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2022 Ford F-150 Lightning Tops List Of Most Considered Electric Pickups

The 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning is set to debut next year, but it’s already generated quite a lot of buzz, to the point where its popularity even took the development team by surprise. As Ford Authority recently reported, the truck will be able to charge other Lightings, and it will boast award-winning technology like the Pro Power Onboard system, which is currently available on the 2021 Ford F-150. All of this publicity seems to be resonating with aspiring electric pickup owners, who now say that the Lightning is the truck they’d consider most, according to a recent survey conducted by Autolist.



In the survey, Ford scored exceedingly well, as 38 percent of respondents chose the Ford F-150 Lightning as the all-electric pickup truck they would most likely buy. The Chevrolet Silverado EV came in second with 26 percent, while 20 percent of respondents picked the Tesla Cybertruck as their top electric truck. However, Tesla continued to score well with the 18 to 23 and 24 to 29 age demographics. The GMC Hummer EV took fourth place with 11 percent, while just five percent of buyers selected the Rivian R1T as their most desired pickup.

More specifically, the 2022 F-150 Lightning was the number one choice for first-time EV buyers, existing and/or previous EV owners, traditional pickup owners, as well as most age groups and income levels, indicating a broad spectrum of various groups are highly interested in what The Blue Oval has whipped up for them. This represents a considerable shift from what Autolist unearthed in 2019, when the Rivian R1T was the top considered electric truck. In that survey, the F-150 Lightning ranked third.

Autolist conducted the survey in October and through early November of 2021. They spoke to over 1,100 people currently in the market for a new vehicle, with participants choosing from electric trucks that are currently available for pre-order or those which have an announced debut date.



This favorable showing for the Ford F-150 Lightning comes after the 2021 Ford F-150 held its place as the most considered truck in the full-size pickup segment. As Ford Authority previously reported, it has been in that position since Q2 2021, when shoppers again picked it over its chief rivals.

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  1. Greggt

    Well Duh…..They are not promoting the Chevy and the Tesla doesn’t even look like a PU!

  2. Roy Chile’s

    FORD F150 Lightning is the only truck that looks like a truck with options No other brand can match. It powers your home, other vehicles, tailgate with a build in ice chest. Work and Play built into one

    1. Ford Owner

      “Hoodgate” , not tailgate!

      1. Roy Chile’s

        You can tailgate at Sport events or anywhere with a build in fruck ice chest


    Beautifully crafted Lightning F – series ; for sure should turn out to be a success. Taking into consideration its well – gained reputation as a reliable and sturdy truck.. But be careful with its life span average ; in Mexico since it is considered a commercial truck, it should last at least ten years, I love f-series from 1980 to 1985 ; in fact I own an f -150 explorer that has a quite solid rust-proof sheet metal. My advice is : Keep on producing outsatnding truck for forthcoming generations.


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