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Ford Fusion Transmission Problems Alleged In New Class Action Lawsuit


A new Ford Fusion transmission class-action lawsuit – Gant, et al., v. Ford Motor Company – has been filed in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan pertaining to a number of problems allegedly associated with 2010-2017 models, according to Car Complaints. The lawsuit covers a whole host of allegedly defective components, all pertaining to the 6F35 automatic transmission.

That gearbox was used in many 2010-2012 Fusion models, as well as all 2013+ non-hybrid models save for those equipped with a manual transmission. According to the Ford Fusion transmission lawsuit, the 6F35 gearbox can experience failure of the powertrain control module, transmission control module, torque converter welds fluid seal integrity, and driveshaft. Additionally, the lawsuit cites throttle body deficiencies as a problem as well.

These deficiencies allegedly lead to a number of issues, including slipping gears, delayed acceleration, violent jerking, bucking, or kicking when accelerating, shaking, loss of power, delayed downshifts, clunking, hard acceleration, and difficulty stopping the vehicle. These issues do not pertain to Fusions equipped with a manual transmission or Aisin six-speed automatic units, however.

The plaintiffs in the suit claim that Ford has been aware of these problems since 2009, yet has refused to issue a recall to address them. Some have experienced complete transmission failure, while others have brought their vehicles to Ford dealers for repairs, only to be granted “temporary stop-gap measures destined to fail in the future,” according to the lawsuit.

Ford hasn’t yet commented on the lawsuit, which spans 841 total pages, and claims that the automaker “failed to tell customers about the alleged defects” concerning its recently discontinued sedan.

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  1. NCEcoBoost

    Unlike most automakers, Ford just loves to try and sweep issues under the rug rather than facing up to the problems. I’m wondering where the class-action lawsuit regarding EcoBoost engine replacements stands. I’d bet that Ford has found multiple ways to stall. Disgusting and a surefire customer-loser.

    1. Bruce Holberg

      It is only an accusation at this point. It’s easy to sue, not so easy to prove. Glad you aren’t a judge.

  2. Robet

    Wow: Did know about the Ford Fusion transmission problem. I have 2010 with 70K and have had no problem. Getting ready to drive it from Atlanta to Ft Myers, FL. It has a Ford extended warranty.

  3. Carlos R Martinez

    Bueno yo tengo un ford fusion 2017. Tambien le esta pasando lo mismo de la transmission. Que da tirones

    1. jesus luzardo

      El mío también es 2017 y recién está comenzando a dar tirones cada vez que arranco. Pensé que era algo que se había aflojado en la caja pero ya veo que el problema es más grave….😰

  4. Ford Owner

    Well, Ford can solve this by replacing all these bad transmissions with the HD 35 that the hybrid Fusion uses with no reported failures. Just add a battery in the trunk and you have a hybrid conversion.

  5. Andrea P

    I literally just got my car out of the shop after dropping 5 grand due to turbo compressor and blown head gasket issues due to over heating and I took car jn for computer update as they have called it. None of which im to blame its this damn motor they have in it. I also had to have have input speed sensor replaced as carpet complete power and the auto shut off stopped working as well as plugs replaced and yet still continued to misfire. No indicator came on to say low coolant just car disabling due to overheating. I have reached out multie.times to no avail and they will not claim responsibility. I have 2017 fusion they should be held responsible. All work has been done by them yet im still paying out the a** for repairs!!

  6. Renee

    I have a 2014 Ford fissions and the transmissions has been a major pain. I shouldn’t have to keep spending my money on a car. How exactly can I be part of this law suit?

  7. Brandon Wells

    I have a 2017 ford fusion that’s doing the same thing and ford want to charge me 7500 dollars to fix it or put me in another car less years more payments for me just sent a email to there corporate office about this issue

  8. Kevin

    I to have a 2017 had transmission trouble the torque converter bolts came loose that what ford had said had to replace the torque converter and transmission still pay the bill

  9. Jim

    My 2010 fusion would occasionally make a loud cluck going into reverse. It finally quit, I took into the dealer and they said they never saw an issue like it before, said they transmission is saying go forward and reverse at the same time.

  10. Gary Legvold

    I have a 2013 Ford Fusion I have paper and receipts my transmission went completely out @ 161000 miles I got it rebuild then then the next week it pops up a wrench sign in the dash and has me stuck in six gear just drop her off back at the shop today October 6 2021 just to get back and a feeling that I’m going to have a problem again when I go to use it this transmission is a headache

    1. Gary legvold

      This is Gary legvold again I have experience everything that has listed above about jerking clunking delayed acceleration and the codes that pop up such as control module etc this need to be passed

    2. Austin

      I had the same issue with my 2010. I had to let them take it I couldnt keep paying for the transmission to be fixed.

  11. Phyllis Dickerson

    I hava 2016 Ford Fusion with the turbo. And all I’ve done is sink money into it.
    I’ve replaced all the spark plugs 3 times and then had to get the a coil on #2,#3.
    It’s always the#2 that messes up. I believe that they sold me this car cause it was a lemon.

