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2021 Ford Bronco By BDS Shows Off A Pickup We’ll Never Get: SEMA 2021

Long before the 2021 Ford Bronco was revealed, rumors of a pickup version swirled. The idea of a Ford Bronco pickup made a lot of sense given the fact that the Blue Oval SUV competes directly with the Jeep Wrangler, which has its own pickup version in the Gladiator. However, as Ford Authority reported back in August, the Bronco pickup has been canceled, which means that one-off builds like this 2021 Ford Bronco by the suspension parts makers at BDS – which will make its public debut at the 2021 SEMA Show – is as close as we’ll get.

Ford Bronco Two-Door Pickup Rendering

BDS had a hand in the Bronco Raiders Edition that was recently auctioned off for charity, and now, it’s back with a much more unique build that’s sure to turn heads in Las Vegas next month. The 2021 Ford Bronco by BDS is based on a two-door Black Diamond model and is designed to function as a first responder vehicle with serious off-road chops.

What BDS calls the “ultimate fire truck” is capable of taking rescue crews just about anywhere, thanks to the company’s 4-inch UCA system, Fox 2.5 PES coilovers, adjustable rear control arms and track bar, sway bar disconnect, and 37-inch BFGoodrich KM3 tires.

Ford Bronco Two-Door Pickup Rendering

The custom parts continue on the outside with a set of CrawlTek Revolution bumpers fitted with a recessed winch mount at both ends, which hold a pair of Warn Zeon 10 winches. There are also a set of recovery hooks mounted to both bumpers, as well as a belly-mounted skid plate underneath. The custom Bronco has been transformed into a truck thanks to a modified half-truck hardtop, while BDS also added CrawlTek slider steps, a CargoGlide slideout tray, and an ARB air compressor under the hood for added utility and to boost recovery efforts.

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  1. JohnTaurus

    I’m most interested in the cab modification. I had no interest in a 4 door Bronco pickup, although I didn’t necessarily have a problem with it. However, I would love a two door “half cab” pickup version. It would be a perfect fishing/hunting truck, when maneuverability and off road ability are needed more than a large bed and/or extra passenger space. A two seater would be perfect.

    I’d really be interested in a factory or aftermarket kit that converts a two door Bronco into a halfcab pickup. I wouldn’t plan on using the rear seats much anyway. Ideally, a full top could be repositioned later for an enclosed cargo area if needed.

    Can’t wait to see more pictures of how the bed and back of the cab looks on this concept.

  2. Bronco Billy

    The truck in the pictures has Goodyear Wrangler Territory tires. It looks to me like they are 35″ like what comes with the Sasquatch package.

    1. Bronco Billy

      I meant to say in the bottom two pictures. The top picture has bigger tires and wheels.


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