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2022 Ford Maverick Is A Hit With Millennials And Gen Z

From the day the 2022 Ford Maverick was revealed earlier this year, FoMoCo admitted that it was clear that owners of now-discontinued Blue Oval sedans and first-time truck buyers were very interested in the new compact pickup. This came as no surprise given the Maverick’s sub-$20k MSRP and impressive fuel economy, and now, the automaker has revealed via its October sales report that the pickup has thus far proven to be a massive hit with Millennials and Gen Z as well.

According to the automaker, more than one-quarter of 2022 Ford Maverick buyers thus far are between the age of 18 and 35 – more than double the overall industry rate of 12 percent for that age group. Considering the fact that the Maverick is cheaper than its chief rival – the Hyundai Santa Cruz – and even the 2022 Honda Civic, it’s truly no wonder why younger folks are flocking to the compact pickup in droves.

Another appealing aspect of the Maverick is the fact that it was designed to be easily customizable, a fact recently demonstrated via an interesting “Hack Your Maverick” video showing how to perform a couple of DIY projects on the pickup, including installing bed lighting and an air compressor, which the automaker believes will help it win over younger customers who are on a tight budget.

Ford believes that these factors will also eventually make the Maverick one of its “Icons,” a vehicle that could eventually spawn its own line of merchandise, clubs, and online forums dedicated to the compact pickup. If so, the Maverick would join Ford’s existing Icons, which include the Ford F-150Ford MustangFord BroncoFord ExplorerFord Transit, and Ford Ranger.

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  1. John

    Not surprised. The more I hear about the Maverick, the more I’m impressed. Ford is gonna make a killing off it.

  2. Jeffrey D. Sproul

    If they make enough of them they will do well. The problem is there are many unfulfilled orders and how long will it take to get Mavericks out in the public in any meaningful numbers.

  3. Roy Chile’s

    Sometimes big things come in small packages, this is 1 of those time Job 1

  4. Antoine D Swans

    I said from day one it was going to be a hit. Ford has always been on the innovation front when it comes to vehicles that people want

  5. Jer

    I too miss sedans, my last one being a 2010 Fusion. I love it, still own it.

    But I see American manufacturers’ dilemma. The Asian manufacturers sell most of their vehicles in Asia, and are very popular in Europe and South America. Sedans are still good sellers in many of those regions. This gives them a large enough base of sedan buyers to continue huge R&D investments for the continuous onslaught of new platforms, features, high tech, fresh models.

    Domestic manufacturers mainly sell in North America where sedans are no longer popular enough to continue those massive development costs. Its not assembly costs, it is development costs.

  6. Ginni OMalley

    I am a 73 year old Boomer who is the first on my block to proudly drive my Area 51 XLT. I love my Maverick truck even more than the Maverick sedan I drove in the early 70’s as a newly wed. So much for “ageism” as I feel as young as I did in the sedan. You’re only as old as you feel (or your plastic surgeon helps you)!

  7. Jeffrey Sproul

    Erroneous to assume that only those between 18 and 35 are the only ones interested in the Maverick. Leaving out those of us 50 and above is disregarding a large portion of the market because many in that age group are downsizing not only their homes but their vehicles. I ordered a Area 51 Maverick XLT hybrid on July 25 and still waiting to find out when my Maverick will be made. I have had 5 pickups in the past mostly midsize and I have been waiting for a truck like this. Ford and their marketing is making a big mistake by just marketing the Maverick to the 18 to 35 age group. It wouldn’t surprise me that at least 40% of the buyers of the Maverick are 50 and older.

  8. Doug Bloomer

    Midwest ford dealer the maverick orders we have here and we have plenty of orders they are all 50 and above.

  9. MacLK

    Gen X here. My wife and I signed the purchase agreement for the hybrid version in late August. Build date is November 27th, and we can’t wait. We never remotely wanted a truck before this (can’t stand giant gas guzzler trucks), but this is a different vehicle. Perfect size, $20k, 42 mpg city and the ability to haul furniture, camping gear, bikes or kayaks, and our bi-monthly Home Depot loads (there’s always stuff to get when you own a house) – there was no way we weren’t going to jump all over this vehicle.
    Before this we drove various brands/models of subcompacts, but always hatchbacks…provided everything works well on this truck, we don’t see ourselves going back.

  10. adam

    Ford have to make the Maverick available in RHD and send it to Australia, it will have great sales here we are crying out for another pickup in our Ford range down here apart from the Ranger, surely it can be manufactured in Thailand as well as the US.
    The only Ford we sell in volume here is the Ranger we need another option.

  11. Karen

    I am in my 70,s and I am going to by one when the dealers get them in, I like the ford products I,ve had them in the past, one sedan and one truck,I like the size of the maverick I am really short so it will be a good fit

  12. Kim Taylor

    I guess the millennial idiots at Ford who dug the name out of the file cabinet didn’t realize that the Ford Maverick was a freaking car, not a truck. They couldn’t even come up with something original? How pathetic.

    1. Gen-X

      Hi i’m a cynical Gen-X’er here reminding you that technically the new Maverick is still a car. Now go lookup the Dunning-Kruger effect before you label an entire generation idiots or slackers.


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