  12. Justen Henderson

    Let me tell you what I’ve been through with my 2017 Fusion Platinum! I bought it @ 25k 2 Years Ago! 1st My battery kept dying @ 28k(PCM Reset with New Battery). 2nd Worn Halfshaft & CV Joints & My Coolant Kept Disappearing & Ran Hot @34k cause of A Faulty Block caused coolant to leak into Cylinder Head & blow(Long Block Replacement) & when I got it back The Mooresville Ford Dealer My car made a Supercharger Whine When Accelerating cause They didn’t fill my Fluid back up!! then Purge Valve right after! 3rd Warped Leather Dash That’s pealing over my vents & BSM System(Still not fixed) 4th @62k My Transmission gives out & GDI System! I had to explain to them because they acted Clueless when I know Mooresville Ford knew about the 6F35 Defects all along! When they realized I’m A Mechanic Myself they treated Me so Badly & I hate to say a little racist.. They Finally replaced them but took 2 Months!! I’ve had My Car back 1 Month & It’s Slipping into 2nd & started driving sluggish.. not to mention sometimes My Handling Feels Swirly(Especially When I Use Remote Start).. I honestly don’t think the car will last over 100k which is when my warranty is up! Ford should Buy Back these cars because They’re Unsafe! How Are They Getting Away With This Every Decade It’s Something With Ford! They Do Not Care About Us!! It’s Evident..🚮

  13. Justen Henderson

    THIS IS THE REAL REASON FORD STOPPED SELLING SEDANS & HATCHES BUT GOT THE NERVE TO SAY ITS BECAUSE “THERES NO MARKET FOR CARS”? They could’ve just put N/A 3.5V6 & Taurus 6F55 Transmission in the Fusion to save face.. What tops it off is Ford has the nerve to Introduce 2 Completely Opposite Of Fusion & Focus but on THE SAME PROBLEMATIC PLATFORM AS BEFORE! Who Tf Needs 4 Trucks, 8 SUVs & 1 Coupe in 1 Line-Up?!?! Funny how every Auto Manufacturer That Parted ways with Ford Started doing Great! & why take Lincoln’s Sedans too? Could’ve been a great opportunity to Separate Lincoln from Ford cars to offer a more Prestige Feel!🥱

  14. Jay

    Definitely need to be apart of this lawsuit because I’m having the same problems it’s sad and I’m wasting my money!!!

  15. Patricia Mason

    I have a 2012 Fusion SEL with the 3.0 V6 with 40.000 miles and even though it’s been back to the dealer a few times for so called computer updates the car still hesitates on take off and when cold it shifts with a bang and sometimes shifts up and down like it’s lost until it gets warmer. Now of course it’s out of warranty and Ford said they’ve done all the updates and there’s no more they can do.

  16. Deeznuts

    My fusion has alot of these symptoms now. And I’m up to date on everything. But my mechanic says the everything is good. This will be interesting to see the outcome.

  17. Mike S.

    “According to the Ford Fusion transmission lawsuit, the 6F35 gearbox can experience failure of the powertrain control module, transmission control module, torque converter welds fluid seal integrity, and driveshaft. Additionally, the lawsuit cites throttle body deficiencies as a problem as well.”

    First I’m hearing of any of these. I’ve got a 2015 and the only issue I have is slightly odd 2-3 shifts when the trans is cold; goes away once the fluid is warm. From what I’ve gleaned in the FB group I’m in, regular trans fluid changes mitigate the issue. One fellow switched to Dexron VI trans fluid and claims that it’s a night and day difference.

  18. Hillary Tracy

    Thank god I did my research on the fusions. I bought a 13 ford taurus limited with no issues over a fusion.

  19. Chuck H

    In 2015 I bought a new 15 Focus. Lots of strange things going on with the transmission. In 2016 got notice of it being part of a class action lawsuit. In early 2018 got notice of the settlement. Part of which ( I thought I was able to get ) was an additional 4650.00 dollars trade boost. On TOP of all existing incentives. At that time. DIDN’T happen. Dealership people said it was on me to get that. I had NO clue where or how to do that. They said they couldn’t recommend one way or the other. But. I traded for a new one anyway in 18. It too was new. Has the same problem as the 15 with the transmission. Just not quite as bad. Went to a different dealership last December. Their sales woman told me the sales man should have been able to apply the extra trade incentive or been able to direct me on how and where to do it myself. So it could be they went and got it for themselves. My point in all of this is. When there is a class action lawsuit already in progress concerning any car/truck/van,whatever. The dealerships are already aware of what they’re selling is part of that lawsuit and yet they continue to sell that product. They too should have to pay as well. Not trying to stand up for FORD. In my opinion. They FAILED HARD. By NOT doing enough of their homework on that transmission set up BEFORE mass production and really should pay the price. However. Those pushing those products on the public should pay as well for knowing full well what they too are doing. And it’s not just FORD. Any defective product from any defective product producer.

  20. vvezley

    Bought a 2015 Fusion SE 1.5 in 2018 with 46k miles. Engine blew head gaskets within a few weeks of owning. Was still under factory warranty so ford completed engine work. Transmission went out a few months later and was also replaced under warranty. Fast forward to spring/summer of 21′, alternator went out, replaced but was still intermittently receiving charge system lights on dash. Car went into limp mode one day, mechanic said it was the alt, but said it was good to drive, didn’t even make it 30 miles before being stuck in limp mode again. Towed to dealership where they said it needed to be an OEM alt. After having one put on, it turns out that the transmission has in fact blown again. This time I am out of warranty and extended warranty. 3k down the drain and coming up on a month with no vehicle still. Frustrating that this vehicle has been plagued by so many electrical and mechanical issues.


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