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2022 Ford Maverick Following Could Make It An Icon

By all accounts, the 2022 Ford Maverick has been a hit thus far, racking up well over 100,000 reservations while also resonating with first-time truck buyers and attracting current owners of discontinued Blue Oval models like the Ford Focus and Fusion. As most are already aware, the Maverick also rejuvenates yet another model name from Ford’s past, and the new compact pickup’s ability to foster customer loyalty might just make it the automaker’s next “Icon,” it seems.

“It has the absolute potential to be the level of the F-150 or the level of a Mustang because it’s so connected in such a different way to the customer,” Suzy Deering, Ford’s chief marketing officer, told Automotive News in a recent interview. “When we’ve done well, we build vehicles and products that customers become extremely passionate about. Maverick 100 percent lives up to that. I think it’s on that path.”

Taking over as the new entry-level vehicle in Ford’s lineup thanks to its sub-$20k price tag, the 2022 Ford Maverick certainly has the potential to earn a rabid following. Part of that stems from Ford’s efforts to make it easily customizable, a fact recently demonstrated via an interesting “Hack Your Maverick” video showing how to perform a couple of DIY projects on the pickup, including installing bed lighting and an air compressor, which the automaker believes will help it win over younger customers who are on a tight budget.

Those are the sorts of things that build a loyal following for automotive models, which is why Ford believes that the Maverick could earn Icon status and eventually spawn its own line of merchandise, clubs, and online forums dedicated to the compact pickup. If so, the Maverick would join Ford’s exiting Icons, which include the Ford F-150, Ford Mustang, Ford Bronco, Ford ExplorerFord Transit, and Ford Ranger.

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Brett's lost track of all the Fords he's owned over the years and how much he's spent modifying them, but his current money pits include an S550 Mustang and 13th gen F-150.

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  1. Tommy

    Still no two door sport package= No Icon🙄🥲

    1. JohnTaurus

      Do you want it to have a truck profile, or a curvy side like Santa Cruz? Maybe some goofy looking rails/flying buttresses like the Avalanche?

      Because you can’t have a traditional looking single cab unibody truck, there isnt enough rigidity without the larger cab. You’ll end up with a wet noodle.

      But, yes, they need to invest tens of millions into making a single cab so they can sell 6,000 of them and cancel it. That’s exactly the kind of costs that send the MSRP of the entire lineup through the roof to absorb it.

      But, dont let pesky facts get in the way of your snarky eyeroll.

  2. Mike Parnell

    The new Maverick truck is and will be about as iconic as the old Maverick car.

  3. Mark L Bedel

    I don’t know for certain, but I believe that “iconic” standing involves many boxes be checked, one being longevity, which is clearly absent currently.

  4. David Sutton

    Sure wish SOMEONE from the media would ask SOMEONE at Ford when they expect to deliver the FIRST Maverick – not the optional 2.0 Ecoboost but the STANDARD hybrid that Ford continues to advertise and brag about the mileage. I ordered in early August and now am told probably February or March delivery with still no build date. Supposedly some hybrids have been built and customers actually had deliver dates now shown as N/A on the tracker . Delay in EPA results is only a rumor. When will Ford inform the thousands of order holders what is going on ?? How is it possible they have NO clue when the EPA will be finished ? When will auto reporters stop being cheerleaders and ask questions that matter so we could at least know the truth.

  5. DougC

    Let’s see, a good seller for a couple of years, then, stop advertising it, and change the the name. 4 years later discontinue it like they did with the Freestyle. That makes sense to me.

  6. john vest

    reserved maverick in august.still waiting on vin number.lousy job of communicating from ford/dealer.

  7. Michael

    You know the feeling when something is hyped just a little too much?

  8. louie

    Ordered first week in sept, was. told by dealer 4 to 6 months

  9. Ray H

    May be showing my age, but I just can’t get past the original Maverick legacy: a total P.O.S. For that reason alone, I’m out!


    How can something that has not yet been delivered be called and “Icon”?
    I have one on order and while I am very sure it will be a good vehicle this pre delivery hype is stupid.
    Deliver a standard hybrid Maverick first and then we can see how good or bad it is.

  11. Lawrence

    The Maverick leaves great memories of my old car I had… The most funnest cat I had as a kid… The days of the old 351 and it’s power are now over… We are now being took over by Eco boost motors that get more MPG and are smaller motors… The days of the lead foot in gas motors are coming to a end… Soon all vehicles will be either 4 cylinder gas, electric or maybe even hydro….


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