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2021 Ford Bronco With 40-Inch Tires Looks Like A Monster Truck

The 2021 Ford Bronco comes with a variety of tire sizes depending on trim, but adding the Sasquatch Package provides a prodigious amount of rubber in the form of beefy 35-inch tires. Of course, bigger is almost always better, and that’s precisely why the Ford Bronco Raptor and 2023 Ford Bronco DR off-road racer will come with even larger 37-inch tires from the factory. Those tires require some pretty large fender flares to protect the SUV’s bodywork, but there’s no covering up the insanely huge 40-inch tires the folks at 2 Fat Guys Off-Road in San Antonio, Texas fitted to this 2021 Ford Bronco.

In fact, 2 Guys simply deleted the Bronco’s fender flares in this case, because they’d essentially be pointless. These tires stick out so far beyond the fenders that the SUV looks like a proper monster truck, with barely any of the rubber residing underneath the bodywork. This was likely necessary for clearance issues because to our knowledge, no one has fitted tires this large to a Bronco to date. And it’d be a surprise if these tires don’t rub at least a little, perhaps at full lock.

Making matters worse, these mud tires are extra knobby, which means they’re probably deafening at highway speeds. But those sorts of things don’t matter for a shop trying to make an impression and attract attention, which is likely the case here. Mission accomplished, we say, because there’s no missing this thing when it’s humming loudly down the road.

Many will also question the effect these huge rollers will have on the Bronco’s suspension components, and that’s certainly a fair point. But 2 Guys is actually out testing this Bronco at various off-road trails in the San Antonio area right now, so if something’s going to break, they’ll find out soon enough. Regardless, while this may be the first 2021 Bronco on 40-inch tires, it most certainly won’t be the last.

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  1. Dan W

    More money than sense. Hideous.

  2. Brad

    More like a Stomper! And it’s freakin AWESOME!

  3. philip tilley

    I think it needs a bigger body, like the last Bronco.

  4. Nick Memphis

    If only that had done this to the 2 door model. The four door ones are UGLY!


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