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2022 Ford F-150 Lightning Plan Pricing Different Than ICE Models

Back in September, FoMoCo asked its dealers not to advertise 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning pickups below MSRP, though dealers are still able to actually sell the new EV pickup at less than the sticker price. We then learned that the Lightning is not eligible for Ford’s Red Carpet Lease Discount, and just yesterday, that the pickup is excluded from Ford’s X-Plan discount pricing. However, other discounts still apply, and now we’re learning more about how Ford F-150 Lightning Plan Pricing differs from ICE-powered Ford F-150 models, thanks to Cars Direct.

2022 Ford F-150 Lightning Plan Pricing varies based on the buyer. A-Plan pricing for Ford employees and Z-Plan pricing for Ford retirees comes in at 2.25 percent under MSRP plus a $275 fee, while D-Plan pricing for dealer employees also includes a 2.25 percent reduction from MSRP, plus a $100 fee.

Generally, Ford Plan Pricing offers a more straightforward way of acquiring a discount on a new Blue Oval model. D-Plan pricing for dealer employees adds a $100 fee to the invoice price, while the Z-Plan for Ford retirees and A-Plan pricing for active employees includes dealer holdback and regional advertising fees,  plus a $275 program fee.

These differences stem from the fact that the F-150 Lightning has a rather complex method of calculating invoice pricing, which is also reportedly why X-Plan pricing would have been higher than MSRP in many cases. Also, it’s worth pointing out that F-150 Lightning Plan Pricing is different from The Blue Oval’s other EV – the Ford Mustang Mach-E – which offers up to a 4 percent discount on MSRP pricing for Ford employees, while X-Plan pricing is also available on the EV crossover, which isn’t the case with the electric pickup.

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