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2022 Ford Bronco Raptor Officially Confirmed, Teased In New Video

We’ve known for some time now that Ford is working on an ultra-high-performance variant of the all-new Ford Bronco. For a while, many believed this model would be called the Ford Bronco Warthog, thanks to a trademark filing, an Easter egg spotted on a prototype, and a leaked supplier letter. However, Ford Authority exclusively reported earlier this year that this new variant would in fact be called the Ford Bronco Raptor and that it will be powered by Ford’s 3.0L EcoBoost V6. Last week, Ford Authority independently confirmed that the 2022 Ford Bronco Raptor is officially in Ford’s ordering system, and now, the automaker itself has officially confirmed this with a new teaser video.

The short clip kicks off with some dramatic music and the Bronco logo but then pans to a close-up shot of the Bronco Raptor’s front grille – which, as expected, features bold “FORD” lettering in place of the “Bronco” script found on other models. This keeps the 2022 Ford Bronco Raptor in line with other Raptor models including the Ford F-150 and Ford Ranger. Also visible in the video are some very wide fender flares, which presumably cover large tires, as well as three amber lights located in the top center of the grille – a necessity in the U.S. given how wide the Bronco Raptor will be.

As Ford Authority previously reported, the Bronco Raptor will feature the same sorts of upgrades present on the existing F-150 and Ranger Raptor models, including Fox Live Valve shock technology, 17-inch F-150 Raptor-like wheels, LT315/70R17 BFGoodrich KO2 All-Terrain T/A tires, a wider stance than the regular Bronco, unique front and rear fascias and bumper treatments, and a higher ground clearance.

The 2022 Ford Bronco Raptor will be available in at least two different versions – a base model, as well as a higher version that includes the Lux Package, which is available on the current, 2021 Ford Bronco and adds Adaptive Cruise Control, a 10-speaker B&O sound system, heated steering wheel, wireless charging pad, and a host of other features. The ordering system shows the Bronco Raptor as a four-door model only, with Code Orange available as an exterior color option.

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  1. Steve

    Wait wait wait, let me get this straight. I have to wait over a year to get my Wildtrak and you’re saying that you can order a Rapture version when Ford can’t even deliver on current orders? I have to say, WTFrick. Hey Ford exec’s, get a clue. Why don’t you put all this energy into filling the orders you have now, THEN work on future projects or at least stop leaking this stuff. all you’re doing is pissing us order holders off.

    1. Rinzler

      If they can’t get components to finish vehicles, why would they just sit on their thumbs and not continue to generate buzz and potential revenue with products that have been planned for years at this point?

      I can definitely understand your frustration, but there’s no reason for them to stop marketing product since people are willing to both wait and pay for them. Plus, confirmed orders are excellent for the investors.

    2. c

      Generating hype for a product is what you are supposed to do when facing issues.

  2. Roy Chile’s

    FORD Is slapping RAPTOR on everything in the lineup, wht next ? A Mustang Mach E Raptor?? How about a Maverick Raptor???

    1. Samurai

      To be fair though, I would like to see a Maverick Raptor.

    2. Matt

      If you consider the f150 and bronco to be everything then yes.

  3. c

    There’s also supposed to be a hybrid version with the powertrain of the Aviator GT, from what previous rumors suggest. That’ll most likely be the Raptor R version of the Bronco Raptor, whereas the Megazilla or the Predator will be in the F-150’s Raptor R.

  4. Steve

    I get the reason for the “hype” I really get it. Buuuuuut it’s the same hype they gave when they introduced the Bronco. And here we sit, Honestly I will lay down a weeks pay that you won’t see a Bronco Raptor for 5 years. Getting a little ahead of selves are we? Hell, I’m not getting my little ol Bronco until 2022 and I ordered it 2020. Oh you’ll be able to order one, not problem. Getting it to your driveway to enjoy, don’t hold your breath. Besides ever since Jimbo hired this Apple exec, expect an EV Bronco first. Then you’ll get EV Bronco 2.0, then 6 months later EV Bronco 2.5, this one has a bigger screen, just like Apple does things. It’s not any better, just newer with a bigger screen. Then big announcement, EV Bronco 3.0 is here. People will be standing in line camped out jumping all in to be the first. LOL. Thanks Jimbo.


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