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2021 Ford Bronco Inventory Shot Up 200 Percent In September

The problem with 2021 Ford Bronco inventory has never been related to demand, as the reborn off-road SUV racked up 190,000 reservations after it was revealed last summer, 120,000 of which were promptly converted to orders. But amid the semiconductor chip shortage and hardtop production/quality issues, Ford has thus far struggled to produce many Broncos at all. Thankfully, however, things appear to be improving quickly, as 2021 Ford Bronco inventory shot up 200 percent in September over the month of August, as the automaker noted in its most recent sales report.

That number corresponded with a 26.4 percent sales increase, too, which played a large role in helping Ford set a new record, as 77 percent of its total sales last month went to either all-wheel drive or four-wheel drive vehicles, as Ford Authority reported yesterday. Much of this improvement in inventory and sales can likely be attributed to the fact that Ford’s revised molded-in color (MIC) hardtop was ready earlier than expected, however.

Back in August, Ford announced that all unscheduled 2021 Bronco hardtop orders were being pushed back to the 2022 model year, an unfortunate event that became necessary after quality issues were discovered with the MIC hardtops produced by Ford’s supplier, Webasto, following that company’s well-documented struggles to meet demand. Ford made this decision so that it could replace every existing MIC top with new tops, which were expected to arrive in October. However, as Ford Authority reported last month, those tops began shipping several weeks ago.

As a result, a number of customers with unscheduled hardtop orders recently received scheduled for production emails, as Ford Authority reported last week. All of these developments would seem to indicate that the Bronco production situation is rapidly improving, which is great news for those that are still waiting to take delivery of their new SUV.

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