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Next-Gen Ford Fusion, Mondeo To Feature Mach-E Inspired Tail Lights

The Ford Fusion was officially discontinued in North America at the end of July 2020, while Europe’s version of the sedan – the Mondeo – will follow suit in that region at the end of March 2022. However, the next-gen Ford Fusion or Mondeo will be returning as both a sedan and crossover-like wagon/hatchback. Recently, our spies captured photos of the next-gen Ford Fusion back in May wearing heavy camo, though earlier this month, we got our first look at the sedan’s exposed rear-end, which wears a set of Ford Mustang Mach-E and Ford Mustang-inspired taillights.

As we can see in these photos, the taillights present on this next-gen Fusion/Mondeo prototype feature long horizontal strips, just like the Mach-E, though on this model, those strips are located above three vertical notches – not through them, as is the case with the EV crossover. The strips curve down around the outside of the taillights, while a single bar spans the entire width of the rear end – a popular styling treatment these days.

What’s more, the next-gen Fusion’s taillights will also be clear when they’re not in use and will light up red when the lights are turned on or the brakes are applied. This is yet another feature we’ve been seeing more and more on present-day vehicles, which lends a more modern appearance.

Other than its taillights, the next-gen Fusion shares much of its exterior styling with another Blue Oval model – the China-only Ford EVOS crossover, though it features a lower stance. The overall look is more reminiscent of a liftback like the outgoing Mondeo than a high-riding SUV or crossover, too.

For now, the next-gen Fusion/Mondeo sedan is being earmarked for China – just like the production version of the Lincoln Zephyr Reflection concept – and it’s currently unclear if it will be available in other markets, though Europe and North America will likely get the more rugged Active variant.

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  1. Michael G

    Soon will be replacing my 2017 Fusion Sport. If it is made in China I will be buying a vehicle from someone else.

  2. Roy Chile’s

    Why ? It’s not apart of the Mustang family

  3. JE

    The tail lights are inspired on the Mustang. The Mach-e tail lights are a copy of the Mustang tail lights. The best of all is that the Fusion/Mondeo is not another boring cookie cutter SUV or crossover but a sedan/hatchback.

    1. Roy Chile’s

      The So call Fusion / Mondeo is not part of the Mustang family and will not show up here as one period. FORD will build a 4dr Mustang sedan b4 you see the return of a Fusion

  4. RickyB

    Wanting to buy another Fusion Sport. After they finally made a good Fusion they discontinued it. Not available here in the US anymore. So it’s time to go to Chevy.

    1. Michael G.

      Caddy or maybe Honda/Toyota/Kia.

      1. Roy Chile’s

        We still have Cadillac and Chrysler they will build future sedans

  5. Arcee

    What are you going to buy from Chevy? The Malibu is reportedly done in 2 years. Honda, Toyota, Hyundai, and KIA will basically own the mainstream midsized sedan market. Even Mazda axed the Mazda6 sedan and VW discontinued the Passat after 2022.


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