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2021 Ford Edge Is Better Than The 2021 Chevy Blazer, Says CR

Consumer Reports has bestowed a lot of love on the Ford Edge in recent months, naming it one of the consumer organization’s most reliable mid-size crossovers, one of the best and most affordable used vehicles for teenagers, a top SUV for less than $40,000, one of the best mid-size crossovers with standard safety features for under $35k, and one of the 10 best SUVs on sale today. Back in August, CR also recommended that buyers go with the 2021 Ford Edge over the Honda Passport, and now, in its updated version of that list, it’s recommending the Edge over the 2021 Chevy Blazer, too.

Consumer Reports‘ gripes regarding the Blazer include the fact that it’s “focused more on styling and luxury, and less on utility,” and it offers up below-average predicted reliability to boot. When paired with the optional V6 and all-wheel drive, the crossover returns a disappointing 19 miles-per-gallon, while forward collision warning and automatic emergency braking are only available in the more expensive mid-trim and up versions.

Unfortunately, the lower air vents also blow directly on the driver’s elbows, which will keep them warm or cool, at least. On the bright side, CR does praise the Blazer’s ride, handling, and quiet cabin, along with its easy-to-use controls.

Instead of purchasing a Blazer, Consumer Reports recommends that buyers go with the 2021 Ford Edge, which has a much better overall score from the consumer organization – 83 versus just 67 for Chevy’s crossover. CR praises the refreshed Edge’s acceleration and fuel economy, as well as standard SYNC 4 and safety features including forward collision warning, automatic emergency braking with pedestrian detection, and blind-spot warning.

“The Edge is a pleasant, well-rounded vehicle with agile handling, a steady ride, and a quiet interior that contributes to its premium feel,” Consumer Reports concludes, once again giving the nod to Ford’s popular crossover against one of its rivals.

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  1. James Huffman

    What engines and their associated HP & MPG are available for the Ford Edge and any engine changes for 2022 Edge models.

  2. NormT

    “…The Blazer is the family vehicle that actually appeals to the whole family, and for that reason it upsets the Honda(Passport)on its home court.” 

    I think the Motor Trend staff was weeping when they wrote that!

  3. Ted bundy

    Ive got a 2000 edge titanium. All options 45k new…ive put 5400 miles on it. My MPG gauge shows 17.1mpg which is no where close to my window sticker mpgm!

    1. Rick Stafford

      We have a 2020 Edge and have been averaging between 21 to 23 mpg. And it has 24k on it. We also mainly run it on regular.

  4. Seth

    The transmission in V6 2021 and associated years has an engineering design flaw. It has been acknowledge by Ford. The transmission was a joint collaboration between GM and Ford. They bought back our 2021 Edge ST through the Lemon law. We really liked the ergonomics and everything about the Edge ST except the transmission. It stumbled through the gears. Sometimes it missed gears and the engine gained thousands of RPM then slammed into gear. Like a kid in his parents car doing tranny drops ! They installed a new transmission at under 5000 miles. The dealership and Ford covered the $12,000 transmission price plus installation. The 4 cylinder versions transmission also has design flaws. Not surprising that Fords CEO says anything is better than the Edge.


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