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Ford CEO Jim Farley Says Ford Bronco Might Head To Europe

While the Ford Bronco has already been announced for areas outside the U.S. – including the Middle East – FoMoCo has had some trouble producing enough units of its reborn SUV to meet demand thus far. The automaker recently stopped taking reservations for the 2021 Ford Bronco due to hardtop and other supply constraints and pushed all non-scheduled hardtop orders to the 2022 model year. Ford has started a new customer satisfaction plan for customers affected by hardtop quality issues and delays as well. However, that won’t stop the automaker from thinking about launching the Bronco in other places, including Europe, according to a new report from Auto Express.

“I’m just waiting for these guys [Ford of Europe] to make up their mind,” Ford CEO Jim Farley told Auto Express in a recent interview. “Absolutely, it works. I see all these [Land Rover] Defenders around – absolutely. I think it would work fine.”

While the Ford Bronco may eventually be sold in Europe, it likely won’t be available as a right-hand drive model. As Ford Authority reported earlier this year, the automaker currently has no plans to build a Bronco in that configuration, noting that the SUV “isn’t built for right-hand drive,” even though the Bronco shares the Ford T6 Platform with the Ford Ranger – which is sold in right-hand drive configuration across the globe in places like Europe, South Africa, and Australia.

Regardless, most European countries utilize left-hand drive vehicles, and the projected sales of such a model in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Japan, and the United Kingdom just aren’t high enough to justify the cost of building a right-hand drive Bronco.

Regardless, it’s unclear when Ford might actually be able to launch the Bronco in Europe, as the automaker recently admitted that production at the Ford Michigan Assembly Plant will be limited through 2022.

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  1. Lee

    Hey Farley, people are still waiting for the vehicles they reserved here in the USA. Why worry about Europe? All the Europeans want appliances with wheels, not off-road SUV’s with engines.

  2. Steve

    Hey Jim Farley. Like Lee says, take care of your own backyard. I have been waiting over a year now for my Bronco and now you just got me a little upset. Focus on what you have in hand and fix these issues. Issue number 1, fill the orders you have in hand. I’m sure the investors would like to start seeing some ROI and soon. No Bronco deliveries means no return on investment, Jim. Economics 101.

  3. Kevin

    That’s funny, you’re not even allowing US citizens to order Rakos right now and I don’t even know when I’ll be able to. But we’re gonna talk about sending it to Europe. That seems legit.

  4. David Pickford

    If similar sized companies such as GM, Toyota, RAM etc and many much smaller firms can produce cars for the Australian market your arguments are rubbish let alone the fact the Bronco platform is also a RHD platform. Australia is in the upper legions of countries that take on every 4wd that’s sent here so for you to not send to Australia and other RHD markets is purely a pig headed non visionary view that explains why you went from the number one car manufacturer to now barely in the top ten. Your attitude towards buyers is exactly like Henry’s, you can have whatever colour you want as long as it’s black.(In other words I will decide what you want and can have.) Change your attitude and vision to be inclusive not just based on what you want; learn from Toyota, they react to every gap in the market and fill it then they look at what’s already there and move in on taking over that market.


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