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Lincoln Zephyr Patent Images Suggest Final Model Will Match Concept

The Lincoln Zephyr Reflection Concept – revealed at the Shanghai Auto Show back in April – may not be destined for the U.S., but it does preview the luxury brand’s future styling direction and will influence the appearances of Lincoln’s first-ever EV. But while many concepts wind up looking a lot different once they reach production, Ford Authority spies captured a Lincoln Zephyr prototype driving around recently looking a lot like the concept. Now, Japanese car site Sun News has uncovered some Zephyr patent images that confirm that the production version will in fact nearly mirror the styling of the concept.

There are a few differences between the Zephyr Reflection Concept and the patent images worth pointing out, however. In the front, the light bar that runs the entire width of the front end now intersects a different headlight design, rather than running along the bottom, as is the case with the concept. The “air intakes” located along the bottom corners of the front bumper also feature a slightly modified design.

Moving down the side, we can see that the mirror design has changed as well, and is quite a bit larger than the concept’s very slim units. The wheel design is different as well, though it retains the same sweeping look as the original, while the rest of the body lines appear to be virtually identical between the concept and the patent images.

In the rear, there aren’t many differences to point out, as both feature a taillight design that covers the entire width of the car, as well as a sharp, upswept line in the trunk that lends the appearance of a spoiler. The lower portion of the rear bumper isn’t as stylized in the patent drawings, however.

Overall, these patent drawings look very close to the Zephyr Reflection Concept, which isn’t a huge surprise given the public’s overwhelmingly positive reaction to its debut. The production version of the sedan is expected to be revealed later this year, at which time we’ll find out just how closely it matches the concept in terms of design.

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H/T: Sun News

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  1. Kyle

    If the Zephyr comes to the US, it will make Lincoln’s lineup absolutely perfect.

    1. Roy Chile’s

      If it’s not Destin for the USA Lincoln is dead Point, Blank & the Period. It can’t live on SUV’s alone Jim Farley…

      1. John

        Disagree. Lots of people love the SUVs.

    2. Roy Chile’s

      FORD had to 2 bring Ranger back, if LINCOLN don’t bring Continental EV and Zephyr sedans back it will falter

    3. ron

      agree, I wonder if HYbrid is available

  2. Crabbymilton

    That would be great but we should take it with a few grains of salt.

    1. Roy Chile’s

      We don’t need salt R grain just 2 luxury sedans at LINCOLN

      1. Crabbymilton

        Touché. I just learned over the years not to get my hopes up until it’s official.

  3. Richard

    Who cares about China?

    1. Rinzler

      All the companies that want all this new buying power the Chinese have to purchase their products…they do….

  4. JE

    That car looks great and would definitively buy it. And I hope it will be sold in more markets than China. The actual lineup of Lincoln based on boring and cookie cutter SUV’s and crossovers puts Lincoln way behind its competirors. A flagship sedan like this would make Lincoln be real competitive in the luxury car segment.

  5. Alexander

    Looks cool

  6. BtyBup

    I would love to see another Lincoln Sedan in the U.S. I have a 2007 Lincoln MKZ and love it. I’ve had big SUVs and love a Sedan.

  7. Willie Matlock

    I had a MKS 2009 and it was one of or if not the best car I have ever owned
    And they stopped making them and started making that Continental.
    I was out car shopping for my wife and stopped by the ford Lincoln Dealership and took a lock at that setback of a car and said to the car Rep there’s no way I would spend that for a car like this.
    I fill that they should have not Discontinued The MKS But, Capitalized on it.
    One more thing,
    If you owned a MKS you loved it.

  8. crabbymilton

    The problem with the MKS is that most felt it was a few steps above the premium trim of the TAURUS. That wasn’t a bad thing since the TAURUS and MKS were smooth and cushy cars. The MKT which shared the platform, had gobs of rear legroom which was certainly not a bad thing. True the CONTINENTAL was built on a stretched FUSION platform but that’s where it ended. The front end of the CONTINENTAL should have been different than the MKZ. Every time I see what I think is a CONTINENTAL behind me, often it turns out the be an MKZ. They didn’t think much on that one.

  9. Stephan90

    Will it be an electric vehicle?

  10. crabbymilton

    I think that may be a given or at least an option. They need something to compete with the pending CELESTIQ.

  11. Kev

    I’m a long time Lincoln owner… 2 MKS and 2 Continentals. Currently , I drive a 2020 Continental. If Lincoln wants to keep me in the fold they have to bring back the Continental or something similar. The Zephyr looking model featured here doesn’t fit my idea of a stylish luxury sedan when I compare it to what Lincoln has offered over the years.

    1. Crabbymilton

      I’m now pondering pre owned CONTINENTAL to replace my ‘04 GRAND MARQUIS. I get the impression that you like yours.
      Such a nice car and it’s a shame that people blasted it from the beginning. They should have made the COACH DOOR version standard with the conventional design as a lower cost alternative. I could care less about front wheel vs. rear drive. It was never meant to be a hot rod but rather a smooth and comfortable sedan. The 2021-22 CAMRY seems to be in short supply so I had better at least not rule out used but only if it’s a CONTINENTAL.

  12. David

    Ford and all the other US auto manufacturers got sucked in by the Asian manufacturers that sedans were out of style, and you see they are selling sedans like crazy,so bring the Zephyr to the states If have a year left on my MKZ lease which by the way is the best car I have ever owned,and I get more complements all the time! MAKE A SEDAN

  13. Jason

    If that Lincoln Zephyr was marketed for China only, please make sure it’s also FWD and 4cyl/V6 only.

    We don’t need another Lincoln Taurus or Fusion

  14. howard

    Been buying Lincolns for30 years but will buy no more. everyone does not want a SUV .

  15. Edward Trojan

    I too, am a 30 plus year customer, all sedans. (8 of ’em). & Fords & Mercury’s prior to that. Lincoln will lose me as a customer with no sedan in their lineup. My 2020 Continental will have to last me the rest of my driving years!

  16. Andrew

    I will buy an American designed Toyota sedan instead. Besides, Ford is at the bottom in reliability. In fact Lincoln is ranked in last by consumer reports and JD powers.


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