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2022 Ford Maverick Is Getting Noticed By Focus, Fusion Owners

When Ford announced that it would stop selling sedans in North America years ago, that decision was met with a lot of skepticism. Many wondered how the automaker would compensate for the loss of sedans, particularly affordable, entry-level models. The answer, as it turns out, is the 2022 Ford Maverick, which features a sub-$20k starting price and a very impressive estimated 40 city miles-per-gallon rating for the base hybrid model. Those numbers, it seems, have apparently caught the attention of current Ford sedan owners.

“Fusion, Focus, Fiesta customers. In fact, a lot of Fiesta customers are now at the end of their trade cycle,” Ford Maverick Marketing Manager, Trevor Scott, told Ford Authority Executive Editor, Alex Luft, in a recent interview. “That’s what we’re hearing from dealers actually, is that a lot of their Fusion and Focus customers are at the end of their lease or their retail trade cycle and they’re looking at Maverick as a very credible option, and that was strategic on our part – Maverick aims to not only conquest new customers but also to retain the sedan base that we have as well. It’s too early to tell whether Maverick customers will be conquest or return, but we are encouraged by the number of incremental customers we’re seeing.”

It’s no surprise that the Maverick’s low base price and excellent fuel economy are catching the eye of those already behind the wheel of an affordable Ford sedan. After all, the Maverick has the potential to be just as fuel-efficient – if not more fuel-efficient – than most versions of the Ford Fiesta, Focus, and Fusion, save for the Fusion Hybrid and Energi.

The Ford Maverick – which originally existed as a compact car sold decades ago – is already a compelling alternative to the 2022 Honda Civic, as Ford Authority recently reported. In most cases, the Maverick is actually cheaper than the all-new Civic, which should make it a compelling option for people who currently own compact sedans that are intrigued by the idea of having the added utility a pickup truck provides.

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  1. Mike Parnell

    The more variants of the vehicle they can offer ( PHEV, 2 door, etc. ) the more segments of the market they will penetrate, and the more popular it will become, and maybe even require more then one manufacturing plant to produce it in.

  2. Chris

    This is such BS the 2020 Escape was designed to go after the Focus/Fusion buyers. Plus the Maverick isn’t even in showrooms yet. Ford still can’t admit they made a big mistake eliminating all sedans. If they were smart, which they’re not, they would have at least kept the Fusion. They know customers are walking out of showrooms when they find out they can’t buy a sedan.

    1. JohnTaurus

      Lol. Does rambling all that nonsense help you feel better? While virtually every other automaker is killing sedans left and right?

  3. Roy Chiles

    This will work for FORD problem is it doesn’t work for LINCOLN which should have 2 sedans in it’s lineup

    1. Robin Purnell

      I do believe Lincoln is coming out with a new Zephyr. It will be a coupe, and most probably electric/hybrid. Can’t wait!

  4. Niklas E

    Why would any Fiesta / Focus / Fusion buyer ever want to consider a Maverick? That’s a totally different kind of vehicle: a pick-up truck. I don’t believe this article at all. Nobody that owns a car would replace their car with a pick-up. By the way, what happens when it rains / snows on top of items that are stored in an open truck bed?

    1. Ryan

      If only someone could come up with some sort of a cover for truck beds….

    2. Sam

      I sold my 2020 Fusion, & ordered a Maverick. Fusion wasn’t comfortable, mileage was decent, but it sat too low. I am looking forward to driving the Maverick & having a little room to haul something if necessary! Easier than a truck! It’s called a cover, they work really well!

    3. Lee

      They will obviously get cold or wet or both… unless the owner has a truck bed tonneau cover or perhaps the owner may even choose to put the truck in the garage…hmm 🤔😏 … imagine that.

    4. Joe

      I’m going to sell my Fusion Hybrid for a Maverick that I have on order. Small hit on MPG (not a big loss in long run), but I’ll pick up more carrying capacity without having to buy an oversized SUV or pickup. I still am upset that they got out of the sedan market, but this will fit my future needs for a vehicle.

    5. Ford85

      My wife and I are current owners of an 08 focus here, seriously considering ordering a Maverick. Finally a pickup that has fuel efficiency and will fit in the garage. I think you are off base here.

  5. John Doe

    Not a fan of the front fascia… Sorry!

  6. Bach VU

    I used to own and loved a Ford Maverick.
    It was reliable and affordable then.
    Been owning and loving Honda Civic, Honda CRV.
    Been wanting to own a semi-truck but never got around to it until The New 2022 Ford Maverick arrived.
    So I ordered one and wanting to own and drive one.
    It is going be fun for me and my little family to drive in a hybrid vehicle.

  7. Tom

    I currently drive a Focus and Lincoln sedan. If Ford thinks I’m going to replace these with a pickup truck they are sadly mistaken. If FOMOCO doesn’t offer a sedan when I replace these two, it’s goodbye Ford for me. Dropping ALL sedans was the height of stupidity, especially for Lincoln.

  8. joseph lynn schlanbusch

    is the maverick a frame trk. or a unabody?

    1. James F Fishinger


  9. Karen

    I had a Explorer Sport Trac I loved it ,I liked the idea of having room for passengers and still having the ease of hauling things in the back, if you want a purple color you can take it to a body shop and have it painted , I like the idea of awd it will drive more like a car, I miss having a compact truck I am only 5 foot and it is hard getting in a big truck

  10. Import Owner

    Need a manual shift option for me . This radio dial shifter BS is asking for things to break down.


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