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Ford Bronco Sport Hybrid Variant Coming In 2024: Report

Unlike its big brother, the Ford Bronco, the Ford Bronco Sport launch has gone rather smoothly, save for at least one production cut brought on by the semiconductor chip shortage. In spite of this, the model has earned mostly positive reviews, won a prestigious safety award, and attracted most of its owners from other brands, including Jeep. However, Ford’s rugged compact crossover is just getting started, and there are many updates planned for the coming years, including the addition of a Ford Bronco Sport hybrid, according to Automotive News.

The Ford Bronco Sport hybrid is expected to launch in 2024, according to the report, though it does not specify what sort of powertrain the crossover will receive. However, the Bronco Sport is built at the Ford Hermosillo Assembly Plant alongside the 2022 Ford Maverick, which comes standard with Ford’s 2.5L Atkinson cycle four-cylinder hybrid drivetrain that is rated to produce 191 (total system) horsepower and 155 pound-feet of torque.

It’s possible that the hybrid Bronco Sport will gain this same exact powertrain – which is also present in the Ford Escape hybrid – or maybe use an updated version of it when it launches in 2024. All three of these vehicles share the same Ford C2 platform, so it’s certainly within the realm of possibility and would presumably offer a big upgrade in terms of efficiency for the Bronco Sport.

In the meantime, order banks for the 2022 Ford Bronco Sport opened up back in August, as Ford Authority previously reported. Production of the 2021 Bronco Sport will end at the Hermosillo Assembly Plant on October 29th, while production of the 2022 Bronco Sport is scheduled to begin on November 11th, 2021. However, it’s worth noting that as always, these dates are subject to change, particularly in light of the ongoing chip shortage.

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  1. John

    This bodes well for those who are apparently clamoring for a Maverick AWD Hybrid.

  2. Mick1

    Possibly my C-max replaccement. In 2024 I’ll be close to 200k miles.

  3. Roy Chile’s

    The Bronco Sport is off to a good start that can get better with time done right

  4. J

    I’m confused. If bronco and bronco sport all come standard with awd or 4wd whatever you call it, how can the sport have the same hybrid power train as the maverick when Ford can’t make a hybrid awd maverick? Will the sports not be awd or would they update the hybrid to be capable of awd?

    1. eRock9202

      The Escape (same platform as the Bronco Sport and Maverick) has both FWD and AWD hybrid models. They probably are basing it off the Escape’s hybrid system since it more resembles that; FA probably mentioned the Maverick as it’s Ford’s latest release.

  5. John Auer

    I don’t think a full BEV Bronco and Bronco Sport, are too far off into the future. As technology advances, battery range and charge times will greatly improve.

  6. BBot

    Ford will adopt the same drivetrain as the RAV4 and Crv Hybrid and use an electric
    Motor for the AWD, already in production in the Lincoln clones.

  7. Gaetano D

    I would def consider a Bronco Hybrid, as long as they keep the paddle shifters or some kind of manual-mode option.

  8. Leslie

    What will the base price be for the Ford Bronco Sport Hybrid? Can you put your name on a list? Any prototypes to view at any dealership?

    1. John E. Rotten

      What part of “2024” didn’t make sense to you?

  9. Okoko

    I have a ford maverick hybrid xlt.. ordered in the summer 2021 and received in may 2022.. that was the longest wait i ever did for a car. My maverick replaced a jeep wrangler jku that was siphoning my money at the gas station. The maverick hybrid is amazing.. a little bit on the cheap quality built with quality building issues.. coolant leak, 12v electric harness with bad solder joint, paint issue. Another major down is the only fwd version.. coming from the jeep world i got used to offroading but not at $5 a gal. My wrangler jku had 16 mpg, and bronco sport is giving 25 mpg while the maverick hybrid is 40 mpg.. although we wanted a 4×4 we had to make a decision.. we choose to go with best mpg and forget about offroad for awhile. We were able to fully pay the hybrid maverick because the wrangler jku worth so much money. It is so fun to have no car payment on a brand new vehicle. If we had decided to go with the bronco sport we would’ve have got car payment and a poor gas mileage .. 25 mpg is too terrible in 2022 due to the context . Waiting impatiently for any best gas mileage vehicle automaker come up with at decent price. And no i will never want to pay more than 35k us for any vehicle.. $20-29k is my range for any vehicle and it must be hybrid, hybird plug, or electric


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