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Ford Bronco Production Will Be Limited Through 2022

As Ford Authority reported back in April, 2021 Ford Bronco production was originally scheduled to fully ramp up by last month. But these plans, as they often do, fell victim to a number of issues that have arisen in the months since. Ford’s molded-in color hardtop supplier, Webasto, had major issues producing enough tops to meet demand, and then, quality issues arose, prompting Ford to replace all MIC tops and push all unscheduled Bronco orders to 2022. Thus, many are left wondering how long it will take Ford to fulfill all of its 125,000+ orders, and unsurprisingly, it appears that this will take some time, as Ford Bronco production will be limited through next year.

“We’re anticipating that it will be through 2022 before we’re able to satisfy the demand,” Ford Bronco Brand Chief, Mark Grueber, told Ford Authority Executive Editor, Alex Luft, in a recent interview. “Part of that is the ramp-up of the plant that’s still happening, so it will be into next year. 190k was the reservations, and 125k converted to orders, so about two-thirds. That 125k has been pretty steady, so it’s been pretty constant. New orders are coming in, but they’re not coming in nearly at the pace that they were at the start.”

As Ford Authority reported last week, online Bronco reservations have been paused temporarily due to the high number of orders already in the system, as well as supply constraints. That means customers interested in ordering a Bronco must do so the old-fashioned way, for now – by visiting a dealership. On the bright side, those that aren’t married to certain configurations or options may be able to take delivery sooner this way.

For those that have had their order pushed to the 2022 model year due to these constraints, 2022 Ford Bronco order banks are scheduled to open in October, with production starting at the Ford Michigan Assembly Plant in late December. The Bronco will gain new colors and features for the 2022 model year, including the Capable front bumperspecial edition models, a manual transmission option with the Sasquatch package, and a roof rack for four-door Broncos equipped with the Sasquatch package.

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  1. Steve

    You would think Ford would be hot to get these out there. There’s this thing called ROI the stock holders are kind of interested in. I don’t see that 750 million dollar investment pay off anytime soon. Time for the stock holders to start pushing their weight around. If anyone is interested in this bit of news, Ford fired Webasto. Not sure where these hardtops will be produced now. Webasto deserves to be fired, hell put out of business for such crappy performance.

  2. Hans K

    Sad ,now 4 door soft top, can’t install the roof rack , don’t know if I’m short chips . No date, no Vin , getting close pulling the trigger on forerunner.

    1. JohnnyBronco

      Hans, you might be better pulling the trigger for a new Pathfinder and that opens up your spot for someone that opted to go soft top only back in March. You had that option, if taken you just might have a VIN and a scheduled build week.

    2. Chris

      Just buy one off the lot and put a hardtop on later.

  3. Walking the trail

    This is really a bad joke. As a Bronco customer and Ford employee this has been a total dissapointment. Upper management failed again same as with the Explorer launch. How do you plan out this vehicle for as many years as it took and screw up this bad. Someoneneeds to be fired

    1. Scott jahrmarkt

      I have a Bronco on order and I am incredibly disappointed. Appreciate your honesty. As someone who reserved on first possible day, it would be nice to at least here from Ford a time frame for 2022. It has crossed my mind that they may simply cancel the entire hard top version. If by year end I don’t have a firm idea on delivery, I am out. Fortunately, my Ram is like new and never gives me a problem.

