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2023 Ford Escape Spotted For First Time With More Aggressive Front End

In early September, Ford Authority reported that the Ford Escape – which just underwent a complete overhaul for the 2020 model year – will get another refresh for the 2023 model year ahead of a more comprehensive redesign in 2025. Ford Authority spies also captured the Escape’s Ford C2 platform-mate – a lightly disguised 2023 Lincoln Corsair prototype driving around last month, and later, a possible hybrid model. Now, those spies have spotted a 2023 Ford Escape prototype for the very first time with some aggressive styling updates.

While the front end of this 2023 Ford Escape prototype is covered in camo, the crossover’s redesigned headlights are visible, as are portions of both the upper and lower grille, which sit higher than before. What is clear is that this front-end design is a big departure from the current model, which has far softer lines. The headlights on this prototype are much sleeker and aggressive in appearance, with more modern LED signature lighting to boot.

The exposed portions of the grill reveal a new pattern that is also quite modern and in line with other existing Blue Oval vehicles like the Ford Edge and Ford Mustang Mach-E. The side portions of the upper grille are covered, but it appears that the grille is rounded at the edges, giving it an oval shape like many current Ford models. Additionally, the Blue Oval has been integrated into the grille slats and the front bumper features more squared-off lines with new fog lights.

The center portion of this prototype is uncovered and largely unchanged from the current Escape, though the rear features some camo that hides further design updates, including a revised taillight design and minor updates to the rear fascia.

Peeking through the driver’s side window, we can also see that some interior revisions appear to be in the cards as well, though it’s difficult to tell exactly what those are comprised of.

We’ll know more in the coming weeks and months before the refreshed 2023 Ford Escape launches in late 2022 for the 2023 model year.

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  1. Alexander

    It looks like a an improvement. They just need to improve reliability, and upgrade that horrid interior

  2. ST

    As a 2020 owner who could sell my SE Sport for more than I paid for it in 2020(but have nothing to replace it with) I second the reliability issues. Mine have been nuisance issues and nothing that left me stranded or worse. Frankly disappointed in the trim designations. S and SE entry level, sure. SEL? Just call the SEL the ST-Line with the SEL Stealth package equipment standard. Then the Titanium. You hit three segments, economy, sporty, and luxury.

  3. Chris D.

    Happy to see this, because it really needed it. And that looks much better. I hope there’s going to be a significant interior upgrade as well.

  4. Cindy Macdonald

    You couldn’t pay me to buy another Ford. I have a 2017 escape titanium with 25k miles and the paint is bubbling
    up around the window and peeling off in sheets. Ford says I’m just past warranty so not their problem. I found that this is happening to thousands of others. Hubby was going to buy electric F150 that won’t be happening!

    1. Alexander

      Unfortunately Ford’s quality has completely gone down the drain. I have a focus and f-150 and when I need to replace them if won’t be with a Ford either. I was just reading an article the other day about Ford recalling f-150s and the mach-e because the windshields are flying off. To me that is crazy that they can’t figure out how to secure a windshield to a car. At the rate they are losing customers, I give them till the end of the decade before they go belly up.

  5. Jim Finnerty

    Thank God for the update-they should have used the Euro/Chinese facia from the get-go. Looks like I’m a fortunate one. Since 2008, I’ve leased three Fusions and two Escapes-including my current 2019. I average 60k per three year lease and the only issue I’ve ever had was a leaking battery on my 2011 Fusion ate the battery cable. Other than that, I’ve had no issues. My only issue would be to upgrade the seats-Ford’s biggest week spot. Bill Ford should have to drive one of his vehicles for more than five minutes to find out what crappy seats he puts in his cars. Maybe he can hire the KIA/Hyundai guys to design his interiors.

  6. James Simpson

    I like the Rear End change. Hatch has a Better Angle, like the Edge, with the Integrated Rear Spoiler and Side Panels

    Hate the Goofy LED Dots on the Rear Tail
    Lights. Needs to have the Smooth Illumination.

