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Ford Trucks Banned From Getting The ‘Carolina Squat’ In North Carolina


Back in June, Ford Authority reported that a bill had been introduced in North Carolina that aimed to ban the Carolina Squat – a way to refer to trucks or SUVs (most commonly) that sit far lower in the rear than the front. Critics argue that this sort of modification is dangerous for a number of reasons, but it’s become an incredibly popular trend in both North and South Carolina, among other states. However, such vehicles will be illegal in North Carolina starting December 1st after Governor Roy Cooper signed House Bill 692, according to WTKR News.

Currently, the state of North Carolina doesn’t regulate bumper height on vehicles, though most other states do. However, House Bill 692 changes that, stating that a “private passenger automobile shall not be modified or altered by elevating the automobile more than 3 inches from the manufacturer’s specified height in the front and lowering the automobile more than two inches from the manufacturer’s specified height in the rear. A private passenger automobile modified or altered in violation of this subsection shall not be operated upon any highway or public vehicular area.”

While both lifted and lowered vehicles are incredibly popular among automotive enthusiasts, the Carolina Squat has caught the attention of lawmakers because it creates a potentially dangerous stance. With the front end pointed toward the sky, headlights aren’t quite as effective, and it’s virtually impossible for the driver to see directly in front of the vehicle. Raising the front and lowering the rear also adversely affects handling.

Those that choose to continue driving a squatted vehicle after the law goes into effect face some pretty stiff penalties. In addition to fines, owners could also lose their license for an entire year if they’re cited three times for driving a vehicle modified in this manner.

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  1. Mortimer Duke

    Should drop a Texas deuce on such idiocy.

  2. Stalkbroker94

    Good. This trend was another example of RICE or Race Inspired Cosmetic Enhancements.
    The race inspired part is from the desert runners that would have their suspension set up in a similar, albeit far lass exaggerated manner. This served an actual function, much like other things that have been adapted into RICE culture, such as spoilers. The function was supposed to be assisting in a better landing while doing the jumps that that would often be encountered.
    This means some guy probably set his truck up in a similar manner to some desert runner trucks he saw so people thought he partook in such things. From there, other people saw it, liked the idea of making people think more of their otherwise stock truck, and imitated.
    From there, the trend spread like the cancer that it is.
    I’m all for people’s right to modify their vehicles, but this one does introduce some pretty dangerous driving characteristics that can put others at risk.

  3. Joe Face

    I’m glad NC banned making your truck look like sh!t…….

    At least transmissions don’t last long in those things, running on empty sumps with trans oil puddled in the back.

  4. Bill

    This is an old version of the bill. The approved version (paraphrasing) says the front can’t be more than four inches higher than the back.

    1. M

      Good. I was worried how this would apply to lower cars. If this applied to all lowering and raising then it would become a slippery slope into stopping all car modification.

  5. Jason

    This is beyond redneck, I’m think inbreeding.

  6. cbpitt

    “Ford Trucks Banned From Getting The ‘Carolina Squat’ In North Carolina”

    ALL Trucks Banned from getting the “Carolina Squat” in North Carolina

    1. PRFord

      Well… this is the Ford Authority site…

  7. Jack

    Be different but do it safe, and good luck with that look!

  8. Dave Mathers

    Further proof that it is really, really hard to correct abject stupidity!!

  9. Ryan B

    N.C. is on the Bull $h1t again. People have been doing this since the start of air shocks and Hydro shocks, it’s all over! Chevy and ford are legit companies leading, Dodge/Chrysler are just followers more so copycats lmao not an original though from them!

  10. Ray

    Good. As bad as hair buns


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