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2022 Ford Maverick XL Will Not Get Dealer Added Cruise Control

The 2022 Ford Maverick was revealed to much fanfare back in early June, mostly due to its sub-$20k asking price and impressive fuel economy figures. However, while the base Maverick offers quite a bit of content for the money, there are certain concessions one must make when purchasing such an inexpensive vehicle. As Ford Authority reported back in July, the 2022 Ford Maverick XL comes equipped with Connected Touch Radio – not SYNC 3 – though it does offer nice features like Android Auto and Apple CarPlay compatibility. However, Maverick XL buyers will also be missing one common feature present in most modern vehicles – cruise control.

“Cruise Control is available for the XLT and Lariat,” Hannah Ooms, Maverick Communication Manager, told Ford Authority Executive Editor, Alex Luft, in a statement. “Customers can opt into Ford Co-Pilot 360 Package on XL. The Co-Pilot 360 includes BLIS, Cross-Traffic Alert, Lane Keeping System, and full-size spare, but it does not include cruise control. All of those features are factory installed.”

Essentially, this means that 2022 Ford Maverick XL models will be shipped much like old cars used to be – without cruise control. Years ago, however, Ford offered official cruise control add-on kits for those vehicles, though that will not be the case with the Maverick.

In all likelihood, cruise control was nixed on the Maverick XL as a way to keep the pickup’s starting MSRP under $20,000, and it’s unclear how much demand would actually exist for the feature, especially among fleet buyers, who have shown a strong interest in the pickup thus far. Additionally, the Ford Ranger, Ford F-150, and Ford Super Duty XL do not come with cruise control as standard equipment either, though it is available as an option or as part of factory equipment groups on those pickups.

For those that absolutely have to have cruise control, it is standard on the Maverick XLT, which features a base price that’s $2,280 higher. And in spite of this omission, the Maverick XL still comes equipped with features such as a standard 8-inch touchscreen and automatic emergency braking.

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  1. Mike Parnell

    Well that sucks. I would rather have cruise control on an XL, then Android Auto, Apple CarPlay and automatic emergency braking. Even a dealer added option would do. Guess there will be non dealer options very shortly when auto accessory companies get one made.

  2. The Gentle Grizzly

    I wonder if Ford is floating trial balloons to see how cars without expected options, but reduced in price, do in the marketplace.

    I may be WAY off track here, but I believe there is still a market for what we codgers called “transportation cars”. Going back in time, cars like the Chevy Del Ray, or the Ford Custom, the Plymouth model I think was either the Plaza or the Savoy. Later examples include the Pinto, Datsun 210, and what I seem to recall was the Toyota 1200.

    1. John

      It does seem to be a “return to basics” vehicle. There are people don’t get that because their deeply discounted Hyundai has every option standard at the expense of long-term durability and reliability. A great example would be the multiple engines they have with major defects.

      Nissans of late are another great example. Push button start standard on all Altimas! Along wish a dash that peels up like a rotten banana in 2 years and a CVT that needs replacement every 60K.

  3. Richard

    The rationale is simple. Ford does not want you to buy the XL and could have added cruise control, but dropped another feature. They make little or no profit on this trim level.

    1. Jonathan Gahan

      This right here. Ford, and their dealers, need some conspicuous feature omissions, to drive sales with the higher trims. So no cruise control. Make you turn a key to start it. Ugly black plastic grill and steel wheels. Only paint it the boring colors

      1. John

        The AUDACITY of them making you TURN A KEY!

        And there are plenty of us who like the steel wheels. There are far more interesting colors available on Maverick XL than there are on most economy cars.

        But, you’re right, this should be equipped like a Navigator Black Label for $17k out the door. They’re just big meanies is all!

        1. The Gentle Grizzly

          If I could get a comfortable car with good air, a decent radio, cruise (yes, cruise), and a few other basic amenities AND NO CONSOLE, I would order it tomorrow even if it was a Ford. I say that because every dealer in my region is full of themselves and refuse to even talk to me about a vehicle without seeing me as some rube who will pay Adjusted Market Value and pay $250 for nitrogen tire fills.

  4. Buzz

    Forget that audio crap. Cruise control is a break deal for me. AM radio, maybe a CD player. No safety stuff, I can drive and like to drive.

    1. Real talk

      “I can drive and I like to drive.”

      No need for cruise control then, right? Lol.

  5. James Looker

    Cruise control is a stand alone option for the Transit Connect XL. There is no reason Ford couldn’t offer if and still have the starting price under $20k.

