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2022 Ford Maverick Resonating With First Time Truck Shoppers

When an automaker develops a brand new vehicle, it’s never entirely clear how receptive the buying public will be toward it. Sometimes, a model resonates with customers, other times, it can prove to be a major flop. But at the moment, all signs point toward a successful launch for the 2022 Ford Maverick, which has garnered over 100,000 reservations thus far. And, as it turns out, that incredible level of interest in the new compact pickup has even taken Ford by surprise.

2022 Ford Maverick

“Extremely strong. Extremely strong,” Ford Maverick Marketing Manager, Trevor Scott, told Ford Authority Executive Editor, Alex Luft, in a recent interview. “We have been pleasantly surprised with the interest and reservations. Feedback from our dealers as well has been incredibly optimistic.”

“We’re seeing a lot of customers, as we expected, looking at Maverick coming out of different types of vehicles – trucks, cars, small utilities – and that’s what we expected to see – customers looking at trucks for the very first time. Customers are reaching out to dealers and they’re converting those to retail orders, so it has been very well received. Reservations are well above what our initial forecast was.”

As Ford Authority reported earlier this month, the 2022 Ford Maverick name itself was selected because it resonates with the pickup’s targeted demographic – younger, more active customers seeking an affordable, fuel-efficient vehicle. This is something that was missing from the automaker’s lineup after its decision to stop selling cars (save for the Ford Mustang) in North America, so the Maverick effectively becomes its new entry-level model. The fact that it’s a pickup is just an added bonus for buyers.

The idea of being able to purchase a brand new pickup for less money than some economy cars has clearly resonated with a lot of current sedan owners, as Ford Authority exclusively reported earlier this month. This certainly bodes well for the Maverick’s future and gives Ford a vessel to attract younger shoppers to the brand, some of whom will undoubtedly move into larger, more expensive trucks down the road.

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  1. Randy

    I have wondered for a long time why some pickup truck maker could not come up with an economical truck. I guess that they could not see the forest for the trees. The only down side is China dominates the battery market. I hate giving my money to communists.

  2. Mick1

    Winner Winner Chicken Dinner.

  3. George S

    Without actually to be able to stand next to one, most reservation buyers don’t realize how small it is. All the pictures that Ford publishes make it look as large as the Ranger. But a young buyer without the means for a larger over priced F150, it sure looks like a bargain. But wait until the dealers adds their few thousands dollars of dealer fluff plus dealer fee of $799, documentation fee $350. $1495 shipping. Then you’re in the shark tank with the money man and you get hit for all kinds of more fluff. The $20k truck will be approaching $30k with 6-7% sales tax. But wait there is more, only black interiors.

    1. Daryl Plueger

      I just bought one with paid 23890
      Huntington Beach Ford see John Morgan Fleet Manager…tell him Plueger sent me

    2. Andrew

      Except shipping is shown on the window sticker and included on the window sticker price. Some dealers do advertise before that number but most don’t and even the ones that do usually have the window sticker available to view online. Most dealers do have a doc fee of some sort that is not an anomaly, anything outside of that would out of the ordinary though.

  4. ronsec

    This would be a perfect vehicle for my wife and I. We are seniors and it would come in handy for the occasional light hauling we do. The deal breaker for us is no memory seat at any trim level. Unreal.

    1. jlfliberty

      I agree.

  5. Chris

    Small truck. Functional. Nice lines.,But I have to give the edge to the Hyundai Santa Cruz for overall design inside and out. They both will look good on the road but the Santa Cruz will turn more heads.

  6. FordFan316

    Some people think it’s their God-given duty to leave snarky, negative comments. This Maverick will be a hit. It’s not really too small; it’s longer than an Explorer. So what if it doesn’t have memory seats?! Adjust them yourself. This is an entry level vehicle. I don’t tow anything and I don’t go off-road, and this truck will fit in my garage while getting 40 mpg. Heck yes I’m getting one.

    1. Rick

      My sentiments exactly! This will indeed be a hit and you will soon find General Motors playing catch-up. Just like with the Mustang and Camaro.

    2. Nick

      I’m in my mid-fifties and this appeals to me. The Maverick isn’t just going to attract younger people. As far as all the fancy options, I don’t really care for many of them. Just more things that can go wrong and cost money when it’s out of warranty. I don’t need a memory seat because I’m the only one that will be driving it most of the time. If I wanted fancy and expensive, I’d buy an F150 Lariat.
      The Maverick is priced better than many entry level cars. It looks like it will get better gas mileage than my current compact car.

    3. jlfliberty

      FordFan316, So hold the door open in the rain, turn around with legs out in rain reach down with your right arm (the only functioning arm you have) and adjust. Turn back around, put your soaked legs back in vehicle, reach across with right arm grab your now soaked door and shut it spraying water into your partially soaked dash and floor board caused by adjusting it yourself. Kind of joking but some people like myself might have damn good reason to want memory seats.

  7. Clarke

    Well Ford be making a right hand drive. Will they be coming to New Zealand and Australia.

  8. richard phelps

    ford need to get building the maverick 9 weeks no build date

  9. richard phelps

    ford needs to get going on the build of the maverick 9 weeks on build date!!!!!

  10. Doccus

    I like the utility of a truck…..hauling bicycles, a few bags of mulch, some lumber, etc.
    Also able to get on interstate and get good mileage.
    I’m probably going to hold off to see what changes are required after widespread release.

  11. Steve D Andrea

    I ordered one. Cautiously optimistic I’ll get it this “fall”. I’m hoping by Christmas.

  12. C Scruff

    I worked at a Ford Dealership for 30+ years and that dealer never charged a Doc fee (highway robbery fee); and still doesn’t.
    Dealers who cheat customers with outlandish phony fees should be in jail.
    Mr C

  13. Ted T

    I ordered an XL. I have no build date, but that’s ok. I have been waiting for an afFORDable smaller truck like for quite a while. I bought a Ranger new in 1990, had it for 15 years, and put 200,000 miles on it. This truck will replace my trusty 2005 Chevy Colorado and my 2015 Chevy Volt. I think Ford nailed it with the design, the price point, and the standard Hybrid power plant. Size wise, to my eye, I’d say it is very close to a Nissan Frontier crew cab. The only “complaint” I have is that I wish Ford had offered an extended cab in addition to the crew cab. Looking forward to getting my build date!

  14. Jeffrey D. Sproul

    I ordered the XLT Maverick on July 22 and still waiting to hear a build date. Even with taxes and licensing it still came in just below 26k with spray in bed liner and floor trays. I have been a truck owner for 36 years 1 full size and 4 compact and midsize. Smaller size and better mpgs along with price were determining factors for my order of a Maverick but I was hesitant being the first year.

  15. Karen

    Iam going to wait and see them on the lot, I had a sport trac, it was very good truck, we only haul a few things ,but it is just the right size for that, I miss my small truck ,The maverick looks like it will do the job for us

  16. Keith Blume

    Ford could have built light duty trucks in the USA instead of facing the Chicken tax that They lobbied for! Of course Americans along with the entire world like light duty trucks. That’s why they are the number one vehicle in the World


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