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2022 Ford Maverick Production Has Officially Begun

The 2022 Ford Maverick was revealed to much fanfare a few months ago, and over 100,000 eager fans have placed reservations for the new compact pickup thus far. Now, those prospective owners won’t have to wait much longer to take delivery of their shiny new truck, because 2022 Ford Maverick production is officially underway at the Ford Hermosillo Assembly Plant, the automaker has announced.

2022 Ford Maverick production will take place alongside the Ford Bronco Sport – with which the Maverick shares the Ford C2 platform, along with the Ford Escape, which is built at the Ford Louisville Assembly Plant.

It’s still early, but all signs point to tremendous consumer interest in the new Maverick. So far, most of the reservations placed for the pickup have come from customers in Los Angeles and San Francisco, California, Houston, Texas, and Orlando, Florida – areas historically dominated by the Toyota Tacoma.

Likewise, the Maverick appears to be attracting a lot of owners of vehicles from other brands, mostly Honda and Toyota. A large percentage of the orders placed thus far have come from men under the age of 40, which is a demographic Ford targeted with the Maverick name, as Ford Authority exclusively reported last month, as well as fleet customers, owners of older Ford sedans, and first-time truck owners.

In addition to North America, the Ford Maverick will also be sold in other parts of the globe, including the South American countries of Brazil and Argentina. Considering the fact that the base version of the Maverick touts a base price of less than $20,000 and is expected to deliver 40 miles-per-gallon in the city, it’s no surprise that the new model has proven to have a rather broad appeal so far.

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  1. David Greenberg

    I ordered one the day after they came out from Florida. A Red Lariat hybrid. I have a Silver Lariat Sport Ranger now. Love the Ranger.

  2. JohnnyBronco

    Congrats. Envious because I ordered up a Bronco on day 2 (or late on day 1) and despite having s VIN and production scheduled for this week there is no update. Mavericks will far outsell Broncos. Just because they can be built.

  3. Sylvia Shabazz

    Looking forward to getting my Maverick. Dusty Gray
    67..first time truck owner

  4. Roy Chile’s

    Cha Ching let that Ford cash register ring

  5. Kenny Wilson

    Who thinks a metallic gray will be a big seller

    1. The Gentle Grizzly

      If it is all the dealer’s buyer orders, it will sell a lot.

  6. Ron B

    Would like to see Ford offer a tan on the Maverick (and the Bronco, for that matter) that is close to the Toyota Tacoma color Quicksand.

  7. Ron B

    …and maybe a Sasquatch package for the Maverick….

  8. Larry Phillips

    I’ve been waiting years for a truck that would get over 30 mpg. Never
    was comfortable with a truck that would get less than 20 mpg. Thanks to Ford, and God, I’ll be able to finally afford a truck. Thanks, Larry in Va.

  9. George S

    Not one comment in the article of any supplier part shortages that has plagued nearly all other vehicle production. Is the Maverick immune?

    1. Diane

      no, it’s not! We are getting delayed left and right, due to paint issues?

  10. Paul Hill

    That area 51 color grabs my attention here in San Diego! How do I make a reservation to buy? How much to place order?

    1. Skyguyy

      I need to see the colors in person 1st. Internet (computer screen) colors don’t always look the same in real life.

  11. Matt

    How many units of the maverick can they produce a day?

    1. Roy Chile’s

      Easily a 1000 a day

  12. Gary B kempf

    I’ll bet GM is scrambling overtime to come up with a Mavrick of their own.

    1. brent

      last time they scrambled to put something together we got the Vega!

  13. Jim

    Ford does not have chips to build F series at the moment so I don’t see Maverick production lasting to long before it also becomes a casualty of the chip shortage.

  14. B. Alan

    Why no manual gearbox offering?? Ive owned 4, King Cab, 4 cyl, manual gearbox Nissan Hardbodies and Frontiers starting in 1995…over 250k miles on each…no manual no interested in buying one….

  15. Hal Salisbury

    I’m still waiting for my F150 I ordered in January. I have a Vin # now for three weeks, but still no build date. They can keep all their shiny new toys and all the PR. I will not recommend anything Ford. This is my last new Ford I’m buying

    1. Skyguyy

      Can’t you cancel and go buy something else if you’re unhappy with the world wide chip shortage?? I’m sure the other companies will be glad to take your $$

  16. Rick

    No incentives, I can wait retail sucks. Incentives sell

  17. Dan Peterson

    Wow they should concentrate on the 2021 vehicles they have sitting just waiting for a chip . Like mine going on 6 months . Been to dealer they have no answer to give me

  18. Skyguyy

    I wanted to order one but wasn’t comfortable ordering without seeing the colors in person. Will wait till I can see all the colors and how they look on the truck.

    1. Hedder

      You can always order and just not purchase if you don’t like the color. I’m sure your dealer wouldn’t mind having it on their lot.

  19. Hazenxx

    How many 2022 XLT Hybrids were built in 2021 and are ready for delivery and how many 2022 Maverick XLT Hybrids will be built daily in 2022?


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