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2022 Ford Maverick Hybrid Driven By Blue Oval Rep Gets 50 MPG

When the 2022 Ford Maverick hybrid was revealed alongside the EcoBoost-powered pickup back in June, FoMoCo revealed that it was aiming for an extremely impressive fuel economy rating of 40 miles-per-gallon from its new compact pickup. And while the EPA still hasn’t released its official numbers for the 2022 Ford Maverick hybrid, Ford North America Product Communications director Mike Levine recently managed to achieve some seriously impressive figures from the truck.

After completing a 50-mile trip with 25 miles covered on electric power alone, Levine extracted 50 miles-per-gallon from the Maverick hybrid he was driving. This doesn’t necessarily indicate that Ford will exceed its 40 mile-per-gallon estimate when the Maverick’s official EPA fuel economy numbers are released, but the automaker does have a history of beating such estimates.

Even those that don’t opt for the Maverick hybrid and instead choose Ford’s 2.0L EcoBoost I-4 will find it to be an impressive fuel-sipper. As Ford Authority reported earlier this month, the front-wheel drive Maverick EcoBoost returns 23 miles-per-gallon in the city, 30 on the highway, and 26 combined. The all-wheel drive version loses a mere one mile-per-gallon across the board, as that configuration is rated at 22, 29, and 25 miles-per-gallon in the city, highway, and combined, respectively.

Those figures are more than enough to outperform the compact pickup’s chief rival, the Hyundai Santa Cruz, which provides fuel economy ratings ranging from 19/27/22 miles-per-gallon city/highway/combined for the all-wheel drive 2.5L Turbo I-4 mode, 21/27/23 for the all-wheel drive 2.5L I-4 pickup, and 21/26/23 for the front-wheel drive naturally-aspirated version. Plus, the Maverick is cheaper, to boot.

All of this is a big reason why the Maverick has proven so appealing to owners of compact cars and sedans thus far, and we’ll be interested to see how well the hybrid pickup performs in the EPA’s testing.

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  1. Mike Parnell

    Now they just have to build and sell them so people can find out for themselves what you really can get, without Ford’s bias and rigging, when ever that will be, since they are only building the 2.0L turbo for at least the first 4 weeks, probably longer.

    1. brn

      “since they are only building the 2.0L turbo for at least the first 4 weeks, probably longer.”
      That’s not true. Hybrids have been produced (mine’s in production right now). They’re just not OKTB yet because the EPA rating hasn’t been released.

  2. Jim Reaves

    Any incentives for the 22 Maverick?

    1. Ford500guy

      You must be joking, or your just as DUMB AS A STUMP…GET REAL MAN…

  3. Robert Chavez

    Any idea when the Maverick hybrid will start build?

  4. Jeffrey D. Sproul

    A few hybrid Mavericks are on but most of the Mavericks are 2.0 Ecoboost. The only incentives on the Maverick are hoping yours is built within 6 months. I was told when I placed my order on July 25 for the hybrid Maverick XLT the soonest it would be delivered was the end of the year but expect late Spring. I kept the option list low with the chip shortage in mind but that might not matter. I am going to guess it will be next Summer before I get one.

  5. Roy Chile’s

    Very impressive

  6. iamero

    Unless I’ve missed something the Ford Maverick is not a plug-in hybrid. There is no way that truck could have driven 25 miles on electric power alone. Most standard hybrid batteries are just large enough to charge through brake regen and are typically just able to assist in pick up and go and intermittently will power the vehicle when cruising. A 25 mile electric range would require the truck being plugged in and charging a much larger battery then what’s available in the Maverick. However, the fact that this truck did 50 MPG on a 50 mile ride is still commendable for a hybrid let alone a hybrid pickup truck.

  7. Jerry Roane

    They competition is at zero pollution and 147 mpgE and advanced guideway EV at 297 mpgE.

  8. Michael David Stanley

    soo, the one observation I noticed is that the 50 mile trip tookan 1:40 mins, which means that the speed the the truck was going was between 25 to 30 mph. I own a cmax, and I can tell first hand that city low speed is always higher than freeway

  9. Rick Schafer

    Why don’t I have a VIN FOR MY MAVERICK YET????!!!! I have read other people who have ordered WAAAAAY after I did have received theirs!!! I ordered 6/16/21, 8 days after anounced and people who have received ordered a MONTH AFTER ME!!! KINDA BS ON FORDS PLANNING!!!!! I’m POed.


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