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2022 Ford Explorer Ditches The Second Row Center Floor Console

In the 2021 Ford Explorer, the second-row center floor console was standard on XLT, as that trim boasts standard second-row captain’s chairs, while the feature was not present on models that come equipped with a second-row bench seat. However, Ford Authority has learned from sources familiar with the 2022 Ford Explorer launch that the second-row center floor console is no longer available.

The second-row center floor console provided a space for passengers to store their drinks and other items, such as phones, tablets, and books. However, this feature will no longer be present in the 2022 Ford Explorer, taking a little bit of extra storage away from second-row passengers in the Blue Oval crossover.

This change is one of several coming for the 2022 Explorer, as Ford Authority has outlined over the last several weeks. This includes auto stop-start becoming an option on Base, XLT, Timberline, and Limited trims for 2022, while the Explorer ST will drop four-wheel-drive from its standard feature list in favor of a standard rear-wheel-drive configuration, and paddle shifters will be limited to the Timberline and ST exclusively.

Meanwhile, the Explorer ST will also be joined by the new Explorer ST-Line for 2022, which features the looks of the regular ST without the added horsepower and torque. The Explorer ST-Line looks virtually identical to the ST, with 20-inch machined aluminum wheels, dual exhaust tips, a blacked-out front grille, gloss black hood badging, and blacked-out headlamps and taillamps, and features a starting MSRP that’s $7,570 less than the Explorer ST and $2,575 cheaper than Explorer Enthusiast ST.

Ford is also upgrading the 2022 Explorer King Ranch and Platinum trims by giving both the same 400 horsepower tune as the ST, though the automaker hasn’t provided torque figures for either model. The ST’s 3.0L EcoBoost V6 is rated to produce 415 pound-feet of torque. Both numbers represent healthy increases over the current models’ 365 horsepower and 380 pound-feet of torque.

Additional changes for the 2022 model year include new Stone Blue and Burgundy Velvet exterior colors, the choice of a second-row bench seat or captain’s chairs at no additional cost, a second-row bench seat option on Timberline models, new seat trim for XLT Sport Appearance Package with Ebony seat bolsters and Light Slate inserts, and a standard Technology Package for King Ranch and Platinum trims that includes multi-contour seats, a 10.1-inch touch screen, and a 14-speaker B&O sound system.

The 2022 Ford Explorer will continue to be assembled at the Ford Chicago Assembly Plant and is currently scheduled to launch later this year.

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  1. Chris D.

    Used to have a Highlander with a fold-out tray attached to the seat. It was fine for drinks and smaller items. I hope they do that at least, because having nothing at all would be foolish.

  2. Mr. Mike

    The 2022 Explorer is also ditching the class 3 hitch for class 4. Last year only the Lincoln version had this and the tow rating was 6,700 lb not 5600 like the Explorer.

    I’m really curious if the tow rating went up on the 2022

    1. Evan

      It appears that the tow rating for the Aviator was reduced for 2022 according to the information available online.

      My 2021 xlt explorer hitch is rated for a max of 6700 even though the tow rating is 5300

  3. Brundon

    Are they replacing it with something better or….? This seems like a weird decision to save a few bucks.

  4. Keith

    Typical Ford strategy. Introduce a vehicle with a lot of nice features and then de content every model year until the vehicle is replaced by a new model

  5. Smenard

    Was considering a ST but now that they have cheapened that model by adding the ST Line and adding the 400 hp motor to other models I don’t think so. Why would you ruin the exclusivity of the ST line like that. Very odd marketing.

    1. jj

      If lessened exclusitivity is your issue and your dealbreaker, I think you need to humble yourself.

  6. David

    Ford explorers we’re designed as SUVs and have remained such. They have never and will never be a “crossover” being a website dedicated to Ford vehicles, I’d expect this to be common knowledge. They have only increased the explorer in size since the early 1990s. Not sure why’d you call it a crossover. That is an insult.

    1. Mr. Mike

      I’d say the 2011 is definitely a crossover. The 2020 however, being rwd is much more SUV again.

      Durango and Grand Cherokee are also unibody. Explorer is once again as much suv as they are.

  7. whypac

    Explorer is a crossover simply because it’s no longer body on frame. If i recall correctly, 2016 was last model year Explorer was body on frame.

    1. PR

      2010 is last body on frame…2011 was new platform of unix body design.

  8. Mr. Mike

    I looked at 2021s last week and ordered a 2022. I thought the 2nd row console was exceptionally cheap compared to the rest of the truck.

  9. Sean

    Exact reason I’m canning my 21 ST Explorer why add a package to a base that looks like an ST and why put the same engine in the king ranch… no reason to keep the ST the coolness has been stripped.

  10. Canio

    Just bought a 2022 XLT, best bang for the buck all day !I did my homework and I’m. G.M. retiree and they have nothing to compare to the Explorer !Love mine and a really nice riding and handling SUV!

  11. Bill McGrath

    I’ve been driving the 2021 Explorer for a couple months now. Whoever gave this car the green light should be canned. To use the wireless charger, you have to take your phone out of your case so it fits in the holder. If your phone is bigger than the iPhone 12 Plus, it doesn’t fit at all. Brilliant! Standard bucket seats in the rear means two in the backseat, not three. Downgrade! Why didn’t they have a middle seat that folds down?? Now you have to put your 4th passenger in the third row so better not be using that rear cargo space! Middle console between rear buckets is a cheap joke. It’s on the floor, no storage. If you store loose items in the rear cargo area, they slide forward between the rear bucket seats into the rear seat area. Nothing there to stop them. The transition from gas to electric is hesitant and rough starting from a stop; idling and driving in general. This car is horrible.


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