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Ford Super Duty ‘Death Wobble’ Lawsuit Partially Dismissed

A class-action lawsuit was filed back in 2019 alleging that 2005 and up Ford Super Duty models were subject to “death wobble,” or a violent shaking or wobbling that occurs while driving, generally at speeds above 50 miles-per-hour. The lawsuit alleges that the problem stems from defective suspension components, which can even lead to the driver losing control of the vehicle in some circumstances. Regardless, Car Complaints is now reporting that the Super Duty death wobble lawsuit has been partially dismissed.

The lawsuit – Lessin, et al., v. Ford Motor Company, et al – was partially dismissed by a judge because more than one plaintiff who had their truck repaired has not experienced this issue since the repairs were completed. Various other claims were also dismissed because they were filed by owners whose trucks were no longer under warranty when they were brought to the dealer for repairs.

However, the case will proceed, as well as a Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act claim, as several plaintiffs found that their warranty claims and fraud-based claims were viable in some instances. The judge is currently unable to determine if a nationwide class action can be sustained at this time, however.

Ford filed a motion to dismiss the lawsuit – which claims that the automaker violates two express warranties provided to owners – just a few months after it was filed on the grounds that no plaintiff was denied free repairs after experiencing the issue, nor did any plaintiff require multiple repairs to correct the problem.

Currently, the lawsuit is moving forward with one plaintiff from the original filing, as well as 13 new F-250 and F-350 owners located across 10 states. In total, there are 36 separate claims of death wobble associated with Ford’s Super Duty pickups.

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  1. Allen Mason

    If possible I would like to join in this lawsuit as my truck is currently experiencing the death wobble 2 weeks after Pollard Ford of Lubbock said it was fixed. We experienced it 3 times today on a trip home pulling our horses with our grandchildren in the truck with us. Nearly caused a terrible accident. We had to drive 50 miles an hour for the last 170 miles.

  2. Pete

    Any Truck you have to drive under 60 miles an hour should be considered a defective truck.
    My ford under 60 is ok, but where I live some speed limits are 80 miles an hour. Defect.
    Driving below the 60 mph speed limit is the only way to prevent DEATH WOBBLE.
    I’ve spent over 5k now fixing the front end on my 2011 superduty. What a Crime.

  3. Maggie

    My son has a 2011 super duty ford F450 with the Death WOBBLE problem also☹️

  4. Bwilks

    I have a 2015 F350 with the same issue. I was changing lanes on the freeway well under 50 mph, drove thru several ruts in the road and lost control of the steering. Fortunately no one was in the lane next to me.

  5. Campo

    I had a death wobble in my 2008 F 350. I spent around $1500 to fix it. The problem starts with the steering damper. When that fails other parts wear out more quickly.

  6. john

    I have experienced the ‘Death Wobble’ numerous times in the past month in my 2016 F350. Frightening, to say the least. I have contacted my local Ford dealer who said the repair is not free. In researching this issue, several sites say that Ford will fix the problem for free. Does anyone have any input on this. Thanks.

  7. Rodney Norvell

    My 2017 F350 was fixed by Ford three times. One fix lasted three days.
    The forth time they refused to repair it saying my parts were worn out not their problem. I have an extended warranty. Ford says it doesn’t cover those parts.
    I wasted $4,500. Ford wanted $2600 to fix death wobble.


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