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Ford Panoramic Roof Lawsuit Proceeds Without Class Action Status

It’s been a long and winding saga for the Ford panoramic roof lawsuit that was originally filed back in 2017 alleging that some roofs in certain Blue Oval vehicles were defective and prone to shattering. The lawsuit was dismissed by a judge in 2020, only to be sent back by an appeals court this past June. However, a judge has now ruled that the latest version of the Ford panoramic roof lawsuit does not meet the criteria for class action certification, according to Car Complaints.

The lawsuit was originally filed by the owner of a 2013 Ford Escape who claimed her panoramic sunroof exploded spontaneously while she was driving, spraying down bits of glass on her and her infant daughter. The cause of the explosion reportedly stemmed from tempered glass that was too thin.

Thus, the lawsuit centers around the notion that Ford’s tempered glass panoramic roofs are defective, which causes them to shatter suddenly and unexpectedly. Ford, on the other hand, has argued that it’s impossible for the roofs of multiple models to share a common defect as each is significantly different in terms of its configuration, size, and location on the vehicle.

Ultimately, Judge Thomas Samuel Zilly sided with Ford. “In light of the significant variations in the PSRs’ designs and propensities to shatter, plaintiffs have not demonstrated a common defect,” Zilly said. “Nor have Plaintiffs shown by a preponderance of evidence, based on the current record, that the PSRs are commonly defective due to the use of tempered glass. Ford’s use of tempered glass is not unique to the Class Vehicles’ PSRs, as other car manufacturers also used tempered glass in their PSRs.”

Judge Zilly did find that there is enough evidence to show that a “triable fact exists on whether Ford knew of a PSR defect in Plaintiffs’ 2013 Ford Escape.” Thus, the lawsuit will continue, though not as a class action.

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  1. Tim Papirnik

    On our second roof on our ‘15 Edge. Ford replaced the first, second cracked with 200km over the warranty. Ford will not replace it. Both roofs started in the exact same place and cracked exactly the same. Argued that it was a stress crack but lost will never purchase a panoramic roof on any future vehicles.

  2. commbubba19

    please there have been so many pano roofs cracking, exploding, etc. either their attorney is doing their du-diligence or people can’t do simple forum / facebook searches. i had two vehicles with pano roof from ford. Both constantly creaked and moaned. i was just waiting for it to crack

  3. George Colbow

    I’m buying a 2022 F250 with the Pano roof. Do I need to worry?

    1. ND13

      I sell Fords and will never buy one with a panoramic sunroof.

  4. s

    i ordered a F-250 king ranch with out the pano roof. the clips break , cost over 2000 to replace. who wants to bake in the truck anyway, with all that torque you really think it wont have problems sooner or later. air leaks , ect.

  5. Dawn

    Had to have my sunroof fixed on my 2017 escape wouldn’t close and cost me 1000.always bought ford’s but won’t anymore.

    1. Andrew Bales

      Every vehicle made, will need something fixed at some point…common sense…especially power windows on ALL vehicles.. Better lease a vehicle, if u don’t plan on paying to fix something

    2. Jeff

      Dawn this is not just a Ford issue, all auto manufacturers are having the same problem with pano roofs.


    In my opinion it’s always better to pay off claims like these

  7. Clam Juice

    This wouldn’t happen at Toyota the workmanship is top notch over there I hope Ford gets it together. Probably not tho smh

    1. MF

      I work for Toyota (past 8 yrs) ..and in the past worked for Ford since 1976 …I’d buy a FORD any day…for Top Notch on Toyota…yes YEARS ago…now they have Recalls and Issues on ALL MODELS! They spend more time in Service than any other manufacturer…Toyota is NO Comparision to a FORD!

    2. Glenn

      Sure and the carpet under the gas pedal that caught the pedal was top notch and so were the recalled axle shafts, and the water in trailer hitch recall 00v103, and speed control recall 00v252, and the pcv recall 00v256 that can get into the brake vacuum line and freeze causing increased braking distance, or improperly welded subframe assembly that could break in recall 01v072, or 01v228 defect the can allow air into the brake lines or any one of 200+ recalls for Toyota that are verifiable on the NHTSA website. They are all top notch. Including the recalls they hid and got massive fines for. Oh what a feeling…

      1. Clam Juice

        But what about ford’s 3.5 V6 in the Last Gen Explorers with the faulty internal water pumps going back costing customers 2-4K in repairs. Or the 1.5 ecoboost blowing head gaskets leaking coolant all over ? All car makers have there problems. But Ford compared Toyota, Toyota has the least of them and much happier customers.

    3. Eric

      Seriously? And you base that on …. What? While I was working aircraft , a friend went auto. Worked for the “toy!”
      Co. The horror stories . My favorite ; finishing your beer and tossing tossing he empty can inside one of the rear quarter wells before the panel is welded in place . But the attitude is the best. Like to see the squeak and rattle man find that. A gal pal that office manager Toyota/Lexus , constantly wondering aloud how they stay in business with them buying back 1 out of 15 or 20 they sell.

    4. Ron Wells

      Sunroof exploded on our 2015 Rav4 while merging onto the freeway. Sounded like a shotgun blast. Interestingly, it exploded outward leaving little glass in the vehicle. Common sense seems to be an issue with air pressure outside vs. air pressure inside the vehicle (there were a couple of semi trucks creating a lot of turbulence). At time research showed this happens from time to time with most brands…

  8. John Stopczy

    My 2015 Ford Edge has a panoramic sun roof and has cracked., and from what I’ve seen on line I’m not the only one. This a defect Ford won’t admit to. $40,000 car and the glass is broken and the excuse was a rock probably hot it , oh really.

  9. Cindy Giles

    Ford makes the strongest vehicles hand’s down!! No comparison!! I have 2 fords & they are both extremely dependable!! You can not beat the Explorer it’s the best out there!! You get a Great vehicle in FORD!!! # 1 🙂

  10. Gary

    My wife and I have bought several new Ford vehicles over the years, non have had a panoramic roof. We will never own one. It really irritates us that they make you buy one in the upper level trims. It should be a SINGLE LINE item option across all trim levels. This way if a person wants a Platinum or upper trim level you can get it without the damn panoramic roof. If you do want the roof you can select it. We have a few friends with explorers and F150’s that the drain tubes plugged up on and then they leak inside. They make the vehicle a lot hotter inside and noisy, according to a coworker who had 2 F150 trucks one had a panoramic roof and one did not. We do not know of anyone that has had one shatter on them but I can see that it could happen. I think if people were given a choice and not have them forced upon us most would probably opt for a vehicle without one. Maybe if Ford goes to made to order vehicles they will allow people to order the highest trim level without a panoramic roof if they so choose. It might even increase their sales.

  11. Karen Henderson

    2017 Edge SEL AWD Stationary sunroof glass at rear has a crack right across with absolutely no sign of a chip or hit. Never noticed it until a year after I bought it as I don’t use a sun roof ever.


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