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2022 Ford F-150 Lightning Frunk Started Life As A Cardboard Box

Ford has developed a reputation for using some unconventional methods of developing vehicles in recent years, taking a bit of an out-of-the-box approach in designing models like the 2021 Ford BroncoFord Bronco Sport, and 2022 Ford Maverick, to name a few. That also includes the 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning, as it turns out. Or, to be more specific, the Ford F-150 Lightning frunk, which began life as nothing more than a carefully-formed piece of cardboard.

While the development of the 2021 Ford F-150 began back in 2015, it wasn’t until a few years later that the automaker began working on the all-electric version of its perenially best-selling pickup. In February of 2018, Team Edison – Ford’s dedicated EV incubator – met with a group of Ford truck owners to discover how they might actually use the Ford F-150 Lightning frunk. At each of those meetings, employees brought along a cardboard mockup of what would eventually become what Ford calls the Mega Power Frunk, pieced together in around a day using nothing more than scissors and hot glue.

That piece of cardboard was used to help visualize what Ford was trying to do with this new idea. As it turned out, customer feedback indicated that the Lightning’s Mega Power Frunk could be used as a secure, lockable storage space for all sorts of things, including up to two golf bags and even bags of concrete. Commercial customers envisioned using the frunk as a power source for tools, while lighting, easy access, electric outlets, and a work surface were all common asks.

To ensure these demands were met, Ford ditched the idea for a symmetrical design and instead treated the frunk like a cooler box that’s easy to clean and durable, with a rubber floor to keep cargo from sliding around. Next, it worked on adding bed lights, which proved superior to trunk-style lighting, as well as four electrical outlets, two USB ports chargers, and 2.4 kW of power. The final step was integrating the Lightning’s grille into the hood to provide easy access to the Mega Power Frunk, similar to the rear cargo area opening of the Ford Expedition.

“We put the customer first in every decision we made and were able to deliver on a Mega Power Frunk,” said Steve McInally, F-150 Lightning frunk feature supervisor. “And it’s going to blow people’s minds.”

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  1. Bill Doukas

    I was so excited about the Ford F-150 Lighting, but then I was the price tag. I couldn’t afford it so I bought the 2020 Ford Escape Titanium Hybrid with everything on it!! I am getting 39 miles per gallon combo!! The color is Dark Persian Green with the stone seats, Unfortunately I was in a accident at a Red light when a Newer truck hit me from behind. He said his truck was to stop when there was a vehicle in front of it!! It didn’t stop!! My back hatch was replaced with a New one!! I was so pissed about it!! Just wanted to say thank You for a well made SUV and I have been a Ford driver from my used 1982 Ford Escort front wheel drive!! that car went through snow with No problems, when I lived in Kenosha, Wisconsin & was Great on gas too.

    1. Montana Man

      Positive response, Bill!
      I imagine further development of EVs will bring down the price considerably. Technology, Innovation and Science play well together, when they’re brought into the same room and shown the current and future markets.
      (My neighbor had a new 1982 Escort, and in a very heavy Central Montana/Fergus County winter that year, it pulled a big, bad Silverado out of a ditch. I’ve been smitten with Fords ever since.)

  2. Roy Chile’s

    Why are all the people writing on the F150 Lightning refer to it as a 22?When It’s a 2023 model


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