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2022 Ford Maverick, Bronco Sport Production Suspended For 1 Day

Production cuts stemming from the semiconductor chip shortage and various other supply constraints are the norm in the automotive industry these days, with new temporary shutdowns announced essentially on a weekly basis. That list now includes 2022 Ford Maverick and 2021 Ford Bronco Sport production at the Ford Hermosillo Assembly Plant, which has been disrupted by supply issues, according to Reuters.

As Ford Authority reported last week, Maverick and Bronco Sport production at the Hermosillo plant were expected to be affected when the facility temporarily suspended operations on October 11th and October 12th, 2021 due to an unspecified shortage of materials, most likely microchips. Now, the plant is suspending production once again on Friday, October 15th “due to a shortage of material.”

This idle time comes on the heels of a number of production woes for FoMoCo. Most recently, that included cuts to 2021 Ford Mustang and Ford Transit production at the Ford Flat Rock Assembly Plant and Ford Kansas City Assembly Plant, as well as Ford Fiesta production at the Ford Cologne Assembly Plant.

2022 Ford Maverick

Production of the Ford Maverick – which shares the Ford C2 platform with the Bronco Sport and Ford Escape – just began at the Hermosillo plant a little over a month ago. The very first deliveries of Ford’s new compact pickup took place a couple of weeks later, with a few hundred units showing up on dealer lots and in customers’ driveways in the entirety of September.

Meanwhile, the Bronco Sport has suffered a few production delays throughout 2021, but still managed to outsell the Escape last month for the first time ever. Of course, the Escape – which is built at the Ford Louisville Assembly Plant – has faced its fair share of cuts over the last several months as well.

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  1. David S

    Also in a bulletin to dealers, Ford said they production of Hybrids is suspended. Is anyone going to get an answer from Ford when the truck they have been advertising will actually be available and shipping to customers ?

  2. Jeffrey D. Sproul

    Don’t see hybrids available for sale so it is possible that there will few hybrids available for MY 2022.

  3. Mike Parnell

    Yet, the Lincoln Corsair Grand Touring PHEV is showing up on dealer lots for sale around where I live, but interestingly, not a single Escape PHEV, or Maverick Hybrid ( although the 2.0L Maverick is showing up ).
    So where is Ford concentrating its scarce electronic inventories? On the highest price, largest money making, vehicles.


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