      1. Casey G

        Don’t any of you understand what supply and demand is? Yeah there is a huge demand for the Bronco therefor there is a huge demand for the parts that make the Bronco, DUH, Right? Well we all understand that part. But what I am seeing widespread here and in many groups is more of a disappointment then not getting MY21 in 21! Does anyone read the articles? How about the news about what’s going on in the world ? For those of you that want to run me over with your Bronco at this point W.E. Grow Up!
        1. They fired Wabasto for doing a terrible job keeping up and quality.
        2. We do have a pandemic, although we’d all like to believe (and I think) it’s slowing. COVID effected the chip availability because of all those people not being able to work due quarantine for one reason or another. They may be back to work now but it will take some time to catch up with demand. Ford is not the only auto company or electronic company dealing with this.
        There are multiple valid reasons for the wait. Ford is doing their job to make sure we get quality Broncos that are safe!
        Yeah yeah yeah I know people are saying “Gee thanks for the “Hang in there” I don’t want this gift I want my Bronco!” All that swag and it’s still coming, Well Ford didn’t have to do this. They also didn’t have to throw in sound deadening on roofs, almost $1000 worth of points to spend on our Broncos, Price lock because I can’t get MY21 and I’ll get a 2022. How about that BRONCO OFF-ROADEO !! Amazing, incredible, so much fun and even the most experienced off Roader will gain from going. Ford didn’t have to build it nor did they have to let owners or soon to be owners go free.
        Not that you care but I wanted a Bronco since day one. I didn’t think I could afford one. I manage a homeless shelter in my community. Yes I could make more but this is where my heart is. Anyway my lease was up last January. Late December 2020 I was at work a young man didn’t make the turn and totaled my car. Pushed it 75 feet forward, up the curb, over a stop sign and almost into some of my people. All were safe except the driver as I ran out because the noise shook the building. I saw him on the ground, he had tried to run. I ran to him check him and held his neck, softly talking to him amid the chaos. He had no feeling in his legs. Finally after 20-25 minutes fire and ambulance showed up and told me not to move. After they wiggled in and secured him I was able to wiggle out. It was then that I was asked by an officer “ is that your car?” It was toast. In disbelief I cleaned it out I took the check I had to in the visor that I had written to purchase my lease out that week. That wasn’t going to happen now. I was never able to find out what happened to that young man but I pray daily he is ok and he was able to get help for the reasons I know he was running and for the accident. I am still without a vehicle. I’ve never been with out a vehicle since I was 16. That was a long time ago. It’s not easy but the reason for my story is, There are far more important things in this world then me getting MY Bronco when it was approximated at order.
        Ford honestly can’t know when the world will resume as it had before and when parts will be available for almost 15,000 Broncos.
        Soon to be 2022 Black Diamond 2 door Bronco owner. It will come when it’s ready.

        1. David

          Don’t get me started on this reply. Yes I know what supply and demand is but your are drinking the blue Kool aid. Ford wishes it was a supply and demand problem.. Prevent them from stupidly launching the Bronco Sport while that capacity could have gone toward the Bronco. Ford is a large enough company not to be completely stalled because of the many excuses it gave. Covid hit every manufacture and they did halt production! Ford sure as hello.h
          Kept on promoting the f150! Did they cut productions on lesser demands escapes, explorers, Mustang during the chip shortage to fulfil the most popular new vshie launch in a lifetime? Nope. Basically work poped the champagne top far too soon, bragged and celebrated too early then all of the sudden they realized that a strong launch does not make shareholders money. They must sell some broncos. or God sake we all could have gone 6 months with no Escapes, expeditions, transits,transit Connect to make room for again the biggest and most hyped launch in a generation. Jeep couldn’t not have written this script better.

    2. JohnnyBronco

      Walking, as I have said before, ol’ Henry , despite his many faults, would never had stood for a subcontractor’s shoddy performance. He needed wood for wood-sided cars, he bought a forest…and his own lumber mill. To get to such an out of the way location he ordered up tri-motor tin cans with wings (of which many still ply the air to and from islands in the Great Lakes) He had fields planted with soybeans for his own plastic compnents. His rubber tree plantations were a disaster mostly due to wanting to control the workers’ daily lives.

      Heck, Ford had their own fleet of Ford-owned Great Lakes Freighters operating out of River Rouge, why they can’t produce roofs all by themselves just seems ludicrous.

