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Ford Super Duty Lineup To Receive Redesign In 2023

The Ford Super Duty lineup received a refresh for the 2020 model year consisting of revised styling, new tech, and the addition of Ford’s 7.3L Godzilla V8, among other changes. The 2022 Ford Super Duty lineup is also receiving a host of upgrades, including new interior and exterior color options, improved tech features, and the addition of some new and revised appearance packages. However, change is inevitable in the automotive world, and according to Automotive News, the Super Duty will undergo a more comprehensive redesign in 2023.

AN doesn’t provide much additional information about what this redesign might look like but does note that the Super Duty will still be offered with a diesel engine, which is no surprise, even though the F-150 recently dropped Ford’s 3.0L Power Stroke as an option. Given how competitive this space is, we imagine that Ford will once again revise its top offering’s output, however, to stay ahead of the competition in terms of horsepower and torque.

In the meantime, 2022 Super Duty buyers will enjoy a host of upgrades, including an all-new, landscape-oriented 12-inch center touch screen, similar to what’s found in the 2021 Ford F-150, which comes standard with SYNC 4 on Lariat and above models. A 4.2-inch center screen remains standard on XL series trucks with SYNC 3 available as an option, while an 8-inch center touch screen and SYNC 3 are standard on XLT trimmed 2022 Ford Super Duty pickups.

For 2022, the Super Duty adds a new Lariat Sport Appearance Package that includes body-color bumpers, exterior mirrors, and grille, as well as a chrome exhaust tip and black platform running boards. The Black Appearance Package is now available for XLT models and includes 20-inch Ebony Black-painted premium wheels, body-color front and rear bumpers, grille bars, six-inch Ebony Black running boards, and front and rear black Blue Ovals. Atlas Blue joins the exterior color palette, while Baja, Navy Pier, and Light Slade interior themes/colors are also available.

As Ford Authority previously reported, the 2022 Super Duty will lose its underhood service light, while the Tremor Off-Road Package will no longer be available on XLT trimmed trucks. Recently, Ford Authority spies spotted a pair of Super Duty trucks driving around wearing AV (autonomous vehicle) hardware, used for hands-free driving technology, which could indicate that Ford plans on introducing its new BlueCruise feature soon as well.

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  1. jalass

    Good to hear. I’m in the market in the spring of ’24.

    I’ll be equipping my truck with the camper/snowplow prep package. I wish I could choose a sport/black appearance package with camper/snowplow prep. I believe it is the change to a 20″ wheel that cancels out the prep option. Doesn’t seem like it would be much effort to offer a black/sport 18″ wheel so I can equip to tow as I’d like along with choosing an appearance package.

    1. VermontWayne

      FYI, the camper/snowplow prep package was drop as a SuperDuty option for 2022. The snowplow prep package alone is still being offered for 2022 SuperDuty trucks. Who knows why they did this or if the camper/snowplow prep package will be available in 2023 and beyond.

  2. Lance

    They’ll be hitting 480/1,100 and over 37k I’m sure

  3. Lee

    Y’all lost my interest with the mention of AV, a really dumb, dangerous idea.

  4. Gary B kempf

    Super duty trucks are great trucks and should have MT truck of the year in 2020 but ford probably doesn’t spend enough advertiseing as Stellintis.

  5. VermontWayne

    That’s great news re the 2023 SuperDuty line up and that the diesel engine will remain an option. I’m planning on replacing my 2020 F350 King Ranch Diesel with a 2023 so the more improvements, the merrier! But please Ford, offer a console mounted shifter like in the F150 King Ranch, at least as an extra cost option on the 2023 SuperDuty up-scale models (King Ranch, Platinum & Limited). While you’re at it, offer a steering column mounted paddle shifter with the console mounted shifter option. For $90 grand, you can afford to!

  6. Chris

    This new Super needs the on board generator and battery for us camper owners !!

  7. BigR249

    Man would I love one of these with the Gorilla. I haven’t worn out my 2002 SuperCrew yet though. 234K and has the coldest AC out there. Original air system, freon factory original. Original engine. Everything else has been maintained or replaced except the frame rails and the front spindles. Blue Oval Rules.

  8. Ed

    Why doesn’t Ford offer an 8 ft bed with F-150 crew cab?

  9. Cedaral

    Why can’t you get led headlights in a2022 supercab f350 lariat?

  10. Gayle

    I ordered a 2022 Lariat F-350 I believe it Has the LED with the $1600 light option. No VIN # yet

  11. Paul Brandt

    Ordered an F250 in November…..crickets…i suspect ill get my 22 just in time to see the 23’s roll out…

    1. Vincent Burke

      This is not something that I look forward to when ordering a 2023 next month

  12. Rick

    They’re not going to change the ‘22’s interior much since it got the 12” display. Ford doesn’t change the F250 bodies much. They’re also the lightest trucks In their class and they are pretty well up to date. I can’t see them changing much from here. It’s a good truck. We should be making our own chips by now.

  13. albarber1980

    Please opdate everyone on WHEN the order bank for the 2023 super duty arrives…… one seems to know!

    1. Vincent Burke

      October 17th

  14. Johnny1961

    Dealership in South Carolina say the 2023 F350DRW October 15 22 on the order bank they got to release them before you can order one so Ford needs to get on the stick we will see

  15. rvivian

    Over 50,000 2023 Super Duty’s ordered when order banks opened at the end of October. I ordered my F250 Lariat on 10/27/22. My Build was scheduled for 02/20/23 and has now been pushed back to the end of April 2023.
    I have been searching web sites and it does not appear any orders have been filled.
    I have a feeling that this is going to continue happing thought out the year.
    It would be great to hear from Ford management what the issues are. If Parts then what parts, if build sites, then what are the issues, etc!!

  16. Eric

    Any chance the refreshed SD will get a 7.2kW generator on board?


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