    1. P.R.Ford

      Cruise control is standard on virtually every new vehicle sold in this country. Basic cruise control should be included on the XL. If they want to charge more for adaptive cruise control, that would make sense. Every time Ford has a great idea, they follow up with something completely stupid.

  6. Lori Allen

    Do not need cruise control. Radio and air conditioner is all I need!!!

  7. Robert Jay

    Actually the cruise control circuits are all going to be there. They just remove the buttons and change a code in the computer to disable it on xl packages. It has nothing to do with cost to Ford. But a way to get more people into the XLT Trim.

  8. Douglas Chaney

    Rostra implies on their website an aftermarket unit is coming from them.

  9. Saturn V

    This will be a deal breaker for many. I know many people with at least a 45 minute commute that are interested in this “truck”. I really like the idea of the truck and would probably buy a higher trim anyway, but Ford may be to woke for me now.

  10. Mark Comerford

    I’m thinking bigger picture. Ford is using the “supply chain” crisis and the unprescedented demand for the Maverick, as a marketing tool to move people to higher priced models.
    I wonder what other “downgrades” they will announce?
    Mark Comerford

    1. John

      You’re making up the big picture, not looking at anything but what you want to see.

      It’s all a big evil plot to get people to buy the high end example if they want options. Just like every other car built in the last 75 years.

      1. Dennis

        I ordered the XLT with all the 4 packages. I did not want the Lariot due to one reason, and that was the interior Seat Color. The interior is the nearly the same color as my Jeep, and I wanted a difference. What surprise me, is, I really dont know of any car that does not come with an optional or standard Black Color Interior, and am surprised Ford does not offer that. Besides the Brown / Saddle color interior just does not go with several of the exterior colors. What would it be such a big deal to offer a Black interior ? ? ? ?

    2. The Gentle Grizzly

      I’m sure they won’t stint on recalls.

  11. William l Moore

    Ford seams to be shooting itself in the foot ??

  12. Dennis

    No Cruise on XL !!! I will have it on my XTL, but do not really care about it. it is the one least option I ever used. For long trips, first I would take my bigger vehicle.

    For those who think lack of Cruise is bad on the XL, my big peeve, with this is, FORD not putting in or allowing an option for the “PUSH START IGNITION”. If is SOOOOOOOO nice clipping the flob to your belt loop and never having to worry about losing or mis placing it while doing you errands. Come on, that is really poor leaving the push button ignition out, and or not including it on the Luxury package. You guys developed the button, have the space, which is standard on the Lariot so there is no excuse for not providing this modern option.
    Ha key, ha key, ha key.

  13. charles tate

    I’m old school, we like to custom build standard models. cruise control the xl Maverick should be an option. Don’t need some of the other things offered.

  14. Billy

    What’s the difference. It’s gonna be next to impossible to buy the base model anyways. Not only fFord buy dealers don’t want you to buy the base model. You’ll never find one in stock anywhere. You’ll get the same story everywhere though, “well we don’t have one right now, but may I interest you in this Lariat.model which you can drive home today”. Personally I was interested in a base model just because I wanted a cheap hybrid. I do a lot of highway driving so I need cruise control but in case I’ll just go with a Corolla hybrid. Thatnks but no thanks Ford. I’ll give my money to the Japanese.

  15. tommy

    Rostra web site indicates they are in development…. Talking ~$500 beans… that’s 25% of the XLT upgrade. I bit for an XLT because of cruise, but the other extras are nice to have. I figured with the Rostra expected price(see other FoMoCo units), add in the labor for installation, and it was not worth the hassle.
    Your dime.

  16. Jeffrey D. Sproul

    Ford should have just included cruise and power mirrors as standard on the XL. Those are low cost items that would give a bigger competitive advantage against lower priced cuvs and sedans. Even if Ford added another couple of hundred dollars to the base price the Maverick would still be the low price leader. I ordered a Maverick XLT in Area 51 with the a spray in bed liner, spare tire, and floor trays mainly to get the gray and navy interior instead of the black interior. I ordered on July 25 with a $500 deposit and have not heard anything.

  17. Ted Lasso

    What sucks more is the XLT and up have that FUGLY 1990’s Navy blue dash as it’s only option…ugh maybe I can paint it 😔

  18. Doccus

    I take lots of long trips. I was hoping to use this truck as my primary vehicle. No cruise is a deal breaker for me. Surprising in a vehicle that Ford promotes as cutting edge. I would have appreciated it as an option….even up to $1000 more. Oh well. I guess if the price seems to good to be true……


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