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Common Ford Canister Purge Valve Issue Detailed By Ford Tech: Video

In the past, we’ve featured a few helpful videos from Blue Oval technician and YouTuber Ford Tech Makuloco. Now, he’s back with yet another interesting and informative clip for owners of 2009-present Ford vehicles fitted with a canister purge valve that are experiencing issues. This new, canister purge valve for the evap system began appearing in vehicles back in 2009, and in the case of the subject of this particular video, wound up debuting in the 2011 Ford Explorer.

The purge valve has been used in a number of Ford vehicles over the years, as well as with a variety of engines. Its location varies depending on the application and can be found right next to the throttle body, as is the case with the Explorer, or located near the front of the intake manifold. Problem is, when Ford changed to the more compact style of purge valve, it went from being a very reliable part to a rather unreliable one.

When these purge valves begin to experience issues opening or closing, they’ll usually throw an error code such as PO171, 172, 174, or 174, and even perhaps an O2 sensor or evap code. The purpose of the purge valve is to draw fuel vapors generated in the fuel tank, opening up to allow those vapors to be drawn into the engine to be burned. When not in use, the valve should be closed, and when it isn’t, it tends to throw a lean or rich code.

Luckily, replacing the valve is an easy job, as our technician demonstrates here. Simply remove the electrical connector attached to the valve, then detach the line connected to it. Next, remove the two eight-millimeter bolts on top of the valve and remove it. The tech also goes through detailed ways to determine if the purge valve is indeed causing issues, all of which is incredibly helpful for those experiencing the types of problems described above.

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  1. A Miller

    Apparently, this part is hard to come by. My garage at the dealer is not able to replace mine because there are a few of them on back-order.

  2. Chris Roy

    I’m having a similar issue but mine is the 2020 Explorer ST. I believe i have found what is the evap purge valve cluster; of course 3.0L ecoboost. Any help on the newest models would be awesome.

  3. Keith F Horvath

    Have a 2017 Lincoln MKX 2.7 . Is the purge valve the same as in video? I cannot locate a valve like that. Bought a Purge Valve could not find it. Returned it and got a Purge solenoid, that went on OK. Is this the same thing as the valve?

  4. Rickie Endicott

    So I am having this issue in my 2014 Ford Edge. However, It seems to be engaging the all wheel drive while I am pressing on the brake. It’s either the purge valve or another completely different issue. Any tips here or could the purge valve actually make the all wheel drive engage while brakes applied? I am car illiterate and trying to fix myself.

  5. bob

    why no recall from ford

  6. Joshua Norcross

    Is that located in the same place on a 2016 ford explorer sport with the 3.5?


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