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2022 Ford Maverick XL Wrecked After Colliding With Semi

Ford Maverick deliveries began just a few weeks ago, and the new compact pickup is just starting to show up on roads across the country. However, as is usually the case, it didn’t take very long for someone to wreck their shiny new pickup, as this 2022 Ford Maverick XL recently found itself colliding with a semi, making for what might just be the first wrecked Maverick on the planet.

The crash happened in Jeffersonville, Indiana just yesterday when the 2022 Ford Maverick XL was traveling northbound in the southbound lane of Paul Garrett Avenue. The semi-truck was traveling in the correct, southbound direction when it came upon the Maverick, but didn’t have much time to react. The semi-driver swerved into the center lane to try and avoid hitting the pickup, but the Maverick driver steered in the same direction, which led to a pretty nasty collision.

The force of the head-on crash pushed the Maverick back for a considerable distance before both vehicles came to a stop, according to Indiana State Police. The Maverick driver had to be extracted from the vehicle by the Jeffersonville Fire Department and was transported to University Hospital in Louisville with possible life-threatening injuries. The semi-driver did not suffer any injuries, however.

It’s currently unclear what caused the Maverick driver to turn into the wrong lane, but police believe that alcohol played a part in the crash, though toxicology reports are still being processed and the investigation is ongoing. As Ford Authority reported earlier this year, the majority of wrong-way crashes are caused by intoxicated drivers, and many prove fatal, which makes this Maverick driver pretty lucky given how bad this crash looks.

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  1. Roy Chile’s

    Hopefully the driver pulls through and alcohol wasn’t the cause of the accident

  2. Michael

    What a waste of a highly sought after vehicle.

    1. RWFA

      Instead of empathy you gave us autism.

  3. Peter

    @Stephen… you’re right, this is NO news. Sad, accidents happen everywhere.
    Shame that Ford Authority deleted once my comment on the European market where Ford is doing really bad but FA just published the press release of Ford Europe without checking other brands!

  4. Tyler

    Why is this considered news? Who cares about the type of truck this person was in? They could very well die and all we can talk about is the Maverick. Sick.

  5. philip tilley

    You can always buy another vehicle, but not another life.

  6. gage

    it was my dad’s friend


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