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2022 Ford F-150 Lightning Lariat: Live Photo Gallery

The 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning, The Blue Oval’s first-ever electric F-Series truck, is set to forge a new path for the Blue Oval and its most popular, best-selling truck line. As Ford Authority reported earlier this year, the F-150 Lightning is currently in pre-production at the new Ford Rouge Electric Vehicle Center, with 150,000 reservations already in the bag for the script-flipping rig. Now, Ford Authority spies recently caught sight of the 2022 F-150 Lightning Lariat chilling near the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, giving us a look at one of the higher trim levels available for the Lightning.

The Lariat trim is one of four available for the 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning, and starts at $67,474 before tax credits, $59,474 after. The Lariat badge can be seen on the charging port door, placed underneath the stamped F-150 logo. Horsepower from the dual inboard electric motors ranges between 426 to 563, with torque falling at 775 pound-feet. As Ford Authority reported upon its initial debut, the 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning should live up to its name and heritage, as Ford says it will be able to hustle from 0-60 mph in the mid-four-second range.

The 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning Lariat is available with either the standard- or extended-range battery pack. The side-view mirrors are heated and power-folding, while the tailgate drops and raises with a push of a button. That last part should be plenty useful for anyone with their hands full walking out to the F-150 Lightning Lariat from the big-box hardware store.

Though we can’t see inside the cab, the 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning Lariat also includes SYNC 4 on a 15-inch touchscreen, leather-trimmed heated and ventilated front seats, and wireless phone charging.

Speaking of charging, the Ford F-150 Lightning Lariat boasts a standard range of 230 miles on a single charge, 300 miles with the extended-range battery. As Ford Authority noted back in May, however, the 300-mile range was estimated by the EPA with a 1,000-pound payload. Actual range at full charge on the extended-range battery may be as high as 469 miles. The F-150 Lightning Lariat includes a 240-volt charger good for adding 21 miles per hour, while the optional 80-amp Charge Station Pro fully charges the battery from 15 percent in 8 hours.

The 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning Lariat may be worth quite a bit of cash up front, but its maintenance costs will be lower in turn. Back in June, Ford Authority reviewed a study from the United States Department of Energy, which estimates a 39.6 percent reduction in maintenance costs with the Lightning Pro when compared to a Ford F-150 equipped with the Ford 2.7L EcoBoost V6 over eight years and 100,000 miles.

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  1. PugLife

    Where are you all getting the pricing info for this article?

    1. Roy Chile’s

      The F-150 Lightning is a 2023 model why do this form keep calling it a 2022?

  2. Reply
  3. Jimbonelli

    Does the ‘1,000 lb payload’ we’ve read about include the driver and passengers? If so, there may not be a lot of extra range built in.

  4. Esa Vahanne

    Amacing truks , these can’t ever have on Finland
    So expensive have that kind of cars on here

  5. Roger Proctor

    I don’t get the fascination with the electric vehicles. From St. Louis MO to Tallahassee FL will take 4 days / overnight charges. That’s 4 nights additional costs in a hotel IF you can find one that will allow you to charge your truck, 4 or more additional meals, etc., etc. I’ll keep my fossil fuels!

    1. Clint

      No you won’t.

      1. SuperKev


    2. Dr. Proctor

      Based on what?

      The drive is 808 miles, with an estimated time of 11 hours 26 minutes. Assuming you get crappy range and drop to 250 miles of range (instead of the advertised 300) that means you need to stop 4 times to charge.

      At an average of 40-45 minutes to top off, that will add at most 4 hours.

      That brings you to 14.5 hours… let’s round to 15 just for fun. 15 hours of driving does not equal 4 days.

      I seriously hope you are not in a job that requires the use of math.

      1. GoldenHVAC

        I only count 3 recharges, at mile 220 – 240, then at mile 440 – 460, then the final charge at mile 660 – 700.

        Also the original post says “4 extra days driving time, and 4 more meals” – must go a long time on one meal! Not a math major for sure. . .

        And the recharge can be shared with a meal break too. You have to stop and eat sometime!

  6. SuperKev

    People routinely either don’t understand the concept of overnight home charging 0-100% times and DC fast charging 10-90% times, or want to just repeat the hater narrative.

  7. GoldenHVAC

    To bad Ford is not planning on making more than 15,000 of the electric F-150’s in 2022, and only about 30,000 in 2023, up to 50,000 are planned for the 2024 model year.

    My guess is that the 2025 model year, the first in the new factory, they could start producing 5,000 a week, and hopefully start production by June or August of 2024?

    So if you are not one of the 150,000 reservation holders, my guess is that you will not be buying a new electric F-150 before 2025. . .


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