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2022 Lincoln Navigator Debuts With New Tech, Fresh Appearance

Over the last several months, Ford Authority has reported extensively on the refreshed 2022 Lincoln Navigator. We’ve spotted numerous prototypes out driving around wearing various types of camouflage, reported on the vehicle’s large new infotainment screen and refreshed interior, and even been teased by a short video showing off the 2022 Navigator’s revised front-end design, but now, Lincoln has finally pulled the covers completely off the latest version of its flagship SUV.

On the outside, the 2022 Lincoln Navigator sports a fresh appearance thanks to its aforementioned new front-end design, which is highlighted by an updated signature grille flanked by standard adaptive pixel projector headlights. In the rear, new 3D taillights provide an interesting display of light that fades from the center outward as a way to welcome the driver to their vehicle, which then fades from the edges to the center as a way to bid farewell. A pair of new exterior colors – Starlight Gray and Manhattan Green Metallic (exclusive to Black Label models) – join the Navigator’s palette as well.

Inside the cabin, the 2022 Lincoln Navigator features a new and larger 13.2-inch infotainment screen with SYNC 4, as well as a 12-inch digital gauge cluster, a 5.8-inch digital module for second-row passengers with climate and audio controls, and a new head-up display, while Lincoln Enhance keeps the SUV current via wireless over-the-air updates. A number of new interior themes are available for 2022, including the Black Label-only Central Park and Invitation, as well as unique wood appliques including Espresso Ash Swirl and Santos Redwood.

Lincoln has upgraded the massage system in the 2022 Navigator’s 30-way Perfect Position Seats, while second-row seats gain standard features including heat, ventilation, and available Active Motion. Revel’s Ultimate 3D sound system provides a substantial 28 speakers and six symphonic chimes recorded by the Detroit Symphony Orchestra that replace standard vehicle alert sounds.

Perhaps most significantly, the 2022 Navigator will be the first Lincoln vehicle to offer ActiveGlide – the luxury marque’s hands-free highway driving technology that combines Intelligent Active Cruise Control with Speed Sign Recognition and Lane Centering, which Ford Authority was the first to report back in May. At launch, ActiveGlide will offer drivers 130,000 miles of hands-free highway driving across North America.

The 2022 Lincoln Navigator is powered by Ford’s twin-turbo 3.5L EcoBoost V6 that is rated to produce 440 horsepower and 510 pound-feet of torque, which is backed up by the automaker’s 10-speed automatic transmission. In the handling department, the refreshed SUV features Lincoln’s new Adaptive Suspension with Road Preview feature, which uses 12 sensors and the front-facing camera to constantly monitor inputs and road surfaces and make adjustments to ensure the most supple ride possible.

Trailer Reverse Guidance joins the Navigator’s Heavy-Duty Trailer Tow Package for 2022, providing a number of views around the vehicle and steering guidance graphics to make trailering easy. Meanwhile, Lincoln Co-Pilot360 2.0 has been updated to include Intersection Assist and Active Park Assist 2.0 in addition to standard Voice-Activated Touchscreen Navigation, Forward Collision Warning, Post Collision Braking, Dynamic Brake Support, Distance Alert, Pedestrian Detection, Auto Hold, hill start assist, automatic headlamps, and Phone As A Key.

The 2022 Lincoln Navigator will continue to be built at the Ford Kentucky Truck Plant alongside its Ford T3 Platform mate, the Ford Expedition, and is expected to launch early next year.

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  1. Tim Papirnik

    Not for me, the grill is overpowering the front end. For a high end luxury vehicle the grill spoils it. I will keep mine.

  2. Karl

    Nice tempered design approach until the all new model arrives. Good to see that they addressed the look of the back, it now has a more cohesive look. Well done Lincoln Motor Company!

  3. Drew

    The exterior styling revisions are underwhelming. The interior revision are “incremental”. Overall, I doubt the changes will blunt the significant challenge from Jeep’s highly impressive Grand Wagoneer.

  4. Lincoln Fan Mark

    Counterpoint–I actually like the freshened front and rear treatments along with interior/technology upgrades for the driver and passengers. Lincoln has worked to create a distinct style with the front fascia and a wholesale change from that quickly dates the previous models. Through many years, BMW and Mercedes remain easily identifiable on the road from the front fascia. Lincoln has found a tasteful treatment for its front fascia and is staying the course.

  5. John Sansonetti

    What are they doing to this SUV. Like everything Ford makes it keeps going backward in design. The new Front end looks terrible. No more gear shift. read the blogs no one like it. Your helping me make my decision easier about me new SUV purchase.

    1. Alexander

      The design of many of their latest products seem to be going in the wrong directions. The new 2021 F-150 looks like it was a rejected design proposal for the last generation, the new 2022 Focus (from the spy shots) look like the old Fusion, and this as well. Ford needs a whole new team of interior and exterior designers.

  6. Mike k

    Looks about the same to me. Just blends in..Escalade is far superior and sales numbers show it!!

    1. Max

      No, less power, lacks major features, less towing, horrible mpg, and we all know a bev version is coming in a few years. The Escalade just like 100% of all other GM vehicles are running off of the name. If GM had a reset they couldn’t sell anything

  7. Adithya Ramachandran

    No Grand Touring BEV version based off the Lightning ?
    The Aviator and corsair have PHEV variants. The F150 does not have a PHEV, but there is a BEV

  8. Scorpionking0102

    One thing GM got right was the OLED screen layout in the Escalade which looks pretty impressive and modern. That “tablet” information screen layout looks a bit dated, obtrusive, and doesn’t flow with the luxuriousness of the rest of the interior.
    As far as the front? As they say “ beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. It’s bold and beautiful, but “ in your face” kind of styling. Vehicle manufacturers and their “so called” designers should look back into the late 50s and 60s vehicle designs and take ideas from them and take a more futuristic, modernistic space age approach to the future of space travel instead of this old stagecoach approach.
    Better yet while their at it hire new design engineers.

  9. Max

    Wow. I can’t believe it has second row massaging seats. And y’all who are complaining we all know you’re a bunch of old men who love complaining and can’t afford it so in the end it doesn’t matter and this thing will definitely outsell the Escalade at some point in the next few year. The Escalade is overpriced, lacks major features that the Navigator and Grand Wagoneer have, and the interior in the Navi looks a billion times better for 20k less

  10. Delano Dabney

    Woooooooooow it looks totally different now. It looks nothing like the 2018 Navigator. 🙄🤥🤥🤥


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