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2023 Ford Ranger Will Be First Of Eight Year Production Run: Exclusive

The 2023 Ford Ranger has been teased via a couple of official videos in recent weeks, though Ford Authority spies have spotted the redesigned mid-size pickup on numerous occasions over the last several months. The current-gen Ranger has been in production since 2011 for global markets, which is a long time by any standard. However, it appears that the new pickup will stick around for some time as well, as sources familiar with the 2023 Ford Ranger tell Ford Authority that the next-generation model will remain in production into 2031.

The next-gen Ranger – assigned the P703 designation internally – will enter production at the Ford Michigan Assembly Plant in the spring of 2023, meaning that the model will enjoy an eight-year production run. However, as is always the case, these are preliminary plans and are subject to change. These plans could also impact the Ford Bronco – which shares the Ford T6 Platform with the Ranger. As Ford Authority reported earlier this month, the SUV is currently scheduled to receive a refresh for the 2024 model year.

The 2023 Ranger will feature sharper overall styling than the softer lines of the current-gen model, with front-end styling that represents a mesh between the 2022 Ford Maverick and 2021 Ford F-150, including reverse C-shape headlights and a pair of horizontal bars intersecting the center of the grille. Recent prototypes have been spotted with glow-in-the-dark reflective patterns and large QR codes on the sides and tailgate, thicker taillights, and a single antenna (a dual antenna setup is expected for U.S.-market Rangers).

As Ford Authority previously reported, the 2023 Ford Ranger is expected to be accompanied by the off-road-focused Ranger Raptor for the very first time in the U.S., and will also gain a plug-in hybrid variant in the coming years. Since Ford considers the Ranger to be one of its “Icons,” there’s also a possibility that an all-electric variant might join the lineup in the coming years as well.

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  1. Justen Ramírez

    If Ford don’t just give US The Focus & Mondeo/Fusion Back! It is not Normal to Only Cater To Half Your Loyal Customers! We Understand That They Had Problems but You’re just Introducing Different Vehicles ON THE SAME PLATFORM! How did Henry Ford Pioneer The 1st Mass Production CAR To Being The 1st Manufacturer to Give Up On The Same Segment You Started?!?! It’s Really Weird!.. 1st Car Was A 99 Contour SVT(Which I Still Own) & Since I’ve Owned A 2010 Fusion Sport, 2016 Fusion 1.5EB SE & Currently A 2018 Fusion 2.0TSEB Platinum.. So You’re basically telling Me, My Younger Brother With A 2016 Ford Focus ST, Oldest Brother With A 2003 Ford Focus SVT, 2018 Fusion Sport & My Dad Who Owns a 94 Taurus SHO, 93 Mustang Cobra, 97 Taurus SHO, 2007 Ford 500, 2016 Ford Taurus SHO Performance Pkg & Last Car He’s Bought is A 2019 Lincoln Continental 3.0TT Black Label that We have to Upgrade to An CUV, SUV or Truck to Drive a Ford/Lincoln? & We’re The 1st Owners Of All Those Cars! Like The Last Gen Fusion, Taurus, Focus & Fiesta Are actually Great Cars! A few recalls here and there but when they’re fixed(If Needed) They’re very fun & good looking cars! I literally get Compliments Everywhere and all I have is Tint, Front Splitter & Defuser with Stock Platinum/Vignale 19”s!!!

    1. John R

      They don’t care what we think. They care what they think.

    2. John

      It’s very simple. Ford has a limited amount of capital to develop new vehicles with, and SUVs and trucks will bring more profit off that capital than cars. Ford is in the business of making money, and this is how. (SUVs and crossovers aren’t as bad as people like to think either)

      1. Roy Chile’s

        Your right, there worse over sized Station Wagon Vans with No style or Personality. I’ll pass everyone not need a Mini Bus

        1. Roy Chile’s

          Don’t need a Mini Bus

          1. John

            Maybe they don’t have style or personality to you, but to a lot of people they do, and clearly to enough that Ford’s decided it’s a good financial decision to cater to them.

    3. Sebastian

      No. I’ll tell you what it really is….. Ford has pissed away it’s reputation as a reliable and worthwhile car with the overwhelming majority of the population. Ever since Henry Ford died the company has been ever so sneakily designing their CONSUMER CARS to fail. I remember owning a 1997 Taurus that I loved….but in 2003 it became junk one morning when the transmission failed….at 93k miles!!! And my experience with that generation of taurus was not unique. Ford pissed away the #1 sedan in the market by purposely designing the car’s transmission to fail before 100k miles. They had been building cars for almost 100 years and they couldn’t build a transmission to last? BS! That was by design. And did they expect the car buying public not to remember Ford ripped them off? A car is a MAJOR purchase. When you get burned by a manufacturer who decides to follow an unethical business model for short term $ gain… you don’t forget it. Ford designed their consumer cars to fail before 100k miles so their customers would be forced to buy another car much sooner than they wanted to or should have had to. Well…the chickens have come home to roost. Nobody wants anything to do with their consumer cars, Ford’s has soiled it’s own reputation.

      The only market segments where it still has some prestige left is in it’s working vehicles. Trucks, cabs, police cars…..the businesses (from corporations to the one man business) and public institutions purchasing their fleet vehicles will not tolerate their vehicles having a major failure before or at 100k miles. They depend on their vehicles to keep going well after 100k, 200k, 300k, etc. to stay in business (and to stay within budget for government).
      But, let’s be honest here…very few people want to drive a Crown Victoria around. So, what does Ford have left? Their trucks!

      The only market segment where there is any enthusiasm left for Ford products is their trucks (the Ramirez family aside). But, Ford trucks are beginning to suffer in their reputation for reliability. I suspect the crooks in suits that infested the engineering department of Ford’s consumer sedan division have now gained a foothold in their truck engineering department. To be honest, these crooks with their “design to fail” business models have all but infested every domestic auto manufacturer. And it’s a damn shame. They must be rooted out if US manufacturing is to survive.

      1. ya nuts

        I barely read any of that but why would a manufacturing design an engine to fail under 100,000 km and give it a 5 year, 100,000 KM warranty? :/

    4. George H

      Escape is the new Ford car. I have a hybrid one and it’s really about the perfect transportation appliance.

  2. Roy Chile’s

    FORD can live off of Trucks and SUVs LINCOLN is the company that should get Sedans, Zephyr , Continental ,Coupes , Mark 9 EV 49er Concept SUVs and 1 Truck Super Chief EV

  3. Thomas Podd

    Will the new Ranger get a sunroof? Please say yes and I will trade in my 2016 f150

  4. Nyaniso Hintsho

    I will be happy too if they can fit a sunroof more especially on Raptor.


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