hybrid eco settings and drive sensibility. So that 40 mpg that is advertised, I know I’ll see 45 to 47 around town with knowing already how to properly drive a hybrid. Now, back to the absence of sat/radio an nav-system … Ford since getting used to both on my C-Max, this could be a deal breaker. Why? A friend has a Hyundai Venue SE, and both sat/radio-nav/system were on the options list on their version of the Lux/Package … so make it available for order on the ’22 models, then a Maverick can join my families Escape, an C-Max as believe it or not I won’t be trading Herbie. I’ve read that Ford thinks the sat/nav option was dropped to keep the price down … forget that, once one has decided to spend around $26K for the XLT w/Lux-Package another $400,00 or so is nothing to slow down for. I’m a past Ford Social Group Member and Ford invited me to the North American Auto Show at their expense a few years back, so I do know this comment will find it’s way back to Ford. In closing … Ford you have a real winner here in the Maverick, don’t “make a cheap-out” decision that I feel might cost you selling you another 10,000+ vehicles a year. I know this isn’t a big deal, but from a retailers perspective and insurer perspective … a factory option is covered by your vehicles theft “clause” on your policy, an aftermarket sat/radio-nav-system may or may not be covered depending on your insurance company, more than once I’ve seen people have to “foot the bill” to replace radios, wheels an tires, truck caps, etc because it wasn’t a factory install.

    1. Chris

      Brad, that’s an avalanche of text no one has time to read. We’re scrolling right past your comments. Sorry.

      1. Steve

        I agree.

      2. John

        I read it all. Good info. Too bad more people didn’t put thought and effort into responses.

  5. Drew

    The vinyl seats are THE deal-breaker for me. Ford has shoved ActiveX into most vehicles, including the Escape Titanium. Heck, MachE is only available with cheap vinyl. I don’t care what you call it. Vinyl is vinyl. I know Ford’s leather seats have been criticized (hard “hand”; bordered in vinyl), but ActiveX is a cop-out. At a minimum, give me a comfortable, breathable cloth…. and don’t restrict it to base trims. I want cloth seats or ventilated leather on configurations that include all the latest technology. Until Ford does that, the MachE, Escape, Maverick, Bronco, will not be gracing my driveway.

    1. Nick

      I’m not a big fan of cloth seats in my cars just like I’m not a fan of carpet flooring in my home. Cloth retains stains and odors. Solid surfaces are much easier to keep clean. My wife’s VW Turbo Beetle has their version of leatherette called V-Tex. It’s very comfortable and easy to keep looking like new.
      I’ve wanted a truck for years. I just haven’t been able to justify the cost and the poor fuel mileage. With 40mpg, seating for 5, and prices in the low $20,000’s. What’s not to like?
      The Maverick is going to be a game changer. I think Maverick sales will even surprise Ford. Ford didn’t invent the automobile. What Ford invented was the affordable automobile. The Maverick will do the same for trucks. It will be a modern day Model T for Ford. They won’t be able to make enough of them.

  6. Richard Davis

    You should have never dropped the fiesta hatchback. You finally got the bugs out and then dropped it in US. Look at it now. Are you going to have a maverick 2 door? Both of these would make a great second vehicle. Keep up the good work.
    We continue to enjoy our Lincoln.

  7. Fred Overbay

    Please don’t copy Chevrolet and put those ugly bars across the grill with the badge attached. Leave them bare with only the badge centered.
    I would hate to go to a foreign made vehicle.
    By the way, I am the proud owner of four (4) Fords (without bars in the grill I might add)

    1. JohnTaurus

      Ford has used that styling trait going back decades.

      Surprised nobody has noticed the similarities between the ’95-01 Explorer front end and the Maverick’s.

  8. Bill

    What’s old is new again. When it’s crunch time, cutting out management BS often gets projects out the door at comparative lightning speed. For example, the Sputnik scare ignited the NASA Mercury program in October 1958 resulting in a successful manned launch in May 1961 – a mere blink of an eye on the military-industrial time scale. Studebaker managed to transform the Lark chassis into the rather futuristic Avanti in less than a year in a last ditch effort to save the company, unfortunately the CEO Sherwood Egbert expired from cancer effectively putting an end to Studebaker – the board deciding to concentrate on missile parts and appliances instead of cars. Even the Original Ford Mustang could be considered a quick pace success transforming Falcon running gear into a sports car. No doubt this same lesson will be repeated many times in the future.

  9. Bill

    Stretching the topic slightly, I wish Ford would have made the Maverick a small-ish actual work truck instead of a a four-door sedan with an almost comically small cargo box on the back. I would happily sacrifice that extra pair of doors for a few extra feet of cargo box. I still miss my 1994 Ranger standard cab long bed. Yeah, I know, the Maverick is supposed to have that fancy articulated tailgate to make hauling plywood sheets easier. Since when is hauling plywood the sole measure of practicality? Maverick’s skimpy cargo box is too small to handle a good size load of garden mulch bags or loading a four-wheeler.

    1. Marvrick

      I think you need an F-350

  10. Chris

    I like the Maverick but I don’t want a base model. I want a fully optioned tricked out Lariat. 4X4. Leather. Sunroof. B&O sound. Ambient lighting. Navigation. 2.0 engine. Is it true the base model has roll-up windows? Can’t be.

    1. NoMore3500

      I will use a tow bar adapter that allows for me to extend bed and haul lumber and such. This “hitch tool” dumps my full size pick-up (10mpg) for at least twice that and when heading into $9 gas!!!!

    2. Gary Honard

      Base model has power windows. Driver side is one touch down while all are hold butting till up or down.

      1. Gary Honard

        “Button”! Dang proofreader was sleeping…

  11. Jessica Smith

    “With virtually everything outsourced to Asia or Mexico, we at Ford are proud to still produce American cars for American customers”, said Hau Thai-Tang, Ford’s chief product platform and operations officer, regarding the new 2022 Ford Maverick, to be produced at the Hermosillo Mexico Plant. /s

    1. JohnTaurus

      Do you feel better now? After that diarrhea of the mouth episode?

      They say ignorance is bliss, is it?

  12. M

    So one can only assume that because development was rushed the Escape pickup will suffer from even lower quality than what we are used to.

    Stay far away from this turd.

  13. Reed

    The first thing I noticed. Is that Chevy looking bar going across the front grill. Not go in to work when you copy another competitor.

  14. Charlie

    Glad to see Ford keeping it real.

  15. Steve

    When did the Maverick become a truck. If anything bring it back as a electric car.

  16. commbubba19

    who cares, it’s ugly and sales will be abysmal.

  17. Karen

    I had a 2001 SportTrac I loved it ,I had for 11 years , I wanted a new one and they stoppd making them,They were just the right size, I cant wait to see the Maverick in person,I dont need a big truck just enough room to move things and I like the idea fo ALD If you dont like a small truck there is always a size for every one

    1. Janet Coltin

      I went to a Ford dealer and was told they will not be at my local dealer, they are on reserve. I had my SportTrac for 14 years but needed the new conveniences. I would rather pay more in a luxury package for a good quality pay seat covering and a larger screen option for the navigation system rather than a cubby of wasted space. Maybe 2023 after kinks are worked out. Still searching…


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