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2021 Ford Mustang And Ford Transit Production Cut Next Week

Ford’s production has taken a massive hit throughout most of 2021, as is the case with all other automakers. The semiconductor chip shortage is mostly to blame, forcing automakers to temporarily pause production at virtually every plant in existence for weeks at a time. Now, FoMoCo is once again announcing a pair of production pauses as we enter a new month, this time pertaining to the 2021 Ford Mustang and Ford Transit, according to Reuters.

2021 Ford Mustang production at the Ford Flat Rock Assembly Plant will be put on hold next week, an announcement that comes on the heels of a major gas leak at the plant that occurred back on Labor Day weekend. Mustang production was down for a few weeks as a result and just resumed back on September 20th.

Meanwhile, Ford Transit production at the Ford Kansas City Assembly Plant will also be put on hold next week, though Ford F-150 production at the same plant will continue as scheduled after it faced multiple pauses over the last couple of months. Finally, the Ford Kentucky Truck Plant – which builds the Ford Super Duty, Ford Expedition, and Lincoln Navigator – will operate on one shift rather than the usual three shifts next week.

All of these production cuts can once again be attributed to the chip shortage, which has persisted for months now. Trouble is, no one really knows when this situation will improve, either. A number of U.S.-based Ford executives and one chipmaker recently said that they believe the shortage will persist into 2022, but their European counterparts are taking a more pessimistic view, expecting it to last through 2024. In the meantime, the shortage is costing automakers a tremendous amount of money – upwards of $210 billion in lost revenue this year alone.

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