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2021 Ford Bronco Sasquatch Fender Flare Kit Out Now

FoMoCo’s extensive catalog of 2021 Ford Bronco parts and accessories launched back in May and has only grown larger in the ensuing months. The beauty of purchasing these items directly from Ford is buyers can have them installed before they even take delivery of their vehicles and finance those goods right along with the Bronco itself. Given the Bronco’s modular construction and how easy it is to change parts out, it’s no surprise that the Ford catalog has grown to include everything from lift kits to maybe even aftermarket wheels, and now, a Ford Bronco Sasquatch fender flare kit.

The 2021 Ford Bronco Sasquatch fender flare kit is now live in the Ford Performance catalog under part number M-9164-BFK with a retail price of $450. Factory equipment on Broncos fitted with the optional Sasquatch Package, these fender flares are wider than the pieces that come equipped on non-Sasquatch Broncos and are perfect for covering up larger tires, such as the 35-inch rubber that comes with the optional package.

The Sasquatch fender flares fit all 2021 Bronco models, regardless of trim, and are incredibly easy to install. The kit comes with all four flares and requires zero tools – outside of one’s hands – to install. Removing the old fender flares is as easy as reaching up inside the fender well and unlocking the five turning clips by rotating them counterclockwise. Once all five clips are released, simply pull outward on the fender flare to unseat the five push pin clips from the sheet metal.

Next, press in the five push clips until they’re seated, install the larger fender flares, and turn each of the five quarter-turn clips clockwise to secure them. In mere minutes for a few hundred bucks, anyone can upgrade their non-Sasquatch Bronco and protect the bodywork from flying debris after installing a larger set of wheels and tires.

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