      Or they could reach out to MFG, builder of the first Corvettes and Avanti bodies. Or I might for my own roof – I had a custom project for a school completed by MFG back in the 90’s, they are literally in my back yard. Don’t know how much money they would want for the first mold

      1. Casey G

        As I stated Ford didn’t stand for it. They fired them

        1. David

          Ol Henry would have said “why reinvent the wheel, who makes jeeps production tops or even aftermarket tops, let’s toss some capital that way and give them a call…

  4. Casey G

    Well maybe so but my point was we need to be patient and not bash Ford

    1. David

      Not bash Ford? They build this launch up and make a massive live YouTube launch, rudely tease loyal fan for years and for people like me, who listed for Bronco rumors for over a decade in advance. I will piss on Ford until they fulfill my 65,000 order. That’s 65,000 reasons I have the right to crap on Ford. Toyota would have had 3/4 of these orders fulfilled already. Oh let’s just watch the relaunch of the FJ now that Toyota hS decided to listen to fans. A FJ-40 replica is the last thing any jeep or bronco exec wants to think of. Maybe they will.learn how not to piss on your customer

  5. Jeffrey D. Sproul

    Well there is only so much patience one can have. We all understand shortages of chips and other items but if I were a stockholder I would be concerned about how Ford is handling the Bronco and other vehicles that it has launched. I ordered a new Maverick back July 22 but the dealer told me to expect delivery as late a Spring 2022 which I have accepted. The Bronco is a higher profit and highly anticipated vehicle and should be given more attention to. You can blast me for my comments but I am a consumer first before being a brand loyalist. I did not order a Maverick out of loyalty to Ford but because it is the vehicle that best suits my needs and the hybrid powertrain makes it more desirable for me. This is coming from a loyal Chevy owner who has owned a few Fords but has owned Chevys and GM products along with Japanese. Ford has products that can appeal to non Ford owners.

  6. David

    I was one of the 7,000 to order the First Edition model and I was told first editions will take all priority to be fulfilled before end of year. It is the one this I believe to date. It would be quite embarrassing to put out a first edition after other years #1 editions. I will tell you had Toyota or Honda made the Bronco, most would be on the road right now. Between LEAN manufacturing, no greedy labor unions that cut the average American manufacturer’s profit per vehicle to less that $1000 each. As low as $300 GM. Honda and Toyota average $2,500-$3,500 profit per vehicle. Eisley you will notice when they build new plants in the states, they are located in the Southeast which is very much anti union. Before you freak out I agree unions were importaint at a time in US history but that time has past us by and until unions fall, Americans manufactures are set on a foundation of sand.

    The Bronco launch was a good example of a Charlie Foxtrot for Ford. For 2 Years, delay after delay, excuse after excuse. Meanwhile, you can be darn sure that the F-150 production line kept going strong. Also, why in the God’s green earth did Ford release a Bronco Sport when that capacity could have gone toward the biggest new vehicle release of any brand in decades. The folk at Jeep could not have scripted this better. Most dealers broke the rules early on to manipulate the system to ensure they would get a larger allotment of Broncos. Did Ford punish them, not one bit. My local “Christian” and “Friend” owns a very reputable Ford dealership and I watched knowingly as they they looked me in the eye and blatantly lie to me about why a bronco I never selected options package or color was already on the the system processed. Even the Sales Manager was not yet in on the lie when he told me the Bronco only comes in one color. Lol.

    I wish this this article shared why many bronco buyers remained ‘in the know’ most of the time. Some genius created a Forum called Bronco 6G which was heavily frequently visited by those 125,000 reservations plus about all dealers and Ford executives. Through this group it educated most buyers on the truth of everything bronco as stated by Ford to their dealers. This is why most followers of this forum were more educated than the salesperson that would attempt to lie to them. I have owned 3 prior Fords and this Bronco will be the last Ford I ever by, unless I upgrade the bronco once a certain color comes out. It would not surprise me us you see quite a few Calvin pissing on a Ford logo sticker on Broncos across the land. After all that I will NEVER own a Ford Bronco. I will only own a “Bronco”. Period.


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