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2022 Ford Maverick Is Starting To Arrive At Dealerships

2022 Ford Maverick production began early this month at the Ford Hermosillo Assembly Plant, so it was only a matter of time before the very first examples of The Blue Oval’s brand new compact pickup began showing up at dealer lots and in customers’ driveways. Now, it appears that the first Maverick deliveries have in fact taken place, according to Michael Martinez from Automotive News.

Martinez is reporting that the very first production Mavericks have reached dealerships, and Ford has already sold two of them – one in Arkansas, and one in Texas. These figure to be the first two of many to come, judging by the number of reservations Ford has received for the Maverick thus far, as well as the tremendous interest even non-traditional truck buyers have shown in the new model.

The 2022 Ford Maverick has also been nominated for the prestigious 2022 North American Truck of the Year award, as Ford Authority reported yesterday. Aside from its shockingly low starting price and impressive fuel economy figures, the Maverick is also chock full of innovative features, such as Ford’s Integrated Tether System (FITS), which consists of a number of slots for official Blue Oval accessories or 3D printed parts, as well as 12-volt wiring for some pretty cool DIY projects.

Ford did make one big change to the Maverick prior to these first examples landing on dealer lots, as Ford Authority reported yesterday. The automaker canceled the 4K Tow Package – available as an option on trucks equipped with Ford’s 2.0L EcoBoost I-4 – for front-wheel drive Maverick models, as those pickups seemingly aren’t up to the task of towing 4,000 pounds.

However, Ford has created a customer-specific private offer for those affected by this change that will cover the full MSRP of the all-wheel drive option on the Maverick. Similar to the recently-revealed Ford Bronco customer satisfaction plan, those that placed an order for a front-wheel drive Maverick with the 4K Tow Package will receive $2,220 in Open Bonus Cash to cover the cost of upgrading to all-wheel drive while also keeping the towing package.

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  1. Zachary

    That’s great they’re showing up at dealerships as inventory. What about us folks that ordered one right out of the gate??

    1. Ryan

      I don’t see where it says they came as stock inventory, my assumption is these are reservation holders completing the sale and taking delivery.

      And if you’re watching dealer inventory on their websites, I thought when I ordered my truck last year it still shows up on the dealer inventory page, even though it was a special order for me it isn’t technically sold until I come in and pay the money. Could be wrong but that’s what I remember

      1. Rich

        These are stock inventory. The first four weeks of production were dealer stock orders to prove out the manufacturing line before starting customer specific orders.

  2. Mark

    Isn’t that swell the dealerships are getting them. Put my order in on the first week, and another Thursday with no email saying my truck is being scheduled. Guess it’s who you know.

  3. Tim Papirnik

    Another botched introduction as like the bronco and explorer? Seems like they just don’t care about the consumer.

    1. Botched

      Yea, its so botched. So botched. That’s all this article says. Botched. Good call, buddy.


  4. Mike Parnell

    If the dealers can get $5,000 over MSRP by selling them off the lot by walk ins, when people who ordered are only paying MSRP, who do you think are going to get supplied first?

  5. Richard

    Everybody who has ordered one needs to go to the Long McArthur Ford YouTube channel. Tim Bartz, the internet manager, has been running a series on the Maverick order process. He has a live broadcast every Tuesday at 7:00 PM central time. His previous videos going back a month or more clearly explain how some options can delay the order. Bed covers are one notable example. There is a lot more to this process than most people understand.

    1. Andrew

      Bed covers have been a short commodity, I’ve also been watching the ones scheduled and showing in transit for our store. No hybrids showing in transit, so it seems like the are concentrating on the 2.0s initially.

  6. Phill Klinkoski

    Ordered maverick in July no confirmation yet ? Should I worry

  7. Christopher Grandt

    Reserved within the first week and converted to an order less than a week after. My build contained no options considered late availability. According to my dealer I can expect to wait ANOTHER 16 weeks to possibly recieve my truck, so a solid 6 months from the start of production, 7 from order, and this is the sales model ford hopes to adopt moving forward. Good luck.. I doubt most buyers have that level of patience.

  8. Kathryn

    ordered mine Oct 28th 2021 no vin no word called ford every month they have no idea about anything the dealership has my deposit and I have nothing but a paper receipt, and on top of that I’m in Hawaii.just would like to know where I’m at in line

  9. Dave Carroll

    Ordered the truck September 2021. Nothing so far. No dealer help. Want to bet that should it ever arrive, Ford will rape me for another 2-3 grand over MSRP? Is this a
    Great country or what?


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