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2022 Ford Maverick Hybrid Buyers To Get FITS Kit Amid Huge Delay

Yesterday, the 2022 Ford Maverick hybrid EPA estimated fuel economy figures were finally released, though order holders will be waiting a bit longer to take delivery of the new pickups due to the fact that required state and federal emissions certifications have not yet been completed. The Maverick hybrid will begin shipping in December with the first deliveries expected in January, although deliveries of models powered by Ford’s 2.0L EcoBoost I-4 have already begun. This is undoubtedly disappointing news for those looking to purchase a Maverick hybrid, so Ford is giving them a free FITS accessory kit for the inconvenience.

As Ford Authority reported back in August, the Ford Integrated Tether System – or FITS for short – are essentially slots or receivers designed for matching mounts to slide into and hold accessories. Each Maverick comes equipped with eight total slots – including one at the rear of the center console and seven located in the under-seat storage bins. Owners can purchase accessories designed to fit in these slots, or even 3D print them themselves, thanks to the Maverick’s DIY nature.

Some Maverick hybrid order holders recently received a letter from Ford informing them that that they will receive a free FITS accessory kit after they take delivery of their pickups, which includes a storage bin, cupholder, phone cord organizer, bag hooks, and dividers for the under-seat storage area. This gift is just the latest from The Blue Oval to its eager customers facing delays, following up a new Ford Bronco customer satisfaction plan that rolled out early last month.

Unsurprisingly, due to its low starting MSRP and impressive fuel economy, the 2022 Ford Maverick hybrid is nearly sold out, and the automaker recently stated that it believes the new pickup will be completely reserved by early November. At that time, Ford will close ordering until next summer for that particular configuration.

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  1. Michael

    This is a typical bait and switch scam. Introduce, promote and over hype the hybrid and get people’s hopes up, then flood the dealerships with 2.0L ICE versions and make people pay more if they want one. Typically, the hybrid model of any vehicle is more expensive then the ICE model, so Ford is minimizing their money loss by limit the number of hybrids they make and sell, and make up for those losses by selling more of the more expensive ICE model.

  2. Dennis Guido

    Preordered my 2022 Maverick in June yep Day 1 of the opening, with 2.0 fx4 and, luxury pkg, and still awaiting a build date. Called customer service well they just can’t tell you when it will be scheduled. Ford is shipping stock units to dealers. Just upsetting not to get answers. Even dealer has no clue.

  3. David S

    Would love to see Ford Authority cover as you say the “Huge Delay” and the random way builds are scheduled. As Dennis stated above he ordered on Day 1 June and still waiting on a build date on a Ecoboost while Dealers are receiving stock orders ??? The email received from Ford says – you will get your Maverick sometime next year – certainly NOT what the salesmen or Ford was saying in the order process. My questions – How did Ford not know it would be January to get all the certifications on the Hybrid ? How is this not a “delay” as they stated earlier the hybrid is NOT delayed ? How in the world did they come up to the conclusion it would be 40% hybrid sales to 60% Eco after all the marketing hype on the “standard Hybrid” MPG ? It does feel somewhat like a bait and switch – they are only stocking ecoboosts at dealerships ( eventually ) ??? I ordered early Aug and talked to my dealer last week. They have over 200 orders pending and have received – ONE ecoboost that was purchased by the GM …… Starting to feel like the Bronco ordering delays.

  4. Mick1

    Cry me a river! Pandemic Chip Shortage Worker Shortage etc.

    1. Michael

      Sure, there are some reasons as you mentioned, why all this is happening, but you also have to realize that these companies are gaming the system, ripping off the consumer ( look at the average price of a new vehicle today compared to 1 or 2 years ago, even a couple of months ago ), and have realized through all of this, that under producing vehicles make them way more money then over producing them, so keep the best selling ones is short supply. How quickly they have learned from this pandemic.
      I have been waiting 2 1/2 years for an Escape PHEV, and still not available. Then when the Maverick was announced, I thought I could get a Hybrid Maverick quicker then the Escape. Wrong. I will have to wait just as long for one of those, and pay more for it.
      Ford is forcing their customers to go look somewhere else because of them over hyping their vehicles, and then not delivering.
      I have a 96 Ranger Splash I have had for 17 years. I am now reconsidering replacing it, as it is the vehicle I want, and cannot replace it, and there is nothing out there I can get to replace it.

  5. Marvin Ernest Anderson

    I ordered my Maverick, XLT, in June and received a build date of 13 December, 3 days ago. I don’t expect to get it until sometime in January. I don’t have a contract, just a purchase order, so I am at the mercy of the Ford dealer. who make add on a supplemental fee above MSRP. If so, I will fail to take delivery……and he will find a person who wants one bad enough
    ,to pay a few thousand more! Stay tuned!

  6. Craig A. Woods

    Just think of all the deposit money that Ford is earning interest on,and the purchaser is getting nothing.

    1. J Jonah Jameson

      Ford isn’t requiring deposits on Maverick orders.

      1. C. Paul

        Maybe Ford isn’t requiring a deposit, but the dealers are. We had to give a $500 refundable deposit to the dealer in So. Calif. before the salesman would put in our order in August, and one of these days, hopefully before I die, we’ll get word back that the dealer has a Maverick on the lot for us to look at, and then some later day, we should hear that Ford has started building our Maverick. I hope it’s as good in real life as it is on paper.

  7. Jeanette Rankin

    And it’s Ford-here come the recalls, if you ever get your Maverick

  8. ray

    This is a lie I got mine over a month ago and never got it, was a publicity stunt to act like they care. This is the last ford I will buy

  9. Linda

    I think Ford should keep people in the loop more on what’s going on. Our son’s car broke down decided not to put more money into it, decided last Oct to order a Ford Maverick Hybrid been waiting, lucky my husband is retired because our son has to use our car to get to work and we live in the country. It has not been easy for our family but we are hanging on. Really wish Ford would be more up front on what is going on. Also why would they say they were opening up the 2023 order date early then days before it was to happen change it to about a month later. They should not take anymore orders until they get all the back orders done. Some people are desperately needing to get their new vehicle.

  10. Gary

    First they remove the sedan line, I like a sedan. They force people to pretty much go to a foreign car. So I order a Ford Maverick in SEPTEMBER of 2021 and treated horribly by Ford Motor Company. The dealer is cut out of the loop and so is the customer on any information. I’m approaching a year!!!! If and when I receive my vehicle, it will be my last FORD.


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