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2022 Ford Maverick Not Expected To Adversely Impact Ford Ranger Sales

The 2022 Ford Maverick has already proven to be a hit among prospective buyers, racking up over 100,000 reservations in just a few weeks and attracting the interest of first-time truck shoppers as well as current sedan owners. Much of this is due to the fact that the Maverick features a sub-$20k starting price and a very impressive estimated 40 city miles-per-gallon rating for the base hybrid model. However, it’s worth wondering if the 2022 Ford Maverick might sway more than a few Ford Ranger buyers, given these appealing qualities, though it doesn’t appear that FoMoCo is worried about that happening.

“It’s a similar question that we faced just a few years ago when we brought Ranger back to market, is that going to cannibalize F-150 sales?” Ford Maverick Marketing Manager, Trevor Scott, told Ford Authority Executive Editor, Alex Luft, in a recent interview.

“We’ve actually seen both trucks do really well alongside each other. And given the different target customer that we’re after here, there’s going to be some level of cross-shop which is inevitable. But the Ranger customer wants to take their truck off-roading, the most capable truck possible – that’s the customer that we’re after with Ranger. But the Maverick, we’re looking at a lot of sedans, small SUV customers – and that’s why we feel like it’s an opportunity to grow the overall truck business.”

While the Maverick may not affect Ranger sales in any impactful way, it will be interesting to see if the new compact pickup eats into Ford EcoSport or Ford Escape sales. These crossovers feature starting prices of $20,395 and $25,555, respectively, which is fairly equal to and a bit more expensive than the Maverick, even with some options added in.

All of these vehicles offer seating for five, though the Maverick’s cargo space is an open bed in place of an enclosed cargo area, though it can be easily sealed off with the addition of a bed cover or cap. Throw in the fact that the Maverick offers superior fuel economy in base form, and there’s certainly a possibility that it may cannibalize some sales from Ford’s smaller crossovers in the coming months and years.

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  1. Mike Parnell

    With the Maverick hybrid production indefinitely on hold, and only the 2.0L being built and offered, that is going to effect sales.

    1. Roy Chile’s

      The EcoSport isn’t worth $20k it needs to go away simply cheap looking mess

    2. Jack29

      According to Ford, the hybrid is not on hold and not delayed.

  2. Tommy

    No two door, no truck! Why build a small truck with no 2door option?

    1. Jack29

      Because so few people want them. Most buyers spend more time driving 2-3 extra people than randomly hauling stuff.

    2. finalley99

      Let’s NOT call the Maverick a truck… It’s a unibody car with an open trunk.

  3. Jeffrey D. Sproul

    I would definitely have ordered a 2 door if it was offered but I did order the XLT with the hybrid drivetrain. I would not have ordered the Maverick if it didn’t come with the hybrid drivetrain and I definitely was not in the market for another midsize truck as I now have a regular cab 2008 Ford Ranger. If I were buying a new midsize truck I would buy the Tacoma because of the non turbo engine, Toyota’s reliability, and the Tacoma’s high resale. I hope that Ford starts making the hybrid Maverick soon.

  4. Gary B kempf

    Tacoma 2021? Poor interior quality 😢 Cabin wind noise at hiway speed 😢 6 speed auto has been described as uncoordinated, Rough ride quality compared to Ranger,Colorado, and you would be advised to get the v6.

  5. WB

    I’m on the fence between the Lariat 2.0Ecoboost and Lariat Hybrid. Don’t want the leather interior due to hot summers where I live and want the 4k towing package on the XLT with AWD but my local Ford dealer said that they will have them in October only on Lariat models.

  6. Jeffrey D. Sproul

    I will keep what I have until my Maverick arrives. Don’t want a turbo engine. My neighbor who had a 2002 Tacoma 4 x 4 extended cab just go $14,500 for his after posting his on facebook within hours. Toyota’s hold their values much better than Ford, GM, and Stellantis. I am willing to take a chance on the Maverick since it is a hybrid and since it is a little smaller than the current midsize trucks. I prefer the size of the prior Ranger and Chevy S-10 but they are not making those and even though the bed of the Maverick is smaller it comes the closest to the prior compact pickups and the price is much lower than any current truck available. I ordered an XLT in Area 51 with spray in bedliner, full size spare tire, and floor trays and with tax, title, and licensing it will be just under 26k. I don’t need a big truck but I want an open bed and good mpgs. I like the gray and navy interior of the XLT better and the XLT hits the sweet spot for getting the most for your money. If Toyota had a hybrid version of a comparable truck I would buy it but they don’t and it might take them years to come out with one. The Hyundai Santa Fe is the only comparable truck but it is more expensive, comes mainly with a black interior, and does not offer a hybrid otherwise it would be my choice.

  7. Jack29

    Traditional truck buyers don’t appear to grasp the massive appeal of this truck. This sort of buyer never wanted a truck before this – even hated trucks – because trucks are generally expensive, too huge, and have trash fuel efficiency. Well, the hybrid version of this even beats a Honda Fit in combined mpg – 37 mpg – while at the same time utterly moping the floor with it in terms of space, as it can seat four quite comfortably while still hauling 18 4×8′ plywood boards or bikes, or kayaks, camping equipment, etc (sometimes with a bit of creative tailgate usage…no big deal to most). It’s perfect for most people.
    Also consider this: there is no high mpg hybrid car OR truck that is this affordable, and certainly not a combination of both for $20k.


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