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Ford Escape Getting Refreshed Next Year With Redesign Set For 2025

The Ford Escape just underwent a complete overhaul for the 2020 model year, but things move quickly in the automotive world, and the compact crossover is already approaching a mid-cycle refresh. According to Automotive News, Ford has some changes in store for the 2023 Escape, which will launch in late 2022, before another redesign takes place in 2025.

This may seem a bit abrupt, particularly given the fact that the Escape plug-in hybrid just launched this year following a delay brought on by a number of Ford Kuga PHEV fires in Europe. However, the compact crossover segment is a highly competitive space. While Escape sales grew 21 percent in Q2 of this year, it still ranks eighth in its segment, behind a number of rivals including the Honda CR-V, Toyota RAV4, Nissan Rogue, Chevrolet Equinox, Mazda CX-5, Hyundai Tuscon, and Subaru Forester.

In terms of market share, the Ford Escape comes in at 6 percent – one percent lower than last year, and a solid distance behind the CR-V (16 percent), RAV4 (14 percent), and Rogue (12 percent). Plus, prior to Q2’s increase, Escape sales had declined for 10 consecutive quarters, despite the fact that it’s one of the newest vehicles in its segment. Of course, low inventory hasn’t helped in that regard in recent months as the chip shortage has forced FoMoCo to idle the Ford Louisville Assembly Plant, where the Escape and Lincoln Corsair are built.

The Corsair, which shares the Ford C2 Platform with the Escape, will also be undergoing a refresh for the 2023 model year. As Ford Authority reported yesterday, the 2023 Corsair will receive slightly revised exterior styling, along with additional tech and features to help keep its cabin on par with rivals like the all-new 2022 Lexus NX.

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  1. Alexander

    Good! It needs it. The sales have slipped A LOT!

  2. Chris

    Thank God! Get rid of that ugly front-end!

  3. Chris D.

    Re-do the front end, and please(!) upgrade the look and feel of the dash and door panels.

  4. JimL

    Thank God and Henry Ford. The nose and the golf-ball texture interior door panels are the biggest offenders.

    1. Arcee

      The “golf ball” texture door panels were eliminated in the 2021 model year, so that is no longer an issue

  5. Mike Parnell

    Maybe by then they will have the PHEV available with the upgrade.
    Or will they just skip the PHEV and go to an electric Escape?

  6. Bruce

    I don’t think they can fix the hideous front end because it will require modifying the hood, which is too expensive for an MCE. Bronco Sport will outsell Escape 2 to 1 as soon as supply chains are back to some semblance of normal.

    1. Chris

      Well then Ford is gonna have to suck it up and redesign the hood. Regardless of cost. The front end is that bad. A couple of nips and tucks on a new hood template then off to stamping!

  7. Bethany Chance

    What they really need to fix is the transmission, which took a big dump at 20k miles. Inexcusable!

  8. Terry Wahl

    The FORD Escape after 2012 went downhill and never came back up

    1. Specker

      Well–you are kinda correct. It did come back as a Bronco Sport! My wife’s fave Escape (has had 5) was her 2012 Limited……

  9. john dudla

    haven’t heard any more about the 2021 escape recall

  10. Glenn C Kayea

    I hope they make the battery under the hood easier to service.

  11. Alden Welch

    Make a escape st ford let’s go already 2.3L

  12. Tony Son

    Bring back the boxy square Ford Escape that was in the movie I am Legend. I know we now have the Ford Bronco Sport, but still, the boxy Escape several generations ago had lots of interior room and looked tough.

    1. Fauntleroy Sage

      They have brought back the boxy Escape. Its sold as the Bronco Sport.

  13. Robert Hoos

    I agree on that.

    1. Chris

      No question. That was sharp. The dashboard looked great at night.

  14. Mick1

    Slap Macan on the back, $30k and watch it sell

  15. Michael Vanderbil

    Love my escape, a little apprehensive about engine and transmission, love the interior

  16. Nico

    Ford has the arsenal within their family to improve the look of the 4G Escape. Look to Europe and add the ST-Line, the ST-Line X and while your at it the ST (2.3 eco boost). This will address 2 issues…make it more “car” like and more “Macan” like, which is not a bad thing!

  17. John

    Coming from someone that owns a first generation Escape, the second generation was the last good design before Ford went mainstream with it. The 2013-present models seem to be built with cheaper material and have less headroom and space. They should return to a boxier design to put it more in line with its sibling, the Bronco Sport. I am not surprised at all that the latter is outselling it, as the design is certainly more appealing.

  18. Steve

    barrel-type front seats are SO uncomfortable – like sitting ON a flat board … couldn’t they have put better comfortable seats in the Escape – love the hybrid car – just hate those terrible front seats – UGH !!~!!


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