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Next-Gen Ford Fusion, Mondeo Shows Off Rear End For First Time

As Ford Authority previously reported, the Ford Fusion was officially discontinued at the end of July 2020, while Europe’s version of the sedan – the Mondeo – will follow suit in that region at the end of March 2022, though the sedan is still going strong in China. However, over two years ago, Ford Authority reported that the next-gen Ford Fusion and/or Mondeo would be returning as a global crossover, and our spies captured photos of this model back in May. Now, we have new pictures of this future model to share from China, and they give us a good look at the model’s rear sans heavy camouflage.

As was the case with the previously-spied prototype, this model wears styling similar to the China-only Ford EVOS crossover, which is not the Fusion/Mondeo successor some thought originally it might be. The earlier prototype had its entire rear end covered by camo, but this example has shed that cladding to reveal its new taillight design, which spends the entire width of the vehicle.

This next-gen Ford Fusion or Mondeo prototype features a third brake light that’s located in the tailgate and not the rear window, as well as a lower stance than the EVOS, with an overall look that’s more reminiscent of a liftback like the outgoing Mondeo than a high-riding SUV or crossover, which was also the case with the prototype spied earlier this year. We also got an idea of what to expect from some artist renderings that surfaced this past summer.

As of now, this next-gen Fusion/Mondeo is being earmarked for China- just like the production version of the Lincoln Zephyr Reflection concept – and it’s currently unclear if it will be available in other markets. SUV and crossover-crazed Europe and North America will likely get the more rugged Active variant, however.

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  1. JE

    I hope this car goes for sale to other markets than China. Not everybody likes boring SUV´s and crossovers or is willing to buy one no matter what. Ford makes a huge mistake not selling this car in other markets as those looking for a sedan who migrate to other brands looking for one, may not come back to Ford when market trends change again. That´s my case and besides the Mustang (not the Mach-e of course) or the Focus in Europe and as owner of a Mondeo, I will look somewhere else when the time comes to trade it, but there´s no human power that´s going to make me buy an SUV or a crossover dor the simple reason that I don´t like them.

    1. Bob

      Every time you post, you call SUVs and crossovers boring, that’s a very broad generalization. Sure, some are boring, but there are plenty of interesting options in that segment just like there are plenty of boring cars. Selling cars just isn’t a good financial decision for Ford, and we have no reason to complain because they’ve given us plenty of other fun alternatives.

      1. JE

        Every single SUV I have driven I found it boring. That´s a matter of tastes and maybe you are right when you say I generalize, but for me any SUV or crossover is boring. On the other hand, I don´t care about Ford financial reasons of not selling cars, specially when their competitors do sale cars. I just care about of Ford solving my needs, specially when I have bought Ford products for 30 years. Therefore, I do have lots of reasons to complain. Maybe it´s a matter of tastes, but besides the Mustang, the Focus in Europe or the Mondeo in China (of course the GT but that´s out of my budget), at least for me, Ford has no other fun alternative.

        1. Karl H.

          It was because of Ford’s (financial reasons) why the Fusion was canceled in North America! Ford simply wasn’t making the profits to justify continuing it! Ford is a business and like all businesses,it is in business to make a profit! If you had common concepts of business this would have been a no brainer. Some people get too emotional attached an rigid in their thinking that they can’t see the bigger picture and why business decisions are made. What good is it to Ford’s bottom line to keep making a product that’s not profitable? Ford have shareholders that it must answers to! Check your emotions at the door….

        2. Walter Thomas

          I agree with you. There are not many SUVs that are not boring. SUVs are not for everyone simply put. Most people chase whatever many people flock to versus being original to that they like. I appreciate you for sticking to what appeals and pleases you.

      2. Mike says..

        I am a car guy too…. Ford will lose me as a customer without anything to look at. SUV’s are boring….

    2. Larry S.

      I agree, I just don’t like the current SUV craze.
      I’m also annoyed with the lack of 2 door anything! At least the Bronco has a 2 door (besides the Mustang, that’s a given). They’re clamoring for better efficiency yet build in addes weight for an often unnecessary set of extra doors.

  2. N

    Bring the Fusion back to the U.S.! We need it here.

  3. wgurr

    that ford fusion is a pleasant news as there is no hatch backs on the market
    only that stupid pluked duck arse and me as probably 100’s are looking forward
    to a comfortable ;well;designed motor car the only thing to top it off is a diesel
    engine fwd and ford will have it all in their hands

  4. Platinum Infused

    Ford Please bring The Fusion to America🇺🇸 PLEASE! I have a 2018 Fusion Platinum & I want to Upgrade to Another Ford Sedan!!! We don’t need an Escape & Bronco Sport!! You cannot leave Your Loyalists out to Dry like this! Especially For Lincoln!

  5. Mark L Bedel

    Ahh, cars, remember those?

  6. Tom B

    Since our 1975 F-100 Pickup, we’ve owned only Mercury and Fords. Two Mercury Sables, Ford Tempo, Ranger, Edge and three Fusions. My Ford Edge is great for me, but the “boss” likes her car. Guess we have a difficult auto-decision coming up … GM, Toyota, and Subaru still make cars. Won’t buy the Korean or EU offers.

  7. Jeffrey Sproul

    Ford obviously does not want to offer sedans and as a customer I respect that and if I want a sedan there is Honda, Toyota, Hyundai, Kia, and a vast number of other affordable sedans offered by non Big 2 1/2 manufacturers. All these manufacturers make good sedans.

    1. Justen M Ramírez

      You obviously don’t understand Brand Loyalty.. Some People ONLY buy FORD SEDANS! It’s strange to be a Huge Auto Manufacturer and only cater to one audience! Even the Company’s who owns Jeep & Land Rover have Dodge & Jaguar Sedans…

  8. Mike Parnell

    And yet, what is the first EV vehicle that Ford developed, manufactured, and offered? a CAR.

  9. Justen M Ramírez

    Ford is having Brand Identity Issues! How are you gonna succeed as a Mass Production Auto Manufacturer & Only cater to one particular audience? Knowing when people get tired of S/CUVs they’re gonna wanna something lower, Spacious and sportier handling like a SEDAN! At least give Lincoln Sedans! This could be the perfect opportunity to set Lincoln apart from Ford! Ppl didn’t buy the MKZ & Continental because Ford already offered a Taurus & Fusion that those Lincoln’s were based on!… The problem is not sales because EVERYONE bout these cars the problem is Maintenance!


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