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2022 Ford Maverick Named After Its Target Demographic

While some have expressed disappointment in the fact that the 2022 Ford Maverick is, well, a pickup, the Maverick name is quite fitting for this particular vehicle, as Ford Authority reported back in June. After all, a “Maverick” is a free-spirited individualist that forges their own path in life, as well as the name Ford used for its affordable and economical compact sedan decades ago. As it turns out, however, the 2022 Ford Maverick was also named after the very same people who will presumably be purchasing one.

“When we were looking at this white space, we have to do a lot of research and there were many names that we were entertaining,” Ford Maverick Marketing Manager, Trevor Scott, told Ford Authority Executive Editor, Alex Luft, in a recent interview. “We knew very well that this customer was a younger customer, they’re very much after a more active lifestyle, and affordability is also strong with those customers.

“So the Maverick name resonated very strongly with those customers. We put different options in front of them, and it was Maverick almost unilaterally. They identified their lifestyle, the way they live their lives, with the name and define those expectations. And that is also what Maverick does because it’s a pickup that delivers 40 miles per gallon.”

Thus, out of all the names Ford considered for its new compact pickup, Maverick just made the most sense. And while Scott declined to share any of the other names Ford considered for the Maverick, as they might be used for future products, he did touch on the controversy surrounding the use of Maverick on a pickup.

“We know that there are a lot of customers who are saying that they associate Maverick with the 1970s sedan, but the reality is that we’re talking about 25 to 35-year-olds that we’re targeting with this vehicle, and they don’t recognize the Maverick name at all. They see Maverick as a really bold, creative name that reflects the character of the truck.”

So far, that appears to be true, as the Maverick has racked up tens of thousands of reservations, most of them coming from the state of California. However, fleet customers are also attracted to the Maverick as an affordable, utilitarian vehicle, as are current owners of older Ford sedans who are eyeing a new vehicle in the coming months.

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  1. Roy Chiles

    Truth is you probably could’ve put any name on his truck and it would’ve done well. Compact is size 40mpg, $20,000 it still reminds me of a Ford Sport Trac

  2. James scaggs

    I want my to be one of the first to hit west Virginia at thornhill ford chapmanville 25508

    1. Rudy

      Hey James, Me to. I have my order at Mid State Ford in Summersville WV. Can’t Wait!!

  3. ReBecca Morales

    I would like to receive this truck that has been ordered in Greensboro, NC for March2022 for this will be the first mission trip of this year through out the US. Made many trips in 2021 need a secure reliable safe truck to serve the Lord. Psalm 121:1-3

    1. Robert Simmons

      If you plan to take one of the first releases of a new model vehicle cross country, you better say a lot of prayers.

    2. Wm Rose

      Be safe in your new Maverick truck… BLESSINGS ❤️

  4. John

    I’m still calling it the ranchero

  5. Ira Harris

    I’m considering getting a new Maverick. My 1987 Ford Ranger Regular Cab 4X4 5 Speed Manual Transmission is considered an antique. I was shocked back in 2020 when I took my Ranger for annual vehicle inspection to renew license when I was told my Ranger was an antique no inspection needed! Only drawback is the Local Ford Dealership in Louisburg NC has closed down it was only 7 miles away! Now we will have to drive twenty plus miles or forty plus miles to a Ford Dealership!

  6. Rod

    There are also us older guys interested, that need a truck, don’t do a lot of heavy towing, and want high mpg. Just saying…

    1. Jeff

      Do you like the name?

  7. Roger W. Runnalls

    My first car was a Fird Maverick! 1973 with three on the tree

    1. Scott Johnson

      Smoked the tires on those too.

  8. T

    Data I read showed older buyers have made more pre orders. How much did they spend on that research.

    1. John W Easterling

      I am 86 years young and ordered my Maverick as soon as I heard about it. I own a 2020 Escape, a 2019 Ranger that I gave to my 16 year old son. I bought it for me and he loved it so it became his 16th BD Gift. I am sharing vehicles now until my Maverick gets here. Oh yes, I also owned a Sport Trac for ten years and loved it.

  9. Scott Johnson

    Reminds me of the Honda Ridgeline. Not sure Maverick is a name I would go with. Perhaps Ranchero 2.0. or Ranger .05

  10. Ron Davis

    I’m 79 and have always been a maverick. I think Ford hit a grand slam with this truck even though I am far outside the target market. I saw it on a Friday afternoon on YouTube, reserved it that evening, put money down and ordered it on Saturday morning. I haven’t had a new vehicle in 56 years. I always buy used. I have sold my S10, Sport Trac and 98 Explorer and had to borrow my grandson’s Fusion to drive until it comes. I am so ready.

  11. Mike Ferros

    I’m also a senior citizen and ordered mine 2 months ago…I needed a economical runabout and my 05 Sport Trac is not economical with 200 thousand + miles that gets around 16-17 mpg combined. If the new Maverick gets the milage claimed, I can double my milage and quit spending money on needy repairs…

  12. Karen

    I am in my 70s I also like the Maverick I had a sport trac and loved it, It was just my size I will be able to reach in the bed to get things out of the maverick, with awd it will drive like a car and get better gas milage than my sport trac

  13. Mark S.

    I am in my late 60’s. Have always been a “FORD” man, although I started out with a Vega. I am going to give up my 05 Dodge Rumble Bee for the MAVERICK. I love everything about this truck, ease of reaching into the bed, smaller size so wife can get herself into the seats, excellent gas mileage, excellent pricing, and still a truck to haul things. Can’t wait until it arrives!! Haven’t had a new vehicle for myself since 1997, my Aztec Gold Mustang!!

  14. Bill

    I am in the low eighties ,drive a 2014 Escape ,have owned two Rangers, and am completely impressed with this Maverick truck. Already talking to my Ford dealer.

  15. John W Easterling

    Give me Ford or give me (not death of course) but, carless in Kentucky.


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