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2022 Ford Maverick Is Taking Just Five Days To Turn

October was just the first full month the 2022 Ford Maverick was on sale, but that was all it took for the new compact pickup to outsell its chief rival, the Hyundai Santa Cruz. The Maverick is also turning on dealer lots in just five days, the automaker revealed in its October sales report, an impressive feat that ranks it ahead of a couple of other quick-turning Blue Oval products – the 2021 Ford Bronco Sport at nine days, and the 2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E at 12 days.

Last month, 2022 Ford Maverick sales totaled 4,140 units, with year-to-date sales coming in at 4,646 units after the pickup went on sale later in September. And these numbers don’t even account for the budget-priced Maverick hybrid, which is delayed as it awaits state and federal emissions certifications. The hybrid version of the new pickup is expected to begin shipping in December, with deliveries starting in January.

So far, the Maverick has proven to be a massive hit with Millennials and Gen Z, as over one-quarter of Maverick buyers thus far are between the age of 18 and 35 – more than double the overall industry rate of 12 percent for that age group. As Ford Authority previously reported, the new compact pickup is also quite popular with critics, as well as owners of Blue Oval sedans, first-time truck buyers, and female shoppers, too.

The fuel-sipping 2022 Ford Maverick is both cheaper and more efficient than its chief rival, the Santa Cruz, and is even less expensive than the 2022 Honda Civic in most cases, all while offering more utility than both, along with giving owners the ability to complete a variety of DIY projects that make the pickup even better.

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  1. Johnny

    I like the new Ford Maverick, and may look into getting one except for a couple details I’d have to look into. First is availability, because I would prefer the hybrid model, and the second is dealer mark up. I don’t know if dealer’s are marking the Maverick up substantially like I’ve heard some are on other model’s, but if so, that would turn me off quick. It’s sharp looking, and I like the projected gas milage, and from what I hear, the price.

    1. Ed

      The best way to get a good deal is to order one and they arrive quicker one, you could get it for like $20k.

    2. Tim

      Dealer’s are adding up to 18% over sticker. The dealer also loads them up with profit driven, unneeded upgrades such as paint topcoats and spay bed liners. Order it to your specifications and you will not have to pay for things you do not want. I expect a significant price jump for 2023.

  2. Gulo

    If it gets all the offroad goodies like the Bronco Sport, I might be tempted to get an EcoBoost one after the 1st year. The boat I want to get is 3000lb on the trailer, so that’s well within EcoBoost Maverick towing capacity. My 2.slo/CVT Crosstrek already pulls my 4×8 trailer just fine.

    I’ll bet that I can easily top 30MPG with an AWD Maverick. My Crosstrek is only rated for about 32MPG hwy, and I can now sometimes top 40MPG with it by setting the cruise near the speed limit and staying out of the passing lane. Optimize your air intake and tires, folks.

  3. Tim

    Dealer’s are adding up to 18% over sticker. The sealer also loads them up with profit driven, unneeded upgrades like paint topcoats and spay bed liners. Order it to your specifications and you will not have to pay for things you do not want. I expect a significant price jump for 2023.

  4. Rick

    If there are over 100,000 orders of which I am one, why isn’t Ford filling them FIRST?

  5. Toby

    This story is absolute BS. I placed my order on July 12 with the $100 deposit for an XLT model. NOT a Hybrid model and only received an email from Ford stating the order was placed. I go into my dealer every week to check the status and still nothing has been started. Now the only ones that are apearing on lots are up to $10,000 over the MSRP price. FILL THE ORDERS OF CUSTOMERS FIRST

  6. Robert A. Earle


  7. Jay T Swearingen

    Ordered mine Oct. 6th. X L T with two package AWD eco. Boost co pilot. Haven’t herd a word about it.

  8. Jack 321

    Ordered mine in late August – XL hybrid with Co-Pilot 360 and a drop-in bedliner. After learning from one of the Maverick Forums that the drop-in bedliner was a late availability item, I got rid of it.
    My truck came in several days before Christmas and it’s GREAT. Absolutely love it. As for the bedliner, I had a Rhino spray on one done earlier this week for $399. For those of you waiting on your truck, make sure you have no late availability items included, because it really does delay the build date.

  9. Rudolph R Schneider

    Purchased my Maverick on October 15, 2021 and confirmed by Ford the next day. Still no word on schedule for production. Can I at least get an estimate of production date?


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