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Ford Bronco Two-Door Soft Top Not Being Considered

Earlier today, Ford Authority reported that all 2021 Ford Bronco orders already produced with the molded-in color (MIC) hardtop will have that top replaced due to quality issues. However, the downside to this decision is the fact that all hardtop orders that have not yet been scheduled for production will be pushed back at least to the 2022 model year. Those that have ordered a four-door can simply change their order to a soft top to circumvent this wait, but two-door order holders are stuck, as Ford North America Product Communications director Mike Levine confirmed today that there are currently no plans to offer a Bronco two-door soft top, at least for the time being.

It’s unclear why Ford isn’t planning on making a Bronco two-door soft top, but it’s likely that the automaker has its hands full with the hardtop nightmare it’s currently navigating. Ford has had trouble securing an adequate number of hardtops from its supplier – Webasto – which has been devastated by the lasting effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, as Ford Authority reported early last month.

Ford previously pushed the availability of its other, painted hardtop option back to the 2022 model year, as well as the dual hard- and soft-top option. After narrowing its focus down to the Carbonized Gray MIC top only, Ford invested millions of dollars trying to rectify its hardtop log jam, only to discover that many of the tops delivered thus far are experiencing quality issues that have led to an “unsatisfactory appearance when exposed to extreme water and humidity,” according to the automaker.

Ford doesn’t expect to have replacement MIC tops until October, and it will take some time to replace the tops that have been produced thus far before it can begin building new hardtop-equipped Broncos. Thus, it seems like two-door Bronco order holders without a scheduled production date will be waiting a bit longer to take delivery, as production of the 2022 Ford Bronco won’t begin until late December, though customers will be price protected through the 2023 model year, at least.

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  1. crabbymilton p

    I think if you got a bunch of kindergarteners together to run FORD, they would do a far better job than the current leadership is now.

    1. NCEcoBoost

      Sounds like current GM also. Makes you wonder WHAT those leaders are doing all the time? Surely, they’re NOT running huge corporations. Both companies need MAJOR leadership changes.

  2. NCEcoBoost

    ANOTHER totally poor vehicle launch, which, I hate to say it, I did predict.

  3. Stephen Ketterer

    I try to be optimistic when things get difficult.
    – We have an exciting new product from Ford that will be successful
    – There are aftermarket vendors that can be sourced for a 2-door soft top
    – There is no correlation between Ford and the COVID virus

  4. Deeznutz

    Haha jeep life


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