    Would like to see the Titanium keep the Head Up Display, but go with the Larger 12 Inch Portrait Display in the Center Stack. Would also like to see Ford Adapt the Audi-like Map in the Center of the Driver’s Instrument Cluster and use Hyundai’s Left and Right Camera Video in the Cluster when you use your Turn Signal. Except, go 1 Step Further and have the Video Show Up when the BLIS Light in the Mirrors Illuminates. Also allow for Both Left and Right Videos to Show at the Same Time.

    Have BLIS and Turn Signals and High Beam Show in the HUD, to make sure us Old People Don’t go down the Road with the Turn Signal Flashing. And Keep the Complete Upper and Lower Chrome Window Trim.

    Also, give us the Option to Upgrade to 19 Inch Wheels if we want, realizing it may affect Mileage. An Independent Rear Suspension would be nice too.

    I like the Current Ebony and Sandstone Seats on the Titanium. Looks like the Mustang Limited Edition and Ice White Interior.

    Was going to get an Escape Plug-in to replace our Jeep, but May now wait til next year for the Refresh.

    1. Chris D.

      You have a good eye to spot all of the details you pointed out. I glanced over and missed these things entirely. I think the tech features you mention would be a significant upgrade, but does the company prioritize the Escape enough to add them? I know they should, because this segment is and has been the hottest for a while now; but with so much of their effort and $$ going into their electrification efforts (and trucks) however I just don’t know if they will. At a minimum, there sure as heck better be a much higher quality interior.

  7. Karl H

    Thank God! The current front end is atrocious and that’s putting it lightly. The Escape was a regular top five seller in its segment, now look at it. The interior must be updated also with much better quality materials Ford. How come the Koreans can give us such attractive products at such incredible prices and Ford cannot?

    1. Bruce Overman

      Totally agree. That hideous soft front end cost Ford tens of thousands of sales every year. Whoever designed and approved the current front end should be terminated.

  8. James Simpson

    Is that an Independent Suspension in the Rear View? Thought the Escape only had the 4 Link or Beam. For non AWD only?

  9. Mick1

    The old “soft” design put me in touch with my feminine side. I like it.

  10. Mick1

    My 2013 Ford Cmax hybrid has been the most reliable car that I have owned. Try a Chevy and see how bad it is.



  12. James Finnerty

    BTW, those are two different Escapes in the pictures. One has chrome trim on D pillar and one doesn’t. Wheels and grille coverings are different also. Can’t get here soon enough-my lease is up next September.

  13. Michael C.

    Maybe Ford can start treating turn signals on mirrors as standard safety features instead of the first cost-cutting targets. Same with dual-note horns. And if it doesn’t have amber rear signals, it won’t be in my garage. Try cost-cutting the cost-cutters and idiot executives instead. It’s embarrassing to drive home a $56,000 Edge to find out it has a horn that sounds like a 1986 Cavalier.

  14. Geoff Went

    I have a mHEV 2.0ltr diesel 2020 manual/Stick shift ST-Line version in Europe called Kuga and I am impressed with economy and the IP. The only criticism was the the gear knob which I had to change for a Fusion/Mondeo St knob as this is much more eorgonic that the lightweight stadard Kuga knob. I have had many Fords over the past 30 years and reliablibilty has not been an issue. Maybe it depends on where thay are built.

  15. Ryan K.

    No mirror turn signals?
    No mirror approach lamps?
    No amber rear signals?
    Not even on a “Titanium Elite”?
    No sale.
    So how’s that cost-cutting working?

  16. David H

    Hope my recently ordered Escape Titanium PHEV comes off the line early this summer (4-5 months?) before they switch over to this 2023 model. If Ford doesn’t want to sell cars, at least produce some sleek looking trucks. Maverick is OK but didn’t want to wait till fall to order one.

  17. NJ B2300

    How about improving the Ford Escape structure to meet or exceed the new IIHS side-impact safety rating…the Escape 2022 is rated as “marginal” for the driver. Whereas Toyota, Honda, and Nissan CUVs are rated acceptable for the driver at the new side-impact test by IIHS.


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