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2022 Ford E-Transit Is Roughly $9K More Expensive Than ICE Counterpart

The 2022 Ford E-Transit is scheduled to launch later this year, and Ford Authority has reported all of the pertinent details regarding the all-electric Ford Transit in the months since its reveal last November. Pricing for the 2022 Ford E-Transit is already available in both the U.S. and the UK, but 2022 Transit pricing is not. However, according to documents shared with Ford Authority regarding Transit pricing, the electrified version is roughly $9,000 more expensive than its ICE-powered counterpart across the board.

2022 Ford E-Transit Pricing

Type Series Code Description Suggested Retail Price ICE Equivalent E-Transit Premium
Cutaway W5P Transit 350 Cutaway Single Rear Wheel, 178" wheelbase $43,295 $33,705 +$9590
Chassis Cab W5Z Transit 350 Chassis Cab Single Rear Wheel 178" wheelbase $43,825 $34,265 +$9560
Cargo Van W1Y Transit 350 Cargo Van Low Roof 130" wheelbase $47,185 $38,125 +$9060
Cargo Van W1Y Transit 350 Cargo Van Low Roof 148" wheelbase $48,395 $39,400 +$8995
Cargo Van W9C Transit 350 Cargo Van Medium Roof 130" wheelbase $48,280 $38,950 +$9330
Cargo Van W9C Transit 350 Cargo Van Medium Roof 148" wheelbase $49,490 $40,225 +$9265
Cargo Van W1X Transit 350 Cargo Van High Roof 148" wheelbase Long $51,530 $42,375 +$9155
Cargo Van W3X Transit 350 Cargo Van High Roof 148" wheelbase Extended Length $52,690 $43,595 +$9095

While these prices don’t include Ford’s mandatory destination and delivery charge of $1,695, the difference in pricing between the E-Transit and Transit varies just a bit, from just under $9,000 all the way up to $9,590. This doesn’t come as a surprise, as the added cost of the E-Transit’s battery pack drives the price up, in addition to the vehicle’s weight. Regardless, the ICE-powered 2022 Transit will share some technology with the E-Transit, including its 12-inch touchscreen and SYNC 4 software, which is standard in some configurations and optional on others.

However, as Ford previously mentioned, scheduled maintenance costs for the all-electric Transit are estimated to be 40 percent less than the average scheduled maintenance costs for a gas-powered Transit over eight years or 100,000 miles. With lower maintenance requirements and the opportunity to avoid fill-ups, companies can also improve customer uptime and productivity.

Fleet customers seem to acknowledge the benefits the more expensive E-Transit offers, as Ford has secured over 24,000 reservations thus far. That’s precisely why Ford is focusing its efforts on the electrified van and doesn’t plan on redesigning the Transit any time soon, as Ford Authority reported last month.

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