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2021 Ford EcoSport Boasts Poor Rear Visibility, Says Consumer Reports

While Consumer Reports has historically been a big fan of vehicles like the Ford Edge, the Ford EcoSport is another story altogether. CR members who own EcoSports were dissatisfied enough with their compact crossovers to land it on the consumer organization’s “least liked vehicles” list, and that sentiment seems to be shared by quite a few people, as the EcoSport is one of the few vehicles that’s not difficult to find languishing on dealer lots these days. Adding a bit of insult to injury, the 2021 Ford EcoSport has also now found itself on CR‘s “worst cars and SUVs for visibility” list as well.

Outward visibility plays a key role in vehicle safety, though it’s a somewhat overlooked aspect in many modern vehicles, with things like style, aerodynamics, and stronger roof structures leading to larger pillars that are more difficult to see around. That’s precisely why Consumer Reports gives the vehicles it tests a visibility score, and unfortunately, the 2021 Ford EcoSport didn’t fare so well in that regard.

When road testing the EcoSport, CR found that the incredibly thick windshield pillars presented an experience that was something “like driving with blinders on a horse.” Rearward visibility wasn’t any better, thanks to thick pillars out back, a very small back window, and what CR calls a “useless” third side window.

The news isn’t all bad, however, as side visibility was decent thanks to big front windows and rear side windows that feature a slight upward taper, as well as narrow side pillars. Luckily, higher trim levels of the EcoSport also come equipped with a solid amount of standard safety features that help mitigate some of these visibility issues, including rear parking sensors, rear cross-traffic warning, and a blind-spot warning system, at least.

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